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I opened my eyes and found myself in a dark place with someone beside me. It felt like whatsoever we were in was moving with a little hole that air came through and slight rays of light. I tried to remember where I was what I was doing before I got there, then I felt a sharp pain in my hip and leg, coupled with a strong headache threatening to blow up my head.

I stretched my hand to feel where I was or what it was I was in.

” Mike?”.

It was feminine voice. I turned towards her.

” Who are you?” I asked.

She hugged me from behind and said emotionally. ” oh Mike. I thought you were dead”.

” where are we? What’s going on? Who are you and who is Mike?”. I asked completely oblivious of what she was saying.

She broke the embrace immediately. ” Mike? What’s going on? Why are you asking me such questions?.

I wished I could see her face at least to know who she was, but couldn’t due to the dark moving box I was in.

The thing we were in jumped into something deep and came out and I hit my head on a metal and the headache felt like I was going to pass out. That was when my brain picked the engine sound of a car.

” are you okay? Mike?”. She sounded shivering.

I then decided to play along. ” yes. What happened? Where are we?”

” you can’t remember?” Her voice sounded startled.

” no. What’s going on?”

She traced her hand on my face in the dark and said . ” you were knocked down by a car and passed out. We are the trunk of the car. We have been in this trunk for a very long time now”.

That was when I realized we were actually in the trunk of a car.

” who are they? Why did they put us in this truck?” I asked.

” they’re kidnappers” she said. ” they adopted us from where our car got stocked, remember?”

has he lost his memory? He doesn’t recognize my voice again? oh god save us

I turned to her. ” what is your name?” I asked.

oh god, Mike, he has lost his memory

” stop saying I lost my memory. I don’t recognize this voice!” I bellowed and retreated to the hard pounding in my head.

what is he talking about? When did i eat hé lost his memory? Or is he hearing things?

” now you are saying I’m hearing things? You were the one who called me Mike and said I lost my memory”

can he hear my thoughts?

” please stop this. I’m too tired for this game. How can I hear your thoughts? Tell me what’s going on here”

She gasped and let out a little scream. I could feel her moving away from me.

he can hear my thoughts. How possible?

” Mike, you can you hear my thoughts!”. She said almost half screaming.

Before I could reply her the car stopped and I turned my attention to what was coming. The trunk opened and bright light blinded me. When I adjusted my eyes to the light, I saw two wretched looking masked men, each carrying a long gun saying something I couldn’t understand but I needed not be a psychic to know they wanted us to come down.

I humbly climbed down and the girl followed. The men were five and armed with their faces coverd, only their eyes were left open.

We were in a thick forest with trees and grasses everywhere. Sounds of strange birds were coming from different angles. There was also a snake narrow path leading into the forest. Actually the forest began from where they stopped the car.

One of them muffled something and pushed me forward. I tripled and fell. The pain in my hip and leg was so excruciating I felt it was broken and my head banged mercilessly.

The girl ran towards me.” It’s okay Mike. Get up!” She said helping me to my feet.

One of the men moved in front of me; eyed me from my head to my feet then said something to his men, corked his gun and aimed to fire. The girl ran in front of me with her hands spread, shielding me with her body and begging them to spare us.

I looked at the smallish looking girl pouring our her heart in tears, risking her life to save me and wandered if actually I had lost my memory. Who was she?

One of the men came to the one pointing a gun at us and said something him that made him reconsidered. Then they pushed me forward not minding nor considering my condition nor even the pain I was going through as we walked in the forest.

The little girl helped me through the endless journey. Even with my weight three times her size, she still supported me with my hand around her neck and hers around my waist as I limped and biting back pain.

After what seemed like forever they asked us to stop abruptly. One of them looked around circumspectly and whistled. Another invisible person return the whistle and the first man whistled again before four armed men came out of the bushes on both sides and they exchanged a handshake before we continued leaving the four men behind.

We repeated the same thing three times before we came to camp. The camp was built with woods and grass roofs. There were over thirty armed men in view all looking malnourished but alert and ready to fire at any slight provocation.

They led us to one man in one of their wooden houses. He sat on a wooden chair, talking with two masked men who humbly stood in front of him. He was putting on a dirty yellow singlet and green pant. He was the only one without mask on. His beards were over grown and unkempt, his hairs bushy, his skin black as charcoal, his eyes narrow and red.

As we walked towards him, his bloodshot eyes turned to us and then he motioned the men with him earlier out without taking his eyes off us.

I was confused, what have we done to be led to a place like this? I was desperate for an answer and when we stood in front of the men I couldn’t help but ask:

” sir. I’m sorry to be this cocky. Please what in fvck sake have we done to get such inhumane treatment from you? Imagine being put in the trunk of a car like animals!”.

The little girl with me pinched me but i went on fighting back the ache banging in my head and body.

” I can not imagine the level of cruelty been displayed in this magnitude. This is absurd and completely…”

A dirty, deafening slap from behind shut me up abruptly. I then looked at the man seated and noticed the ominious look in his bloodshot eyes. For the first time I caught sight of the dagger in his big hand and caution played a better role in my reasoning.

The man slowly stood in front of me looking into my face while I tried to avoid his eyes. He suddenly pushed me hard on my shoulder I almost tripped due tp the pain on my hip and leg but the little girl helped me steady

” how much you get?” The man’s baritone asked.

With a tremulous hands I was trying to keep steady, I searched my pocket and stumbled on my wallet. Took it out, opened it and noticed an ID card with my picture and name on the passport space ” Mike Junior ” was on it. It then occurred to me the girl was right after all.

I was still staring when a big hand snatched the wallet from me, he looked at the identity card briefly, pulled it out and threw it to one of the men with us and said something that wasn’t English. The man looked at it and passed it on the the next who then read it out.

” Mi…keeee, Mike…Junior. Dri…dri…dri..vers, Li..ce…nse, drivers license!” He finally said proudly.

The red eyes man asked him something while pulling out the bundle of cash in my wallet. The man replied and the red eyes frowned at the reply while counting the money from the wallet.

When he finished counting, he came to me and asked causally. ” you get money? If you no get money, I kill you now!”

I was surprised that I didn’t know if I had money or boke or even average. But seeing all that notes being dragged out of my wallet means I got more, so I replied carefully.

” I got money. Lots of it!”

He smiled and moved to the little girl. ” fine girl”

Then he fumbled her breast with recklessness. The girl removed his hand but met an abrupt resounding slap that startled me. He then pulled her steady and tore her transparent top and everything inside unveiling her breasts. He seemed pleased by her breasts and smiled. Then he turned her around so she he would see her buttocks, the girl did not hesitate any further but cried silently and coverd her breasts with her hands. He pulled down her bum short while his men laughed wickedly and he joked about something and they laughed even louder.

I wasn’t enjoying the maltreatment on the girl anymore. So I said without thinking.

” stop! She’s my wife!”

The man turned to me and seemed to be surprised I actually referred to him with that statement. I knew I had done what I shouldn’t. Nevertheless, I swallowed hard and repeated what I said.

The man raised his dagger to my face and said between his teeth. ” I go cut your fine face and give you tribal mark. You like it?”

I shook my head, and he nodded. Then he added. “Watch as I enjoy her okay? After we talk money”.

He then turned to the girl; walked around her holding his d--k and licking his lips. He said something to his men and they obediently nodded and backed him.

He then slowly began losing his belt. I knew I had to do something, I didn’t know who she was though, but she risked her life to save me, plus she knows me too well. I knew I had to do something and had to do it fast. So I said as the man as he made to force the girl down.

” one million! Cash! I’ll give you one million!”

He paused half way letting go of the terrified girl and turned to my scared and sweaty face. His men slowly turned to me too. He then stood erect facing me with his belt and opened trouser in his hands and asked slowly like he didn’t hear what I said earlier.

” what have you say?”

” one million! I will give you cash! I got money! I’ll pay you cash! Please don’t sleep with my wife!”. I said feeling like I was going to be killed for stopping his fun.

He looked thoughtfully at me and said. ” 20 million! 20 million or all of us lick her one by one”

I couldn’t believe my ears. That was outrageous. I wondered, lost in thought, thinking if I had assets that could afford that amount.

He turned to me with a smirk and said. ” 30 million!”

With that statement he pulled down his pant, while his eyes fixed on me, then to turned and forced the girl to the floor. She was too small for him to overpower, I watched helplessly as he pulled off her bum short and was about penetrating her.

” okay! 30 million, cash!” I said, not even sure I had 500 thousand to my name. But I knew I had to buy time.

He froze on her, even his men turned to me. He slowly stood up from the girl that was now crying uncontrollably and walked up to me, standing few inches away from my face. ” who you be?”

That question got me wondering who I really was. But I knew I had to reply him something convincing and fast.

” I’m a business man. A rich business man”. I said, looking around for a clue and thinking what to convince him I was into.

” which business?” He asked, almost suffocating me with his breath.

” I…I sell..” I stuttered while thinking of what to say. Then I suddenly remembered the car we came in ” I sell cars! All kinds of cars!”

He studied me for awhile and said. ” you lie! Your eyes run like rat as you lie. Everybody here go eat her and you go watch. After, if I know you lie, I go cut her head and you watch, and cut your head, because you waste my time, I hate poor people, they waste time”.

I wanted to say something else to defend myself but he turned to the girl who had stood up and moved away from him. He called his men to get her. She ran round the hut while they chased after her like an animal. I knew I had to do something, but didn’t know what.

They eventually caught her and brought her to him while she struggled, screaming and crying. The red eyes man slapped her so hard she fainted. He pulled down his pants, looked at me, smiled and laid on top of her.

I was feeling very unsettled in my spirit. Every part of me was craving to do something. I turned to the five men who backed us whispering and laughing among themselves and then to the man who was now trying to penetrate her. I spotted the dagger dangling on his trouser on his feet. like something who had lost it, I picked up the dagger and placed it on his throat.

” get off her or I swear to god I’ll cut your goddamn throat open” I said squatting beside the red eyed man.

He smiled looking at me. His men turned and saw me with a knife on their bosses’s throat, immediately pointed their guns at me. That moment, I knew I made a huge mistake.

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