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I watched as the girl shook as though she was frightened by the presence of the men who came for us.

The leader looked at us one after the other, then asked in surprise. ” where is the other mans?”

We all kept quiet, I could sense the tension in the air, even I was scared of what may happen next.

He came closer to Daniel looking menacing at him ” what happen to the man’s that is follow you people?”

Daniel looked up to catch his face but buried it almost immediately without saying a word. The leader took out a pistol buried under his belt and pointed it on Daniels chest.

” answer me or die”. He said and clinched his teeth, frowning his face.

We were all looking hopelessly at the leader. I could see from the look on his face that he would pull the trigger any moment. Daniel stood like a drowning man looking at the face of the leader.

The little girl suddenly rushed forward and knelt beside the leader. ” please, don’t kill him! The soldiers killed them but Daniel saved us with that gun. They would have killed us all if not that he fought them back”.

I was too surprised that I left my mouth open for awhile watching her perfect innocent display.

The leader turned to her and looked like he was studying her face. Then he asked finally. ” where their body?”

She pointed behind her from where we came from. Then the leader turned to his men and said something to them. They turned to us and motioned us forward.

After walking for two hours or so, it was dark. I was dying of thirst and my leg and hip no longer hurt, it was on fire. I had already caught a fiver and managed with the help of Mary to walk that distance.

We stopped under a tree and made two camp fires; one for the armed me with their leader and one for us. I sat with my back against a tree trunk shivering with high fiver. Six armed men sat around us discussing amongst themselves.

Few minutes after we settled, two men came over to our camp and pointed their guns at the little girl. She moved backwards towards Mary in fright. One of the men moved hastily to her and dragged her away as she struggled with him screaming. Every other person watched helplessly as they dragged her away.

” oh god, let it not be that they want to rape her again. That’s how they rape her every night”. The fat lady said almost in tears.

” she’s not being raped” I said.

They all turned to me. I realized I shouldn’t have said anything directly so as not to leak my know of who the girl was and put myself in danger, so I rephrased my statement. ” they won’t want to rape her because of what happened today. They’re probably still in shock by now”.

” that’s true” Daniel said and followed the direction they took through. ” she saved me today and I can’t do anything for her”.

I looked at Daniel from the reflection of the camp fire, his face was laden with emotion. Then I turned to the fat woman, she was crying silently. Mary just sat looking into the fire in deep thought, she kept mentioning Calista and Jude. I listened closely to understand what she meant.

Mary: I should have followed Calista to that party. I wouldn’t have kept Mike in this condition, it’s all my fault. We may die here, who knows. Jude must be happy when I die, he must be so so happy that I’m gone. Calista and Jude would be making love on top of that bed I bought with my money, not that I care though. What did I ever do to him? why does he hate me this much? What if we die here…

The men returned with the little girl and everyone’s attention turned to her as she limped over clinging to her tummy.

As soon as she came closer, Mary and Daniel went to help her sit and sat beside her as she cried. The fat lady moved closer to and asked curiosly.

” what happened? ”

“they raped me in turns”. She said and cried more.

Mary embraced her passionately and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I turned away to the two guards waiting on us who were busy talking and laughing. If only they knew who she was?. Then returned to the little gathering around the girl.

” what do they want?” Daniel asked.

” what else if not money!” The fat lady said angrily and turned to Mary. ” you could be next. Be strong, we are getting out of this alive”

The little girl slowly raised up her head before Mary could reply. ” they may kill us all tomorrow or sell us to people who buys human parts. He said we are becoming a burden to them. Please we have to call everyone one we know, I just called my father, he promised them the money”. She said in tears.

” I really don’t have money. My son is still in search of job, my husband is late, what will I do?” The fat lady lamented.

Daniel turned to the little girl. ” how much are they asking for?”

” 10 million”. She replied.

Daniel’s face dropped in frustration. ” I can’t afford that. But I can raise 5 million”. He said muttering to himself.

The fat lady turned to him expectantly and pleaded. “Please, tell them you are paying for both of us. They will kill me if they find out I can’t afford anything. I’m just a small trader, I don’t know how I got here”.

Daniel turned to her and nodded blankly. Then he looked at Mary who was far in thought still holding the little girl in her embrace. ” what about you?”

Mary turned to him with a startled look in her eyes and slowly loosened her embrace on the girl. Then she looked at me where I sat observing the tension in their midst; I forced a smile and she returned to Daniel and said in an uncertain tone. ” we are together”.

They all turned to me and then everyone settled into their own thoughts and worries except the little girl. I monitored her closely, she pretended to be in deep thought but was considering who was dispensable or not and each time she kept stealing glances at the fat woman.

That night, everyone slept really deep. I woke up and caught the little girl sneaking off in the shadows of the moonlight because our camp fire had burned out. I pretended as if I was asleep and watched as she whispered something to the one of the guards pointing at the fat woman whose snoring disturbed the peace of the night. Then she hurriedly returned to us and took her position on the floor.

Sleep left my eyes immediately but my leg and hip still hurt. I watched as the guard walked towards the other camp and disappeared out of sight. I knew I had to do something. I looked around, the guards were still very active. I turned to my colleagues, they were all sleeping peacefully.

I slowly tapped Mary’s leg and she jerked up, looked around in hostility then caught my sight. I shush and beckoned her over. She looked at me in alertness and slowly moved towards me, rest her back on the same tree trunk with me so she wouldn’t draw attention.

I whispered into her ears. ” we have to get that woman out of here”.

Her eyes widened and she asked a little louder. ” why? ”

I covered her mouth with my hand and turned to the girl if her eyes was opened and when convinced she may not have heard Mary’s voice, I whispered again. ” they may kill her tonight”.

The surprised look on Mary’s face was typical. I ignored her and looked around for anyone was watching us.

” how do we get her out of here?” She whispered.

” I don’t know… that’s why I called you, so we can think of something together”.

She looked deep in thought and suddenly stiffened with a finger in the air.

” what?” I asked abruptly.

I’ll create distraction and you will tell her to escape. I thought of the idea but it was a 50/50 chance. Moreover, it was dark and they wouldn’t know when she sneaks off . Then I nodded in agreement.

Mary took in some large air and exhaled several times, went back to where she laid and lied down. After two minutes, she jumped up screaming “snake! snake!”

The rest sleeping jumped and ran confusingly around. I quickly grabbed the fat woman as he ran, jumping towards me and whispered quickly into her ears. ” no snake, it’s a distraction for you to escape! They’ll kill you tonight. Run!”

She looked at me with an eye filled with questions. There was no time, the guards were already distracted and her chance was wearing out in five seconds. I pushed her toward the nearest bush and she immediately snuck out, while Mary jumped about scattering everything, putting everyone in confusion and panic.

The guards from the other camp came over and one of them held Mary still. ” stop! Where snake?”.

Mary looked around like a demented being, pointing frighteningly. The men followed her gaze but there was nothing in view, although there was no torch light to ensure there was actually a snake or not.

The leader came to the commotion and said yelled something to the guards, they began searching the area immediately. He looked at Mary and asked. ” you sure you see snake?”

” big black snake! It climbed me. I felt its coldness on me!” Mary said shivering.

I stood looking at how real Mary pulled it off. While they were searching, a voice called our attention. We all turned towards it and saw the fat lady in front in the shadow of the moonlight and two men behind her saying something in their language. My heart sank in despair. I turned to Mary, she too was as shocked and heart broken as I was.

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