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The sun is high in the air, and the earth is hot and dry, which is the best portrayal of Qin Xiaobao's mood at this time. Wen Z

bit her lips, took a deep breath and tried to adjust her mood.

No matter what she is going to face, she will not flinch. She will shoulder her own responsibility, whether she can afford it or not.

She looked up at Qin Yue, who was standing beside her. Qin Yue's eyes were always on her body, full of worry.

Most of the time, Qin Xiaobao envies Jianran for having such a considerate husband.

When she saw them, she could not help thinking of Zhan Nianbei

Before, she always felt that as long as she worked hard and didn't give up, Zhan Nianbei would accept her.

But today, she doesn't think so. She feels that she doesn't deserve him. Even thinking of him, she will feel sad.

For the first time, her mind was so uncertain.

Zhan Nianbei's attitude towards her suddenly changed and he refused her many times. Did he know her identity long ago?

Thinking that Zhan Nianbei might have rejected himself for this reason, Qin Xiaobao once again took a deep breath and was confused.

If so, can she be as brazen as ever to pursue Zhan Nianbei?

Qin Xiaobao grabbed his hair anxiously, and then heard Qin Yue's low voice: "Shen Yuan may not admit his identity. As for how he can admit it, it depends on how you tell him. "

"I'll try." Qin Xiaobao nods, but she doesn't know how to tell Shen Yuan.

After a pause, she said, "brother, can I go in alone to see him?"

"No" thought also did not think, Qin Yue then refused, refused to be firm.

"Didn't you say he was related to me by blood? Is it better for me to persuade him alone? " Qin Xiaobao said softly, but his tone and eyes were firm.

Before Qin Yue spoke, Qin Xiaobao said, "I've grown up. I can't live under your protection all my life. There are some things you can't help me face."

Qin Yue looks at Qin Xiaobao. She's really grown up. She has her own career and likes people. She's not the little girl who followed him.

Thinking for a long time, Qin Yue felt that she should be given a chance to face some things by herself, just wanted to nod her head and promise, but Jane pulled his sleeve and worried, "is it dangerous to let Xiao Bao go alone?"

"Sister in law, thank you for your concern." Qin Xiaobao smiled bitterly. "Isn't he related to me by blood? It's better to treat me normally, he won't hurt me."

Qin Yue took a look at Jianran and then looked at Qin Xiaobao: "go ahead. No matter what happens, you should remember that we are waiting for you here. You are not alone. "

"Thank you brother and sister-in-law." Qin Xiaobao chuckled, trying to look optimistic.

Nodding to them, Qin Xiaobao turned and walked to the farm. Every step she took, she stopped. It seemed that there was a cliff in front of her, and there was no way to go back.

It took her a long time to get to where the old man lived.

When she got to the door, she heard the old man's usual loud voice: "here comes Xiao Bao."

Hearing the old man's voice, Qin Xiaobao suddenly stopped, took a deep breath again, and tried to use the past lively tone to say: "Grandpa, Xiaobao has come to see you again."

"I'm still Xiaobao's most filial grandfather. Come in and sit with him." The voice of the old man came again, still as amiable as ever.

Qin Xiaobao walked in with heavy steps and saw the old man sitting on the cool chair, playing a game of incomplete go.

The old man looked up at her, patted the position beside her, and said, "Xiao Bao, come and sit next to Grandpa. Grandpa will teach you how to play chess."

In a trance, Qin Xiaobao felt that he had come back to his childhood. When he came back to the Qin family's big house in the United States, he saw his grandfather always sitting in the chess room and called to her with a smile: "Xiaobao, come here, Grandpa will teach you how to play chess."

Before, when she was young, Grandpa wanted to teach her how to play go, but she was lazy and didn't like to do things with her brain. Every time, she always tried to block her way. Later, she only learned a little Kung Fu.

But grandpa loves her very much. When she plays chess with Grandpa, grandpa always lets her and always loses to her. She mistakenly thinks that she plays chess well.

"Grandpa..." Qin Xiaobao wanted to call him as he used to, but these two words stuck in his throat.

When I think of the materials I read, I think that he is an executioner, that he has replaced the real grandpa Qin, and that he has arrested Xiao ran

Thinking of these, Qin felt that the heart in his chest was like falling into the grinder and being crushed into dregs, which made her sweat.

"Xiaobao, what's the matter with you? Why is your face so ugly? " Grandpa Qin looked at her, worried and distressed.

Qin Xiaobao hopes that this grandpa is still the grandpa she knows, and that the information Qin Yue gave her is false So that she could throw herself into grandpa's arms and hold him like a child.

But she knew that Qin Yue would not deceive her. All the information was true. The white haired old man in front of her was not a kind and amiable grandfather, but a murderous devil.

If he can, if he is willing to admit his mistake, she is willing to bear for him the sins he has created before, just ask him not to hurt anyone again.

Qin Xiaobao didn't go forward, but he fell on his knees and gave the old man three knocks.

Because she was too hard, the scalp on her forehead broke, and the bright red blood oozed from the broken place, dripping down her smooth forehead, dripping on the marble floor, splashing into a bright red flower.

"Xiaobao, what are you doing?" The old man rushed to help Qin Xiaobao up, but he didn't want to move.

She looked at Grandpa Qin, and her crystal tears fell from the corner of her eyes. She cried and said, "Grandpa, please give Xiaobao back to her brother and sister-in-law. Xiaoran is their life. If she has three long and two short, how can they survive?"

"Xiaobao, what are you talking about?" The old man's face was fierce, and his eyes flashed complex and grim light.

He knew that Qin Yue had come, and that Qin Xiaobao had come with them, but he thought that Qin Yue had no evidence to replace Qin family's old man, and he would not talk to Xiao Bao.

But Xiaobao's expression at this time made him guess that Qin Yue should have told Xiaobao everything he knew.

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