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Who is Shen Wenyuan? Qin Xiaobao doesn't care at all. What she cares about is how suddenly a person with blood relationship emerges.

How she hoped brother wood would tell her that it was only a joke.

Qin Xiaobao is an orphan abandoned by her parents. The Qin family adopted her. She is the child of the Qin family. No one can take her away.

But she didn't wait for brother Mu to say that it was a joke. Brother Mu told her solemnly: "Shen Wenyuan is the one I want to take you to see, the one we called out for his grandfather for more than 20 years."

"Shen Wenyuan? Grandpa? Brother, I can't understand what you want to say. " Qin Xiaobao was confused and his head was buzzing with shock.

After asking this question, Qin Xiaobao found that her wooden brother's face was more gloomy, as if Xiuluo reappeared, with an appalling chill.

Long so big, she often makes him angry, he also has angry time, but every time is some helpless love in angry.

Today, all she read in the eyes of her wooden brother is cold, as if she was just a stranger who had nothing to do with him.

Brother Mu didn't speak any more, but gave her another document to read.

This time, Qin Xiaobao's hand seems to be a thousand gold. It took her a lot of time to open the document as long as her fingers moved slightly.

Her hands were shaking slightly when she opened the document, so worried that she could not bear to see what she did not want to see.

However, no one gave her a second choice. She had to face the fact that she could not accept and bear.

Sure enough, the contents of the document refresh Qin Xiaobao's cognition again. The person they always called grandpa was not grandpa Qin, but was replaced by a man named Shen Wenyuan.

Grandpa is the big parent of the Qin family and the founder of Shengtian, who is revered by everyone. He has been in the background for so many years, but his prestige in the business world is still not small.

The man named Shen Wenyuan wants to replace grandpa Qin, at least he has to have the same face as Grandpa Qin, otherwise it is impossible.

Qin Xiaobao couldn't figure out how the man named Shen Wenyuan could replace the real grandpa Qin so simply, and his children and grandchildren couldn't find out.

Qin Xiaobao doesn't know how he read this document

Shen Wenyuan replaced the real grandfather Qin. Shen Wenyuan was related to her by blood. So is she the child of a bad family?

She is not qualified to be a child of the Qin family. She is not qualified to call Qin's father, Qin's mother, her father, or the man in front of her brother.

For the first time, Qin felt that life was so heavy So heavy that she can't breathe, so heavy that she doesn't know what to do?

There are four people in the spacious business car, including the driver, brother and sister-in-law. They are all familiar to her.

Once, they were all her relatives, but at this moment, she only felt like a clown

"Brother..." A brother word exit, Qin Xiaobao bit his lips, and swallowed what he wanted to say.

People related to her have replaced the real grandpa Qin. What else can she call Qin Yue brother. What other qualifications to enjoy their love for her.

Qin Yue said coldly, "Xiao Ran has been carried away by his people. I hope you can talk with him and let him give Xiao ran back to us."

It's the safest way for Qin Yue to ask Qin Xiaobao to talk about the old man because he can't make fun of Xiaoran's safety.

Maybe it's cruel to Qin Xiaobao. It's really cruel for a carefree girl to face such a change.

But she is already an adult, she has the right to know her own life experience, and she should take the responsibility that she should take.

"What, what?" Qin Xiaobao was so surprised that he almost bit his tongue.

The grandfather, who he always thought was very kind, would take Xiaoran as a hostage. What does he want to do?

Want to get rid of everyone in the Qin family?

Or want to get Sheng Tian of the Qin family?

No matter which one, no matter what his purpose is, he can't deal with a child who hasn't reached the age of four.

When Qin Xiaobao shivered so cold, a soft and warm hand grasped her.

A voice like Teana sounded in her ear: "Xiaobao, no matter what Shen Wenyuan did? It's none of your business. Qin Yue told you these things today, thinking that you should know the truth. At the same time, I hope you can help us and help us get back xiaoranan. "

"Sister in law..." Before Zizi Qin Xiaobao said it, he choked.

Her temperament has long been very wild with Zhan Nianbei. She was seriously injured by Zhan Nianbei's men. She never shed a tear, but now her tears fell into the rain.

Mingming does not want to cry, Mingming wants to smile in the face of all the unknown future, but the tears seem to be not his own, how can not control.

"Xiaobao, it's OK. Don't be afraid. You'll always be our closest relative." Jane opened her arms around Qin Xiaobao and patted her on the back.

Even if the evil Shen Wenyuan is Qin Xiaobao's blood relatives, Qin Xiaobao has never done anything to hurt others. Shen Wenyuan's crime can only be borne by him alone. Qin Xiaobao is Qin Xiaobao, and she is the child of Qin family as long as she wants.

Qin Xiaobao wiped a tear hard and tried to make himself laugh.

They may not know that if they all look at her coldly, regardless of her, treat her as a bad person, she may not be so uncomfortable.

It is because of their magnanimity that they do not care about her, but comfort her That's the main reason for her collapse.

And the grandfather who has been holding her in the palm of his hand, will that person be her grandfather?

If so, she doesn't know how to deal with it?

It didn't take long for their car to reach the old man's current farm safely.

Qin Xiaobao came here only yesterday, and again today, only a day later. But her mind and mood have changed dramatically.

She came here yesterday to visit her old grandfather with a good mood, but today she wants to question him.

Want to know who he is?

Why replace the real grandpa Qin?

And who is she?

If he is really her relative, why not recognize her early and take her to their family's day.

If he really loved her, he shouldn't have done such a cruel thing.

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