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Over the years, he did everything without telling Qin Xiaobao. He never wanted her to participate in it. He hoped that she would live happily and never see the ugliness of the world.

But, damn Qin Yue, he broke all this

The old man shook his fist and snapped, "Xiaobao, get up first and speak slowly to Grandpa if you have anything to say."

Qin Xiaobao knelt straight, handed Qin Yue's DNA comparison test form to her and asked in a hoarse voice, "Shen Yuan, please tell me what is the relationship between us?"

Shen Yuan beat the old man hard. Even though he was well prepared, he was still shocked to say the three words from Qin Xiaobao's mouth.

Others doubt his identity, and he can dispose of it without hesitation, but the man in front of him is the only blood of his Shen family and his only family member.


The old man's eyes flickered in confusion. She did not escape Qin Xiaobao's eyes. She was more certain that the man in front of her was Shen Yuan, who was related to her by blood, rather than the respected Qin's parents, Grandpa Qin.

"Xiaobao, listen to Grandpa. You get up and talk first. Grandpa will treat the wound for you. " The eyes of the old man thief Jing are looking at Qin Xiaobao, not letting go of any subtle changes in her expression.

Qin Xiaobao was still kneeling straight and could not hear anything. He was determined to get the answer: "please tell me, who are you? What is our relationship? "

"Xiaobao, what are you talking about? Grandpa can't understand. " He can't admit that, once admitted, it is to admit that he is a fake.

It's OK to admit that he replaced the Qin family old man, but he can't admit that he is Shen Yuan. Otherwise, he will face not only the chase of Qin Yue, but also the chase of the whole country.

How could he live in the world as someone else if he had not been forced to do so, if he had not been forced to go nowhere.

In this world, everyone is an independent individual. Everyone has his own way to go, and has his own life. No one wants to be a substitute to live someone else's life.

Qin Xiaobao cried: "Shen Yuan, please stop pretending. You are not my grandfather at all. You are a bad man. You are a murderer. You kidnapped xiaoranan. So you can be tough with small children. Do you have a little humanity? "

The old man said angrily, "Xiaobao, I'm your grandfather. How can you say that about Grandpa. Does grandpa love you little these years? Everyone else can doubt Grandpa, but you can't. O "" how I wish you didn't love me so much in these years. " He didn't love her, so he was a stranger who had nothing to do with her. How he was, he had nothing to do with her, and she would not be hurt by him.

"Xiaobao, how can you say such a thing. Grandpa has really hurt you in vain these years. " The old man shook his head, a painful expression of being misunderstood and wronged.

"I know you won't admit it." Qin Xiaobao threw another piece to him, wiped his tears and said, "look at it yourself. It's hard for you to do those things. Why can't you settle down after all these years? Xiao Ran is less than four years old. You tie her up to threaten her parents. If you still have a little humanity, you won't do it. "

"Xiaobao --"

"don't call me by name." Qin Xiaobao was very excited. He cried even more.

"Anyone can blame me, scold me, but you can't, because you are my..." The words almost blurted out, but Shen Yuan stopped them in time.

Once he admits the relationship between them, it is to admit that he is Shen Yuan, which is definitely not the result he has worked hard for many years to see.

Qin Xiaobao bit his lips and said, "you can not admit your identity. Please hand over Xiaoran and give her back to her parents."

Since Shen Yuan doesn't want to admit her identity, she should give up and ask for the second place. At present, it's the most important thing to find Xiao ran back.

"Xiao Bao, Xiao Ran is my great granddaughter. I don't have time to hurt her. How can I hide her?" As long as he bites to death and refuses to admit it, Xiao Ran is not here. Who knows whether Qin Yue is lying or whether he is cheating.

Qin Xiaobao roared: "Shen Yuan, you should also have your own children. You should be able to feel the feeling of being a parent worrying about children."

It's OK not to mention the child. When it comes to his child, the old man's whole body is surrounded by layers of anger and resentment.

Of course, he had his own children, but his children were killed at a young age. Not only his children were killed, but also his children's wives were killed together, leaving only one child in infancy.

Every time he thought about this, Shen Yuan hated his teeth itching. He could not wait to drag the people he killed out to flog the corpse so as to relieve his hatred.

Now that Qin Xiaobao has determined that he is Shen Yuan, he will put it on, but she still won't believe it. She simply tells her everything and lets her know who her relatives are and who her enemies are.

"Xiaobao, if you want to know, get up first. Grandpa will tell you everything." Shen Yuan sat back in the cool chair and took a sip of tea that had already cooled.

Qin Xiaobao stood up propped up, but because of kneeling for too long, her legs were numb, and almost fell back, but she stood up with a bit of hard support, standing straight.

Shen Yuan stared at her for a long time. After a long time, he said slowly, "yes, my name is Shen Yuan. I killed the old man of the Qin family, made a face lift as he looked, and replaced him to continue living."

In that year, for the sake of this plan, he planned for five years before it had to be implemented.

He lurks beside old Qin, knows his living habits, learns to speak and imitates everything He didn't take action until everything was ready.

is as like as two peas in the face of Qin old man, and Qin Qin and his father and son did not find any abnormalities.

"Why? Why are you doing this? " Qin Xiaobao trembled and took a lot of time to ask for a complete sentence.

"Why?" Shen Yuan snorted coldly, and the killing intention appeared in his eyes, "because I want to live. I want to be reunited with my children and hug my grandchildren. "

At that time, he just replaced old Qin and became a brand new old Qin.

He told his son to come to Jiangbei to get together. Unexpectedly, he was a little late. When he arrived, their husband and wife had been secretly dealt with.

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