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Fighting a One-Word Battle Armor Master!

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A purple-colored ring rippled out of the sky at that moment. This was the splendor that manifested when a soul ring released its soul skill.

The violet ring of light brought the fourth soul skill!

Ye Xinglan’s body used the impact of the Swan’s Feather to rise into the sky once again. Her body spun around to stop the dark force brought by the Swan’s Feather from invading her body. She depended on the sword’s energy to compel the dark away from her.

Soon after, the golden light surrounding her grew brighter. The piercing gleam radiated a dazzling light. The sky appeared dull while Ye Xinglan transformed into an orb of golden light. Countless sword reflections fell from above.

Those sword reflections were fine as silk. They did not appear magically but descended from the sky like it was raining with light.

The rain fell upon the darkness from the Swan’s Feather, bathing it in brilliance and extinguishing it. Pieces of Swan’s Feather melted away gradually. The dazzling golden light continued raining down, covering Black Swan Mo Jue’s body.

‘How is this possible? Her fourth soul skill is even stronger than my fifth soul skill?’

Mo Jue’s heart was filled with shock and disbelief, yet she had already exhausted herself by using her soul power. The Swan’s Feather was continuously released under the Cursed Spear’s control. However, it was still clear that she was fatigued. She watched helplessly as the rain of light moved ever closer to her. She could not feel the sword’s energy, yet it made her scalp numb. The droplets of light were obviously filled with highly condensed energy from the sword!

This was Sword Meteor Shower, the Stargod Sword’s fourth soul skill.

The rain of light spread out then gathered again and shot straight toward Mo Jue. Swan’s Feather was weakening steadily and would fail soon.

Mo Jue bit her lower lip. She had no choice but to acknowledge the fact that it was very difficult for her to win even if she had one more soul ring than the opponent, no matter how unwilling she was.

‘In that case, I shall suppress the opponent by brute force!’

Mo Jue widened her eyes abruptly and flung her right hand out. An orb of dark-green radiance shot out and drew a small arc in the sky. It turned around and dropped onto her chest accompanied by a crisp ‘ding’ sound.

In a split second, two pieces of dark green armor emerged from both sides of the orb and covered Mo Jue’s chest. Soon after, she flung her arms outwards as piece after piece of dark green armor flew out from her storage device and swiftly attached to her body.

There was no pattern on the armor, but with the addition of each piece, the force of Mo Jue’s body strengthened even more. Swan’s Feather became powerful once again. The feathers began to burn with dark green-colored flames and finally managed to push against the Sword Meteor Shower, turning it back upward.

Armor covered her arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and feet.

She also had waist support, a war-kilt and finally a helmet with a three feather design descended, covering Mo Jue’s forehead.

Her limbs stretched outwards in the air and the armor on her body gave a loud clanging sound. A dark green radiance then blasted out from the one-word battle armor. The mass of her Swan’s Feather increased several-fold instantly. The Sword Meteor Shower that was being pushed away gradually was now going back to Ye Xinglan’s side.

Song Lin frowned hard and sighed discreetly below the competition stage.

Without a doubt, Mo Jue could not possibly lose this match. She already possessed power close to that of a Soul Sage’s level just from the enhancement of the one-word battle armor. Yet in the eyes of others, Mo Jue had already lost. Without her battle armor, she could very well have been defeated by Ye Xinglan. Her opponent’s strength had compelled her to use the armor.

These little monsters from first grade truly were extremely powerful!

“My battle armor is called ‘Swan’!” The complete set of one-word battle armor had already qualified for a title.

Swan Mo Jue! She had earned the right to address herself as such.

The armor covering her entire body seemed to exceed Ye Wu’s eight pieces of battle armor earlier by just a few pieces, yet the power was incomparable. The dark green halo bloomed, and Mo Jue seemed to have transformed into another person while suspended in midair. The light of the entire sparring arena dimmed. Sword Meteor Shower was weakening gradually while Swan’s Feather curled up and attacked Ye Xinglan. Her second soul skill which had almost run its course was now being rejuvenated. It was terrifying yet amazing.

It was absolute suppression by means of brute force!

The radiance that surrounded Ye Xinglan slowly faded and she could be seen clearly. Her expression remained apathetic as before, but at the same time, there was wildness shimmering in her eyes.

She was a person who refused to admit defeat and had always been like that. When she first met Tang Wulin, it was also her refusal to concede that resulted in the two parties becoming enemies.

So what if she was a five-ringed Soul King? So what if she was a one-word battle armor master? She wanted to make the opponent feel the full extent of her strength even if she were to lose.

Her right hand that was tightly grasping the Stargod Sword shook once, and starlight glittered on the back of the hand. Her Sword Meteor Shower had been breaking down but was now suddenly rejuvenated. A piece of pure white armor with speckles of stars slowly emerged from the back of her hand. It extended upward rapidly and covered her forearm. A twinkle of starlight glowed on her elbow as the white armor emerged. The light gathered and protected her arm, then her right shoulder and continued creeping upward. Another piece emerged from the back of her left hand.

She had armor covering her entire right arm and shoulder, and also her left forearm. Yes, it was battle armor! Three pieces of battle armors! Forged and fused with spirit alloy!

She had only three pieces of battle armor, yet it made Ye Xinglan’s force increase exponentially in an instant. Amazingly, her Sword Meteor Shower managed to withstand the assault from the Swan’s Feather for the moment.

‘Three pieces of battle armor? A first grade second academic year’s student could have three pieces of battle armor already? Moreover, that battle armor of hers was…’

Almost all the teachers and the academy’s superior personages had the same feelings in their hearts – the young people of today were impressive!

Many of the academy’s elites had heard that someone from the first grade produced one-word battle armor that was made from spirit alloy, yet it was but a rumor. This was the first time they were seeing it. Moreover, three pieces of it were released at once.

There were not many students from among all the grades who could recognize spirit alloy one-word battle armor. They only thought it was peculiar that the battle armor on Ye Xinglan’s body was capable of fusing into her body as though it was two-word battle armor.

The spirit alloy one-word battle armor was not that different from ordinary one-word armor if judged superficially. Being made of this alloy meant that its durability and amplification effects exceeded ordinary one-word battle armor.

Three pieces of spirit alloy one-word battle armor were enough to be on par with about five pieces of ordinary battle armor.

Ye Xinglan had the highest amount of one-word battle armor amongst Tang Wulin’s group. This was because the enhancement of her power would ensure her ability to make even more armor as the main battle armor craftsman. Hence, Tang Wulin made sure that she made her own first after every group member owned one piece of armor each. That way she could work toward the goal of becoming a one-word battle armor master. When she was done making the armor for her entire body then she could start making more armor for the other group members. This was the most time-saving method. Everyone agreed to this, which was why Ye Xinglan was already an owner of three pieces of battle armor.

Her Sword Meteor Shower was raining even more heavily thanks to amplification provided by the battle armor. The three pieces of armor were gleaming with speckles of starlight, causing the radiance to become much more dazzling.

However, Mo Jue was still the true one-word battle armor master after all! After a momentary pause, her Swan’s Feather continued to attack upward again.

It was also at this moment when Ye Xinglan’s focused her gaze as she concentrated. A peculiar scene emerged. Her first and third soul ring glowed at the same time.

She was using many soul skills simultaneously. This was an extremely high-end skill even for Shrek Academy. It required the soul skills to work together implicitly, while the user simultaneously exercises the impeccable control and understanding of the martial soul.

Ye Xinglan did it seamlessly.

The golden light that had been fading slowly became bright once again, and the Sword Meteor Shower suddenly vanished. Ye Xinglan’s figure gradually disappeared in the sky leaving behind a magnified version of the Stargod Sword that materialized out of thin air. It was created from a vast amount of the sword’s consciousness and energy and had been formed using the Sword Meteor Shower as a foundation, fused with the Stargod Sword along with the addition of the Starfreeze Sword’s sharpness.

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