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Sword’s Consciousness Shoots to the Clouds

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It was Shadow Devil Flame! It burned the soul as well as the body and was a double attack on both the physical and spiritual levels. Although it was only her second soul skill, it was extremely powerful.

The Shadow Devil Flame also possessed intense corrosive and adhesive ability. Once a person was struck, it would act like a leech attached to the bone as it burned continuously.

In Ye Xinglan’s eyes, there was no skull, Mo Jue, or Darkness Devil Flame. There was only the sword in her eyes — her Stargod Sword. Anyone looking closely into her eyes at the moment would discover that her pupils seemed to have become vertical slits. For these were not her pupils, but the Stargod Sword’s reflection.

It was the Stargod Sword! A dash of dazzling starlight shined straight into the Shadow Devil Flame, causing the flame to suddenly parted from the radiant light, cracking like a fissure.

The dark green-colored skill exploded into pieces, causing countless Darkness Soul Flames to fly in all directions and pounce toward Ye Xinglan. However, the flames were just a few meters away from her body when they abruptly parted, as if sliced by a sharp knife.

This was Sword’s Consciousness Shoots the Clouds! Streams upon streams of brilliant sword reflections interlaced in the sky, forming a large net that enshrouded Mo Jue. Everywhere the net passed would see all darkness being cut away.

‘This was…’

Many of the students in the audience gulped.

Before the start, all had assumed Mo Jue was certain to win. This match was not expected to be the least bit suspenseful. Yet in a heartbeat, it seemed that Mo Jue was at a complete disadvantage. Even a skill as powerful as her Black Swan was useless against this first grade student named Ye Xinglan.

This was supposed to be a battle between the five-ringed Soul King and a four-ringed Soul Ancestor! This was supposed to be a competition between third grade and first grade!

How did this happen?

Was it due to the difference in their martial souls? No, the Black Swan was at the peak of the darkness attribute martial souls. The Stargod Sword was definitely strong, but it was impossible for it to achieve such a level that it could suppress the Black Swan.

There could only be one reason, and that was comprehension. To be precise, the comprehension of martial souls.

Ye Xinglan soul skill was not powerful, but her sword’s consciousness was! Her comprehension of her sword’s consciousness went back many years.

She was capable of being directly accepted by the inner court when she first joined Shrek Academy but later entered the outer court to become a one-word battle armor master to fulfill the inner court’s requirement. How could she not possess extraordinary talent?

When Tang Wulin first met Ye Xinglan, she beat him until he had no way of striking back. How could that happen, you ask? It was all due to her comprehension of the Stargod Sword.

In her world, there was only a sword, the perfection of that sword, and the feedback from the sword.

Mo Jue could have remained in the air to avoid Ye Xinglan, but she understood that this would rob her of any advantage, and she would continue to be suppressed.

This was only a first grade junior!

A hint of color flashed past her eyes. The wings on her back spread out at once and flapped strenuously. Her third soul ring glowed brightly as a dark green halo descended from the sky, accompanied by her flapping wings.

The Stargod Net turned a dark green color where the ring passed. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the net gradually melted until it vanished.

Holes seemed to have been made in the very air wherever the dark green halo passed.

This was Darkness Erosion! It used the purest darkness energy to release the most primitive Darkness Devour. In the beginning, Mo Jue depended on this powerful soul skill to get into Shrek Academy.

Ye Xinglan did not fall back in the face of the Dark Erosion. Her Stargod Sword was t----t toward the sky, causing a gleaming streak of the sword’s reflection to surge skyward.

At the exact moment that the Darkness Erosion ring came into contact with the sword reflection, the latter began melting. However, the sharp sword’s consciousness still forcefully pushed through, cutting a hole in the Darkness Erosion ring. Ye Xinglan paid no attention to the fallen ring as she had already leaped up into the air, toward the floating Mo Jue.

This was truly intense!

Ye Xinglan had always made people feel this way. Her resolve to win was utterly undisturbed by the fact that her opponent was strong and powerful.

Anger flashed past Mo Jue’s eyes. She could not imagine that she could be compelled into such a situation by a junior. Of course, she could release her one-word battle armor immediately to combat Ye Xinglan. Yet, if she were to use her battle armor so soon as a five-ringed Soul King, would that not be as though she acknowledged the fact that her five-ringed cultivation base was weaker than her opponent’s?

Mo Jue had an extremely arrogant heart. This was something she could never tolerate.

As the fourth soul ring’s radiance shimmered, a long spear materialized in Mo Jue’s hand. The spear appeared dark green in color and there were three skulls on the base of the spearhead.

The spear rotated as rings of light descended from the sky.

There was a ring of grey, green, and of a dark red.

The three rings ignited the skulls on the spear. Each represented different curse effects, namely weakness, fear, and agony.

These three halos covered such a large area that Ye Xinglan had nowhere to dodge. She watched helplessly as three layers of colors were absorbed into her body. She appeared unusually grim, and her entire being seemed to be nullified by the halos.

She stopped for a moment and descended from mid-air. The three negative curses — weakness, fear, and agony — seeped into her body rapidly.

Still in the air, Mo Jue could finally heave a sigh of relief. Ye Xinglan’s first attack was far too intense. That sharp sword’s consciousness of hers startled Mo Jue and rendered her helpless. This was the first time she encountered such a fierce attack. Ye Xinglan’s cultivation base was obviously much weaker than hers, and yet she was pushed until her soul skill eventually lost its effect.

The spear pointed diagonally at Ye Xinglan, and dark green light gathered to the middle of the spear. The tip of the blade flickered before shooting a dark green beam straight toward Ye Xinglan at lightning speed.

Ye Xinglan was looking down when she landed on the ground, but her gaze immediately raised once again. Her eyes were unusually bright like orbs of glimmering starlight blooming in the arena.

Starlight shone from the Stargod Sword. She suddenly shouted aloud as the sword’s consciousness dashed to the sky once again. The powerful consciousness combined with a glimmer of starlight ascended as the cursed glow on her body disintegrated inch by inch. The three layers of curses were removed in succession.

“A sword is capable of breaking many curses. This is the perfection of a maiden.” On the rostrum, a light flashed past Zhuo Shi’s eyes.

The Stargod Sword flew upward as a streak of the sword’s reflection appeared out of nowhere. It hung in midair much to everyone’s surprise, so dense that it would not dissipate. The minute the spearhead’s reflection came into contact with that of the sword, both quickly dissolved. However, it was very apparent that the sword was stronger.

Ye Xinglan looked up at her surprised opponent in the air. The third soul ring on her body suddenly brightened. Soon after, her entire body turned a shimmering gold color. She was transformed into a ball of starlight as she fused her body with her sword and surged skyward.

It was the third soul skill, Starfall Sword!

Black Swan Mo Jue frowned. This opponent’s strength exceeded her expectations. All her curse-type abilities were virtually ineffective. This could be attributed to Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword being equipped with the light attribute, but more importantly, to call her sword’s consciousness sharp would be an understatement. Any curses put on her would be extinguished by the sword’s consciousness within a short time.

Mo Jue spun at high speed with the Cursed Spear in hand. One after another, swan feathers flew out from her black wings. The feathers were flying in the air and ascended into the sky before transforming into a mighty torrent that surrounded her body.

The starlight that had ascended into the sky suddenly fell, quickly increasing in speed. It shot toward Mo Jue like a meteor.

The sword’s consciousness soared high into the air. A piercing howl could be heard wherever it passed. It felt like a real meteor shower. The audience could no longer feel the sharpness of the sword’s consciousness as all of it had been concentrated into the dazzling starlight.

Ye Xinglan’s cultivation was entirely centered on the sword. No one else, not even her companions, could compare to her focus. She was improving daily, and all of it went to her sword and focus. She cultivated with painstaking effort free of distraction. In this aspect, she was the strongest among her companions.

The second grade class one’s powerhouses had once experienced the Stargod Sword’s valiance. Ye Xinglan once singlehandedly fought their three champions of the same rank as herself. With every battle, she became stronger.

The black feathers collided with the falling starlight. The feathers disintegrated rapidly but managed to block the descent of Starfall Sword.

Her fifth soul skill, Swan’s Feather, was the fifth soul skill only available to Soul Kings! Starfall Sword, on the other hand, was only Ye Xinglan’s third soul skill. Despite the obvious difference in their soul power, both parties appeared to be well-matched in strength at the moment.

Innumerable streams of sharp sword energy continuously cut at the Swan’s Feathers. The black feathers spread out and formed rings of dark green airflows rolling towards Ye Xinglan. Darkness corroded light. The Starfall Sword’s radiance gradually dimmed. The Swan’s Feathers rolled upward and finally seized the upper hand.

Anyone could see that Ye Xinglan had a better control of her martial skill than Mo Jue, and she was only capable of fighting back due to her higher cultivation base.

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