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The Resolute Ye Xinglan

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Curling as it turned upward, the Swan’s Feather came into contact with the gigantic Stargod Sword. It tainted the sword with layers of deep darkness, but its feathers were shattered in succession too.

The dark force in the arena became thicker and stronger, and the powerful Swan’s Feather had already seized control of the entire scene, amplified by the one-word battle armor.

Mo Jue’s gaze burned into the airborne Ye Xinglan. Every attempt to struggle was useless when faced with such power.

It was at this point that the huge Stargod Sword in the sky gave out a sharp howl and descended abruptly. It broke apart layers of the Swan’s Feathers as it dashed straight for Mo Jue.

The giant sword was a relentless, indomitable force that was terrible to behold. It broke apart barrier after barrier as it plowed through the mass of the Swan’s Feather and dropped down brazenly.

Mo Jue was startled as well. The opponent was actually capable of continuing her attacks to her main body despite the great disparity of their powers.

The speckle of starlight on the sword’s tip approached closer and closer but was continuously blocked by the Swan’s Feather. It appeared that the sword’s reflection seemed to have a hard time tracking her. However, Mo Jue did not act carelessly. The wings at her back flapped so she could pull herself away from the Stargod Sword. She relied on the many feathers to keep herself free from harm.

Yet, there was still a gap between their abilities. The Shrek Academy students in the audience widened their eyes in astonishment, for this was the strength of a one-word battle armor master with a complete set of armor.

The Stargod Sword’s reflection gradually dimmed and became slower in the midst of the Swan’s Feather. As much as it persisted, the sword could not sustain its forward momentum.

It was over. The match had already ended.

Mo Jue cracked into a smile at last. It may not have been a delightful victory, but she won nonetheless.

It was at this moment when a point of starlight suddenly brightened and penetrated the barriers. Just as Mo Jue became sure of her victory, the starlight reached her face.

That speckle of starlight did not dash out from within the Swan’s Feather but unexplainably materialized, making a graceful trajectory in the sky. It bored through the cracks in between pieces of the weakened Swan’s Feather, moving through it like a ghost. Mo Jue only managed to react to the situation when it was already upon her.

The light grew and transformed into Ye Xinglan’s form.

The Stargod Sword had already vanished in the distance, but a new one appeared before Mo Jue.

The sword slashed downward and slammed right into her shoulder armor.

The one-word battle armor glowed brightly in reaction to the Stargod Sword’s wild attack. No matter how sharp the sword, it could not pierce the three-piece battle armor. However, the sharp sword’s consciousness did manage to surge into Mo Jue’s body, eliciting a low grun.

Ye Xinglan did not allow her to react. Her figure flashed and she arrived behind Mo Jue. The Stargod Sword in her hand suddenly burst out. Her second soul ring shimmered as the Stargod Net bloomed magnificently as she moved her body into the sword.

In a brief moment, the battle armor on Mo Jue’s body shone brightly as she shrieked. However, the Stargod Net was still glowing as it struck forth with great strength.

Everything was happening too fast. Even the judge Elder Cai did not expect to witness such a rapidly changing situation.

Everyone thought the match was going to end, and yet it changed in an instant.

The Stargod Net encircled Mo Jue while her besieged battle armor was glowing brightly. Even she was feeling both shock and panic. Every time she was about to release her soul skill, the stinging sword’s consciousness invaded her body from all directions to disrupt her by force.

Her battle armor was strong, but it was not invincible. Although it was capable of guarding against the force of such a close-range attack, the sword’s consciousness was truly too powerful. It was even affecting her state of mind.

The third soul ring shimmered brightly as the Stargod Sword appeared once again. This time, it was bathed in golden light. Not only did it cover Ye Xinglan, it spread over Mo Jue as well.

An orb of piercing golden light surged skyward. It had already floated its way to the top of the sparring arena in an instant and slammed ferociously into the protective shield.

The entire protective shield of the battle arena brightened. The shield was made to withstand even eight-ringed powerhouses and above. When the Stargod Sword hit the shield, it felt like colliding into a gigantic elastic band. Its velocity increased exponentially when it bounced back from the shield.


The golden orb of light crashed onto the ground violently.

On the surface of the arena floor, a layer of fissures appeared rapidly.

As the brightness and the sound of the impact gradually faded, the figures of the two combatants became visible.

Ye Xinglan was kneeling on Mo Jue’s lower abdomen, her hands grasping the Stargod Sword tightly. The sword had cut through the gap between Mo Jue’s shoulder and chest armor, and fresh blood was oozing out from the wound.

Mo Jue’s gaze appeared slightly confused, but Ye Xinglan only lowered her head and did not budge at all.

‘This was…’

Who could have known that the final moment of this match would suddenly become as intense as this? Who could have predicted that a one-word battle armor master such as Mo Jue would end up in such a precarious situation?

Elder Cai swiftly approached the two, but another came to the arena at the same time. It was none other than the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. Both were standing in front of the two girls who remained in the middle of the stage.

Mo Jue was still conscious since the battle armor helped her withstand the impact. But her eyes were wild with fear. She stared at Ye Xinglan kneeling on top of her — eyes closed, but still inhabited by the wild sword’s consciousness — and she felt nothing but horror.

It was terrifying! She was too frightening.

In the final moment when the two were falling from the sky due to the Stargod Sword, Mo Jue saw Xinglan’s eyes filled with ferocity. That savage persistence was seared deeply into the depths of her mind.

Even with the enhancement of three pieces of spirit alloy one-word battle armor, it would have been impossible for Ye Xinglan to break through using her power under normal circumstances.

However, she relied on the Stargod Sword’s descent and even absorbed the shield’s rebound to open a gap in Mo Jue’s armor during their fall. The Stargod Sword had violently pierced her shoulder. The icy sensation filled Mo Jue with cold, despite Ye Xinglan’s inability to release the sword’s consciousness at the time.

‘Who is this fierce little girl?!’

Mo Jue was truly horrified. It was a fear like she had never felt before.

She had always been the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars in third grade class one. She was already a one-word battle armor master at a very young age and a future Shrek Academy inner court student. Yet on this day, she felt the difference between them. It was not an issue of ability but the will to fight. Unlike her opponent, she did not possess the will to fight what should have been a sure loss.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali wrapped her arms around Ye Xinglan from behind and lifted her. Gentle holy light melted into her body.

Ye Xinglan was exhausted. In the final moments, she had burned her soul power completely. She had been enduring the darkness’ attack and the final large quake. At that precise moment, she used both her hand and right shoulder armor to push the Stargod Sword. That was the only way she managed to pierce Mo Jue’s armor!

Mo Jue stood up slowly from the ground with Elder Cai’s help, but her gaze remained dull as before.

Mo Jue stood up slowly with Elder Cai’s help, but her expression was still blank.

She won the match, yes. No matter how ruthless Ye Xinglan was, she could only break open the joint between Mo Jue’s armor with great effort but she was still incapable of threatening Mo Jue’s life.

If she wished, she could turn the tide in the next moment to when the two of them touched the ground.

Yet did she truly win? Was it a victory in her heart?

“Third grade class one wins,” Elder Cai announced dully.

Fresh blood flowed down Mo Jue’s shoulder, and her body swayed. She had never felt the word “win” to be so cynical before.

She was not the only one. Not a cheer could be heard from the entire third grade class one crowd after the victory was announced.

The holy light scattered and healed Mo Jue’s body. She turned around slowly and walked down the arena’s stage.

Third grade class one’s teacher, Song Lin hastily arrived at the side of the stage.

Neither her nor third grade class one’s crowd cheered following the announcement of victory and defeat.

Mo Jue came down and stood before Song Lin. She looked at her as the armor on her body slowly retracted. Her lips cracked into a smile that looked even more hideous than a weeping face.

“Teacher Song, did I win?” As soon as she said this, Mo Jue suddenly blacked out and her body went limp.

Song Lin hastily held her, supporting her so she would not topple over.

Song Lin’s expression was very unpleasant. As an experienced teacher, she understood that while Mo Jue had not lost the match, her heart had been defeated. Her state of mind was affected by the enormous assault, but the damage to her heart was the most difficult to heal. Song Lin was afraid that Mo Jue would never be able to enter Shrek Academy’s inner court if this was left unresolved.

Third grade class one was silent.

Of the three one-against-one matches, they lost twice and won once. Their only victory came at the narrowest of margins. Judging by Mo Jue’s current state, it was impossible for her to participate in the group match later.

She was a one-word battle armor master! Yet she was incapable of achieving a conclusive result.

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