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A Trace of the Enemy

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At that exact moment, a gigantic hand appeared out of nowhere and captured the scarlet glow.

By then, someone had noticed that the scarlet glow was actually a thin scarlet sword. As soon as the gigantic hand touched it, the sword was instantly recalled, disappearing suddenly without even revealing itself.

Surprisingly, Uncle Chef was the one who stopped the scarlet glow.

He scoffed as he flashed and disappeared from where he stood in pursuit of the enemy.

An overbearing imposing manner was instantly felt as a bright, red glow emanated from Zhen Hua’s body. His strong suppressive aura enveloped the whole area.

Tang Wulin’s eyes had opened from shock earlier, and he happened to witness Zhen Hua release his four-word battle armor beside Tang Wulin.

It seemed as if his entire being sunk into the armor and before long, his body was already covered in the glorious battle armor. His terrifying imposing manner almost made the building tremble.

“Nobody move!” Zhen Hua shouted loudly as he focused the strong suppressive aura emanating from his body directly toward Chang Gongyan.

It was definitely a planned assassination. He truly did not have the confidence to avoid the attack earlier, especially since it all happened so quickly.

If not for Gu Yue working her magic to use

If it was not for Gu Yue’s spatial teleportation that worked its magic, he might actually have been killed by this person.

The sword that assassin used had a petrifying force suppressed in it. Its objective was to kill Zhen Hua before he managed to release his four-word battle armor.

For that assassin to have the ability to kill him and even possess the ability to hide from him, the assassin had to be at least a Hyper Douluo at rank-95. The assassin attacked him without battle armor or it would have been impossible for him to hide his presence.

This was clearly planned. Naturally, Zhen Hua was furious after surviving the attack.

All the blacksmiths sat down under such intense pressure. Nobody dared to move.

Chang Gongyan opened his arms wide to shield Lin Yuhan behind him. Two yellow, two purple and four black soul rings appeared and circled his body. He was an eight-ringed Soul Douluo.

However, even a person who possessed the cultivation base of an eight-ringed Soul Douluo would not be able to stand before the suppressive aura of a four-word battle armor master. It would be impossible for him not to have his own battle armor but he held it in and did not release his battle armor.

“President Zhen Hua,” Chang Gongyan shouted loudly.

Zhen Hua recalled the imposing manner emanating from his body a little and descended from the sky.

“Kill them!” Someone from the crowd of blacksmiths shouted. The attempted assassination on the president was unforgivable. Everyone knew that Zhen Hua stood atop the pinnacle throughout the federation. This was not only due to his stature as a four-word battle armor, but was also because of him being a Divine Blacksmith. Four-word battle armor would not be possible without divine blacksmiths. To top it off, he was the only Divine Blacksmith so his death would make obtaining a four-word battle armor infinitely more difficult unless another Divine Blacksmith were to appear.

The assassination that had just happened was just too nerve-wracking. Zhen Hua was the heart and soul of the blacksmithing world. Almost every single blacksmith had benefited from him. How could they not be raving mad at the moment?

Chang Gongyan pressed his lips together and looked at Zhen Hua who emanated a suppressive aura. He knew in his heart that explaining would be useless right now, especially since he was the one who came up with this challenge that took place right before the assassination.

“I guess you’re a blacksmith from another continent, aren’t you?” Zhen Hua asked in a cold voice.

Chang Gongyan was shaken and before long, his heart sank to the bottom.

Everyone knew that there were three continents in the current world. It was also common knowledge that the Star Luo and Star Dou Continent were rivals to the Douluo Continent. It the ocean did not separate them with such great distance, the war between them would have intensified a long time ago.

Despite being separated by a vast ocean, conflict still seemed to find its way toward their direction.

If one were to guess the identity of the person who wanted Zhen Hua dead the most, the rulers of the two other continents would be the most likely people.

Chang Gongyan knew that he had run out of luck, especially since Zhen Hua had already seen through his intentions here. How could this have happened?

“We’re not the ones!” A clear and stubborn voice was heard behind Chang Gongyan. Lin Yuhan showed her head and faced Zhen Hua, the four-word battle armor master. She did not want to give in at all.

“Who else would it be if you guys aren’t behind this?” Immediately, a blacksmith retaliated in rage.

“We’re not behind this, period.” Lin Yuhan objected, there were tears rolling in her eyes.

“Follow me.” Zhen Hua did something odd at that moment. He waved at Chang Gongyan, Tang Wulin, and Gu Yue with his right hand at the same time before a red glow enveloped them.

‘Why didn’t he attack me right away?’ Chang Gongyan felt like his actions were ridiculous.

Although Chang Gongyan was also a battle armor master, he was merely a two-word battle armor master. Standing before Zhen Hua, the four-word battle armor master, there was no way he could fight back.

However, Zhen Hua did not attack right away. With pressure and concern, Chang Gongyan followed Zhen Hua and walked toward the elevator, all the while protecting Lin Yuhan behind him.

As they returned to the office, the four-word battle armor Zhen Hua had on turned into a red glow before it disappeared into his body. It disappeared just like that.

“Have a seat.” Zhen Hua pointed at the couch.

Chang Gongyan frowned. “You believe us?”

Zhen Hua said calmly, “I don’t believe you, but I believe in blacksmiths. Since you surrendered on your own volition when the first round ended instead of begging for sympathy, this proves your qualifications as a blacksmith.”

“So, tell me. How did you come here? Why did you challenge us?” He asked in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stood behind Zhen Hua. Tang Wulin was filled with shock as well. He woke up in shock just after the scarlet glow appeared. His heart was still pounding a little from a fear that came from the bottom of his heart. The sword was simply too terrifying, and it was as if there was a disastrous, ferocious beast hidden within it. One could only imagine what would happen if someone were to be attacked by the sword.

However, Uncle Chef managed to grab the incoming attack with just his bare hands. At that moment, Tang Wulin saw that Uncle Chef’s palm seemed to have turned into a faint golden color. That was the only thing that he saw.

Chang Gongyan forced a smile. He was currently in a life and death situation so he dared not hide anything. With Zhen Hua’s ability and the fact that they were in his territory, killing them both would be a piece of cake. Moreover, they were from another continent. Absolutely nobody would give their innocence back if they admitted to the claims of them being spies.

“You’re right, we’re not from the Douluo Continent. We’re from the Star Luo Continent, and I’m the vice-president of the Star Luo Continent’s Blacksmith Association.”

“President Zhen Hua, you have to know that soul technology has advanced considerably in accordance with advancing time and our rivalry isn’t as intense as the past. It was an official from the Douluo Continent who invited us to represent Star Luo in Douluo Continent for research purposes. We’re here following the representative team. I’ve also been admiring you for a long time since I’m also a blacksmith. It’s only natural that I’d like to see what the blacksmithing world in the Douluo Continent was capable of. Initially, we had no plans to come but the representative…”

As he spoke, Zhen Hua began to slowly understand the events that had transpired. It was obvious that somebody provoked Chang Gongyan’s ambition and made him bring Lin Yuhan here.

“We truly have no idea who attempted to assassinate you. That’s all that I’m going to say. Believe it or not, it’s your call.” Chang Gongyan forced a smile. “However, if you insist, the blame’s on me. Yuhan has nothing to do with it. Although Yuhan doesn’t belong to the Douluo Continent, it’s hard to come by a genius like her in the blacksmithing world. Regardless of what you’re going to do to me, can you promise to spare Yuhan’s life?”

Zhen Hua smiled calmly. “It’s impossible to for you to leave after something like this has transpired. Could you tell me the identity of the person who provoked you to come here? Are they from your representative team?”

Chang Gongyan forced out a smile. “They’re not. Perhaps you won’t believe me but that’s really not the case. We met a blacksmith when we got here. His name’s Ning Fengzhi. Of course, I don’t know if that’s his real name or not. He’s a Saint Craftsman with many unique abilities when it came to forging. His expertise is forging with only one hammer and I won against him by only a narrow margin. He told me how outstanding you are as a Divine Blacksmith but you have no heir in the forging world…”

Zhen Hua frowned after hearing what Chang Gongyan had said. Everything had just become even more puzzling. Based on what he just told them, this Ning Fengzhi did not come from Star Luo Continent. Instead, he was a blacksmith from the Douluo Continent. However, as the President of the Blacksmith’s Association, Zhen Hua did not know of such a blacksmith and if the assassin was related to the person who provoked Chang Gongyan. That being said, how much of what Chang Gongyang said could he believe?

Zhen Hua replied, “Brother Chang Gongyan, you and your disciple are our temporary guests. We’ll investigate the incident properly and inform your team to come for you guys at the same time.”

Chang Gongyan was stunned. “You believe me?”

Zhen Hua smiled. “I only believe in my instinct.”

Right at that moment, a door opened and Uncle Chef walked in.

Zhen Hua looked at him and asked, “How was it?”

Uncle Chef shook his head lightly. “The assassin was exceedingly fast. It seems that the assassin is a rare, agility type Title Douluo that’s a Hyper Douluo. He might not be able to take me head-on, but he’s exceedingly fast. He managed to escape after I pursued him for quite some time. You seem to be in quite some trouble… What with a Hyper Douluo assassin on your back. Heh.”

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