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Evil Spirit Forging

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Lin Yuhan subconsciously lifted her head and looked at Tang Wulin’s progress.

‘He actually started forging with the metal without first testing it?’ Shock ran through her mind as she thought to herself.

It was true. Tang Wulin had initiated Spirit Forging without any preparatory techniques.

He immediately struck the Heavy Silver hard with the hammer he picked up in his right hand. Next, he turned his body and another strike came down with the hammer in his left hand.

Although he was not as fast as when he forged the Blue Coppertite earlier, each strike was increasingly harder.

Using his left hand as an axis, his body did not stop turning. With every turn, both hammers would strike down like a meteor shower before he turned his body again by using the force from the rebound as an aid.

A sense of fear suddenly flashed through Chang Gongyan’s eyes. ‘Could it be…’

‘Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer! It’s probably the Tang Sect’s Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.’

“Bang! Bang!”

A glowing beam shot out of the Heavy Silver after both hammers struck the metal seven times, completing the Hundred Refined metal!

Tang Wulin’s did not stop forging at all. The reason why Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was so impressive was that every strike would become increasingly stronger. This was made possible through the use of the rebounding force from the strikes made earlier. With every strike being stronger than the previous, this was definitely one of the most powerful and rugged among the forging methods.

The piece of Heavy Metal was jumping whilst Tang Wulin was forging with it. Not only was it not damaged by the forging process, the silver glow on it was growing increasingly more intense.

“Bang! Bang!”

A silver beam shot up into the sky as both hammers struck down sixteen times. The light was six feet high, and a faint dragon’s roar could be heard from the dazzling silver.

‘What was that…’

Meanwhile, Lin Yuhan who was forging across him had just completed forging her Hundred Refined metal.

It was then that two golden rings arose from beneath Tang Wulin’s feet. Soon after, a dragon’s roar rippled from his body and resonated with the faint dragon’s roar that appeared from the Heavy Silver earlier.

A rich wave of blood essence then released from Tang Wulin’s body out of nowhere, and it entered his pair of Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers. Suddenly, his hammers turned into a faint golden color.

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer did not stop right there! Tang Wulin continued forging and struck down with his hammer for the seventeenth strike!

“Bang! Bang!”

“Bang! Bang!”

“Bang! Bang!”

The strikes got increasingly heavier, and within each strike was an almost crazed energy. Meanwhile, a heated roar of a dragon could be heard alongside each strike. Toward the end, none of the blacksmiths around could differentiate if the resonating dragon’s roar was from Tang Wulin or the Thousand Refined Heavy Silver.

It was just too overbearing!

Observing closely, a few blacksmiths noticed the forging platform Tang Wulin was using had surprisingly sunk into the wooden floor a little. This had to be from the terrifying show of force he was exhibiting!

“Bang! Bang!”

He continued forging with the 33rd strike.

“Roar!” The heated roar of a dragon then filled the entire lobby, and a tiny dragon appeared from the piece of Heavy Metal before it lunged toward Tang Wulin in a ferocious manner.

‘Spirit Forging Engulf?’

This was an extremely rare situation that would sometimes occur during the forging process. He was performing Creation Spirit Forging and inadvertently caused the birth of an evil spirit. However, the evil spirit was not malevolent. Instead, it would imbue the Spirit Forged alloy with even more offensive prowess. It would be best if Evil Spirit Forging were to happen to an offensive weapon. However, the probability of that happening was even lower than Creation Spirit Forging!

Moreover, there was a likelihood that the appearance of the evil spirit might cause harm to the blacksmith, putting a pause on Spirit Forging and wasting the effort along with the progress made.

Suddenly, the golden scales on Tang Wulin’s body lit up brilliantly in a flashy manner, causing the tiny dragon to let out a sad moan as it dashed onto Tang Wulin’s body before it bounced back into the Heavy Silver. As this happened, Tang Wulin’s body gave off an intense flash similar to a silver alloy, making it look like a mirror.

He was no longer turning his body. Tang Wulin lifted both his hammers so high that he formed an arc as he bent his upper body backward. Then, he smashed both his hammers as hard as he could onto the Heavy Silver.


The dragon’s roar this time was both mournful and intense. The silver dragon appeared once again but instead of plunging toward Tang Wulin, it circled the piece of Heavy Silver.

As a final glow flashed on both Tang Wulin’s hands, he put away both Spirit Forged Heavy Silver Hammers simultaneously. His body trembled, causing him to almost fall.

However, Gu Yue got to his side just in time to help him sit down in the same spot.

‘I’m lucky enough to have had a good meal in the afternoon!’ This was the only thought going through Tang Wulin’s mind at this moment.

The strain put on his body from forging two metals continuously with Spirit Forging was too extreme and was too much for him. He definitely would not have sufficient soul power so he chose a method that would complete the Heavy Silver the fastest. However, the method was also the one that drained him the most.

He had used his blood essence in place of his soul power to continue pushing on with Spirit Forging. Although this sounded simple, the significant exhaustion of his blood essence made Tang Wulin feel like he was being squeezed dry.

Fortunately, the massive amount of precious spirit items he ingested earlier manifested their effects during that time. That was how he managed to complete 33 strikes with Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer with full determination.

Under normal circumstance, Tang Wulin had the ability to continue with Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer beyond what was shown here. However, the Spirit Forging process earlier did not only require great strength, it also required mastery of said strength. He had to stimulate the Heavy Silver sufficiently and yet, he could not harm it even the slightest bit. One could only imagine how much effort he put into this.

Ever since the beginning of the competition, Tang Wulin had been determined. He was determined to bring honor to the Blacksmith’s Association no matter what.

All this time, Zhen Hua had been teaching him the various aspects of blacksmithing and supported him in terms of the various resources he required. This had always been in Tang Wulin’s mind so when he finally had the opportunity to repay his uncle-master, he would definitely give it all he had.

Both his Spirit Forgings definitely achieved the peak of what one could ever hope to achieve when Spirit Forging.

Achieving either Creation or Evil Spirit Forging would qualify one to become a rank-6 blacksmith.

That being said, his performance earlier definitely qualified Tang Wulin for rank-6 if Zhen Hua did not request him to fuse forge and complete another Spirit Forging to become a rank-6 blacksmith. If he actually became one, he would be the youngest rank-6 blacksmith in history!

Lin Yuhan had stopped forging. She could not help herself from taking a look when the dragon’s roar filled the entire room. It was that exact look on his face that had stopped her from working her forging hammers.

In the first round, she managed to Spirit Forge extremely fast while Tang Wulin was excruciatingly slow since he managed to achieve Creation Spirit Forging. During the second round, Tang Wulin showed her that he could indeed, be faster than her. Although he only managed to do this because he was extremely familiar with Heavy Silver, Lin Yuhan knew in her heart that this was something she could not achieve.

Looking at the cross-legged Tang Wulin, Lin Yuhan knew that she had completely lost the competition.

She was a rank-5 blacksmith and had known for the longest time that she was a genius in forging. Never would she have guessed that someone at a similar age to her could surpass her. However, she could do nothing but accept the fact since it had already happened.

Chang Gongyan was stunned as well. He became speechless for a moment when he set his eyes on the piece of Evil Spirit Heavy Silver.

The competition results were clear. Even a rank-1 blacksmith who had the most basic of knowledge in blacksmithing could tell the winner from the results, let alone Lin Yuhan who did not even finish her second forging.

“We’ve lost.” Chang Gongyan flashed a bitter smile.

Zhen Hua smiled gently. “Actually, we just won by a narrow margin. If Wulin wasn’t coincidentally in my corner, I wouldn’t have been able to find a young talent capable of taking your disciple head-on. You’re welcome to join the Blacksmith Association, but there’s no obligation.”

Chang Gongyan nodded forcefully.

At that moment, a scarlet glow flew by the side of his neck unpredictably and seemingly out of nowhere. The scarlet glow arrived in front of Zhen Hua in a mere second. It had appeared too suddenly and there was not even a sign of it coming.

When one was on the cultivation base Zhen Hua was on, they would usually be able to sense danger on a whim. However, this scarlet glow appeared before him before he was able to sense anything.

At that moment, a silver glow was seen and Zhen Hua disappeared from where he was as suddenly as the scarlet glow had appeared. Then, the scarlet glow flashed and immediately shot into the crowd.

The consequences of an attack capable of even threatening four-word battle armor masters and a Divine Blacksmith entering the crowd would be unimaginable

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