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Mu Ye’s Identity

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Zhen Hua smiled calmly. “It seems like someone wants me dead!”

Uncle Chef said while being deep in thought. “The assassin has some unique abilities. His soul power is boosted by the circulation of his blood essence. I can’t even tell what martial soul he has. It’s all a little peculiar.”

“Could it be that he’s an evil soul master?” Tang Wulin said after listening intently for quite some time.

“An evil soul master?” Zhen Hua, Uncle Chef, and Chang Gongyan were stunned by those three words.

“It’s quite likely,” Uncle Chef said without thinking twice, “If he’s an evil soul master, everything would fall into place. In recent years, the evil soul masters have become increasingly more active and have been causing trouble, terrorizing people everywhere. The federation has launched a federation-wide investigation on them. Nobody would’ve thought that they’d actually come here looking for you. Since an evil soul master even dared to come here, it’s quite obvious that they have something or rather, someone powerful to rely on that’s behind all this.

“Y’know it kind of rings the bell a little after hearing you guys discuss the matter. That blacksmith Ning Fengzhi seems different from regular soul masters. The energy he gives off when forging is exceptionally cold,” Chang Gongyan said.

Zhen Hua laughed. “Great… An evil soul master! I’ve never fought an evil soul master before. Uncle Chef, tell Wulin about that thing. Let me handle the assassination.”

“Alright.” Uncle Chef looked deeply into his eyes and turned around to look at Tang Wulin. “Please, follow me to the small canteen. You have to come alone.” He intentionally emphasized that he wanted Tang Wulin to go alone.

“Sure.” Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue apologetically but she flashed a smile his way.

Tang Wulin’s impression of Uncle Chef had totally changed after his visit to Heaven Dou City this time around. Uncle Chef was definitely someone who stood at the peak of the continent. Not only was he in possession of a divine mecha, he was also an expert at the Title Douluo capable of taking on a Hyper Douluo. Even if he was at Shrek Academy, he would at least possess an ability similar to the Sea God Pavilion’s Elder.

Space around them became a little distorted as they entered the small canteen. A gentle soul power was isolating them from the outside world.

The only thing Tang Wulin managed to see was a faint green ring that seemed to isolate the space they were in. It felt magical, and was as if they were covered by a gigantic air bubble.

‘Is this some kind of high-level soul power manipulation to create an isolated area?’

“Uncle… How should I actually address you?”

Uncle Chef smiled calmly as he replied, “My name’s Mu Ye. Just Uncle Ye will do.”

“Uncle Ye.” Tang Wulin definitely had the gift of gab when it came to sweet-talking.

Mu Ye then said, “You’re probably wondering why I’m speaking to you alone.

“Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time and I’ve finally made up my mind. I won’t be beating around the bush, so I’ll get straight to the point. I’m hoping that you’d be willing to inherit my teachings or rather, my sect’s teachings.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Uncle Ye, what do you mean?” He already had three teachers for forging alone. Including his uncle master Zhen Hua, he would already have four teachers. Meanwhile, he also had grandteacher and Teacher Wu to guide him in cultivation. Would this mean he would have another teacher?

My Ye continued, “Since you’re from Shrek Academy, I initially hesitated because my sect used to be rivals with Shrek. It’s just that… my sect has been going downhill as time passed and we can no longer go against Shrek. I’ve heard from Zhen Hua that you’ve joined the Tang Sect, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Mu Ye said, “Are you willing to give up your identity in the Tang Sect? You’ll probably still be an outer disciple. Giving up your identity there shouldn’t affect you too much.”

Tang Wulin looked at him in shock and shook his head immediately. “No, I absolutely can’t do that. The Tang Sect has been a great help in elevating my cultivation in the past. All my current cultivation methods are from the Tang Sect. I can’t leave them!”

Mu Ye frowned. “Don’t worry about it. My sect’s techniques are definitely comparable to the Tang Sect. Moreover. I’m the current Sect Master. As long as you’re willing to learn from me, you’ll be getting more than what you’re currently getting from the Tang Sect. Although we’re not comparable with the Tang Sect, we emphasize different things. To top it all off, we’re definitely no weaker when compared to the Tang Sect when you reach the peak.”

Tang Wulin continued shaking his head. “I’m sorry, Uncle Ye. I can’t promise you that. I like the Tang Sect. I’m passionate about the Tang Sect. No matter what happens, it’s impossible that I betray the Tang Sect. Moreover, I’m now a member of the Battle Soul Hall.” He had been receiving various benefits from the Tang Sect ever since he joined. In truth, he did not even have to sacrifice a single thing. How could he leave Tang Sect just like that?”

Mu Ye was a little surprised as he replied, “You’ve joined the Battle Soul Hall? That’s indeed a little troublesome. It’s alright, I’ll go to Tang Sect myself as long as you’re willing to. I’ve sufficient pull there to bring you over.”

Tang Wulin lifted his head and looked at him. “Uncle Ye, why did you choose me?” This was the question burning at the back of his head.

Mu Ye replied, “It’s because you have talents that suit our sect’s methods very well. Many outsiders think that the most important thing to our sect is a fitting martial soul. However, one’s bloodline is the most important factor, not one’s martial soul. Only people with a powerful blood essence can cultivate our sect’s methods to its peak. It’s uncommon knowledge that the Sect Leaders of every generation do not have extraordinarily powerful martial souls. Instead, we’re actually talented when it came to our blood essence.”

“I realized how extraordinary you were in this aspect when I laid eyes on you. Your powerful blood essence actually surpasses those your age and you’re far beyond ordinary soul masters. I, for one, didn’t have such amazing blood essence when I was your age. That being said, I was initially hesitant when I found out you were a student at Shrek Academy.”

“I’ve been thoroughly thinking about it after I went back and soon, I finally decided because I probably won’t have anyone to inherit my teachings with blood essence richer than yours in this world. This is the most important thing since there are probably ways to make up for the rest. For instance, Shrek is just an academy. You can leave after you’re done learning and have graduated. Meanwhile, I’m willing to pay a price to get you out of the Tang Sect.”

Tang Wulin was shocked. “Does that mean your sect cultivates mainly with blood essence?”

“That’s right,” Mu Ye said in pride.

“In blood essence cultivation, I dare say that there’s nobody who is able to teach you more than our sect.”

Tang Wulin frowned and proceeded to shake his head after some thought. “I’m sorry, Uncle Ye. I really can’t promise you that. The academy part is still acceptable but I can’t betray the Tang Sect. I didn’t only learn a lot from them, but I genuinely like them. I’ve been hearing tales of the Tang Sect ever since I was a young boy, and I’m honored that I was able to join the Tang Sect. Thank you for your kindness.”

Mu Ye said a little angrily, “You’ve heard tales about the Tang Sect when you were younger? Then, have you heard tales of the Body Sect?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment and almost stammered but did not say a thing. Could he actually say that he had not heard of it before? In truth, he truly never heard of this sect in the past.

A gush of disappointment appeared on Mu Ye’s face. The Body Sect was indeed, going downhill. Ever since the calamity that happened tens of thousands of years ago, the Body Sect’s downhill descent began. It was no longer on the pinnacle of this continent.

Once upon a time, all the Sect Masters in the Body Sect either had a cultivation base beyond that of a Hyper Douluo or were demigod-level experts who had surpassed even a Limit Douluo.

However, as time passed, Shrek continued creating powerful experts to lead while he, as the Sect Master of the Body Sect could not even break through to a Hyper Douluo.

“Uncle Ye, are you alright?” Tang Wulin asked carefully when he noticed something wrong with Mu Ye’s expression.

“Get lost!” Mu Ye waved with a little frustration. A gush of soul power was felt emanating from him as the soul power around them weakened. Then, Mu Ye morphed into a glow and disappeared. The only thing that Tang Wulin could feel was a force that pushed against him, causing him to stagger a couple of steps backward. When he looked forward, Mu Ye was nowhere to be seen in the small canteen.

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