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I and Jaz must have spent 2 hours there at the restaurant. When my phone rang, it was a strange number from my country; I looked at Jaz who returned the look wondering what I was up to. Then I answered cautiously waiting for the person to speak first.

“Hello Mike, or should I call you frozen?”. The familiar female voice said.

I scanned through my head and immediately placed it as Esther’s.

“Hey babe”. I said wholeheartedly.

“Look at your mouth like babe! You refused to call. That’s not fair at all, just because you’ve gotten another girl to keep you company”. Esther retorted.

“Not really, work has been really intense. You know it can affect psychology “. I said.

She paused for a while, and I enquired if she was still there with a ‘hi’.

“Yes dear, I am here”. Esther replied.

“Why are you quiet?”. I asked.

“Nothing! So how are you adjusting to the job?”. She asked.

“Well, it’s complicated. But I’ll get by”. I answered.

“I believe you must have gotten paid. Your life must have changed. I told you”. Esther said.

I smiled and replied her.

“Still adjusting to that too”. I said.

“Am coming down there next week. I and Rugged”. Esther said.

Immediately I remembered Phila was still at my place, I had to get rid of her before then.

“Next week when?”. I asked.

“Today’s Wednesday right? By Monday”. She said.

“Wow! That’s in 5 days time!”. I said, trying to sound excited.

“Yeah, you better stay out of trouble before I come because I want you to send me to the clouds like you did the last time”. She said and hung up.

I looked at the phone and smiled. Then turn to Jaz who was looking questioningly at me.

“What’s happening in five days time?”. Jaz asked with his eyes opened.

‘My mum’s birthday “. I said and looked out of the window. “I think we should leave!”. I said.

“Yeah, these people’s hate is really pissing me off, freaky racist!”. Jaz said and stood up.

By the time we came back the police had already gone. Phila was dressed to leave when I entered the house.

“Where did you go to? The police came asking after you”. She asked in a worried tone.

“Went to attend to a business”. I said, reaching for a cold bottled water from the fridge.

“I was going to call you before you came in. The detective is demanding for his pay before sending the address”.

‘’Okay”. I said.

Then went into the room, opened the bag I kept the cash, took out some notes and returned to the sitting room.

When I handed Phila the money, she was surprised and said.

“Why do you keep such money at home?”. I didn’t answer, I just sat down, laid back my head and closed my eyes.

“Okay, I’ll go pay it in to his account and we can discuss our next move”. She said and left.

About an hour later a text entered my phone and shook me up from the little nap I was having. I checked it and found the address sent by Phila.

I immediate started making plans to visiting her the next day. I was so restless and dealing with the rumbling in my stomach.

Phila came in another hour letter with a bag. And headed straight to the kitchen.

‘did you get the address I sent?’’. She asked as she unpacked.

“yes I did”. I replied.

‘’we are going to get the police involved. And get her arrested”. She said still busy with her unpacking.

“Okay”. Trying not to let my plans known.

The night of that day, Phila was feeling sexual. She caressed and kissed me on the sofa. I believe she must have had too much to drink. I tried to reciprocate it but my mind was too hurt and worried to have erection or feelings.

She took off her blouse, sitting on top of me kissing. I tried to comply but I couldn’t. she soon noticed it and asked me what the problem was.

‘’Amaka”. I said.

She looked me in the eyes, smiled going down my pants and said .

“Allow me distract you”.

I tried to concentrate as she unzip, took out my sleepy rod and put in her mouth. I forced myself to feel something but couldn’t. She suddenly stopped feeling embarrassed.

“Am sorry”. I said.

“It’s okay”. She said, standing to her feet.

Then she started towards the room and I felt so bad.

As soon as she was out of sight, I poured myself a lot of drink and started processing my travelling online.

The next morning, Phila woke me up from sleep, she was already dressed for workout.

“Good morning, am going for my jogging”. She said and walked away.

I looked at the time, it was 7:15 am, I must have drank a little too much. Then I went to freshen up and got something to eat from the previous day’s food. Then sat and waited for Phila to return before I left.

She came back around 10:10 am with two nylons. She handed me one and opened one to retrieve a liter of vanilla chocolate ice cream.

“Yours is vanilla only”. She said scooping the chocolate mixed with vanilla into her mouth.

I took the ice cream with her as she laid down her plans on how we can apprehend Amaka, without knowing I had made plans of travelling. I agreed to everything she said, and pretended to be in tune with her.

When I was done with my ice cream, I stood up and informed her that I had a job to attend to that may warrant me not to return till the next day. I also told her where to get cash in my room before leaving.

I left and boarded a taxi to the airport. Soon I was on the plane which took an hour 45 minutes before we arrived. I traced the address to a bungalow surrounded with flower. I waited from across the street for someone to come out or go in. after waiting for an hour, a car parked in front of the house, and Amaka alighted with my boy. He had grown and was walking on his own.

She held him by the hand as he struggled to keep a steady stand on the ground. I watched them go up the stairs with Amaka assisting him all the way, she opened the door and they walked in.

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