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Jaz was bleeding from his brows to his cheeks the time they had left. I was limping due to the excruciating pain on my hip. Keisha quickly ran to Jaz .

“You’re bleeding”. She said wiping the blood off his face.

I also felt pain in my jaw from blows while dealing with the pain. I have never seen Jaz in such a bad shape after a fight. He bled.

Just then, Sandra walked in but noticed nothing. I tried to hide the pain but she noticed it, as well as Jaz’s bleeding and ran to me.

“What happened?”. She asked screening through me.

I smiled and made to walk but felt a sharp pain and stopped, but still smiling. Keisha took Jaz in with her hand around his waist. Phila was still trying to figure out what happened as i managed to go into the house.

“What happened?”. Phila asked.

“Keisha’s husband came with thugs”. I said, sitting down.

“He did that?”. She asked.

“Yeah, and they kicked our asses real good”. I said laughing.

She sat beside me in shock. Then turned to look at my jaw that was getting swollen.

“You need ice on that”. She said and walked away.

Soon she came back with a cloth and ice in it and placed it on my jaw.

‘Hold it there, It will reduce swollen. open your mouth “. She said, looking in my mouth and checking my tooth. “Does it hurt?”. She asked as he touched it.

I shook my head and she went through all my tooth one after the other and heaved a relief.

“You’re lucky. We need to call the cops”. She added.

‘No, we don’t.”. I said.

“Why? He may come back”. She said surprised at my response.

‘He’s not. I just don’t want to have anything to do with the police”. I said, resting my back on the chair with the ice on my jaw.

She looked at me with deep concern and then stood up.

“I want to wash off, feel dirty”. She said and stopped half way. ” oh!I forgot to tell you the news”.

“what news?”. I asked.

She came closer to me with a smile on her face and said.

”Amaka has been spotted”.

I felt my heart skip a beat as i looked at her with surprise. She smiled and continued.

“She was traced through her flight ticket”.

I stood up , held Phila’s both hands and asked.


She looked me in the eyes still smiling and said.

“a few distance from this country. My investigator was fast on this one…but”.

“but what?” I asked.

“he’s asking for 9000”. Phila said.

“Okay, i’ll pay him but i need to see her!”. I said feeling uneasy in my tummy.

Phila looked astonishingly as me and said.

”You can just path with that like that?”.

”I need to see her and ask her why she killed Sandra”. I said hastily.

”Calm down! you will see her. But first, i have to shower”. She said removing my hands from her as she walked away.

I was so angry and nervous. I didn’t know why i felt nervous, but i was certain i wanted to beat the day light out of her. A knock called my attention. I went to get it and found Keisha at the door.

“Hello Frozen, Am sorry for what happened earlier”. She said looking at the spot i was covering with ice.

‘It’s okay”. I said.

She kept looking at my jaw in a sorry face.

‘Look at what he did to your handsome face”. She said in a low hurting voice.

”It’s okay”. I said.

“I have called the cops to ensure he doesn’t come again”. She said.

“When did you do that?”. I asked feeling worried about the idea of cops poking around.

”Immediately i went in with Jaz”. She said.

‘Did he give his consent?”. i asked.

”Jaz hates cops. He doesn’t know”. She said.

Wow, this was trouble. I knew i had to inform Jaz before they come.

‘It’s okay, You did the right thing”. I said.

“i am divorcing his sorry ass. Have filed it with a lawyer, but he’s not aware of it yet. Was going to tell him before this”. She said.

”That’s deserving”. I said.

She smiled and placed a hand on my arm.

”I believe your lady will take care of you”. She added.

I nodded, and she left. I immediately called Jaz and informed him of what was at stake. As i expected he hated the idea; cursed and broke something in anger then hung up.

I hurried to the room and changed into something casual. I jumped out before Phila would come to stop me. I found Jaz doing same, we both stylishly walked out of the estate and didn’t stop until we found a yellow taxi.

“Where?”. The black driver in dreadlocks asked.

“Anywhere”. Jaz said hurrying into the car’s backseat.

The driver waited for us to settle in before turning to us saying.

“Anywhere is no where. Do you plan on going to heaven? Well, if that’s the case, get another driver!”.

“Please take us to any nice lounge that’s far from here”. I said.

“Hey, Can you pay?”. The driver said.

“Get the Bleep out of here!”. Jaz backed.

‘Calm down dude!” the driver said, then engaged the engine.

Just then a cop car drove past us to the estate. I and Jaz unconsciously bent hiding our faces. The driver turned to us and asked.

“Are you guys running from the cops?”

‘Get the heck away from here you parrot!”. Jaz yelled.

“Okay man! calm down, d--n! you’re too hustle man!”. The driver said and drove off.

I looked back to see if i could find any trace of them. Then return to my seat to find the driver looking at me from the rear mirror.

“Don’t worry, i am invisible to the d--n cops. I hate the cops too, they piss the hell out of my guts! I wish they all died, The world is going to be a better place. Don’t you think so big guy?” The driver said, asking Jaz.

Jaz punched the back of the drivers seat and said.

“The next is going to be your head”.

“Chill bro! D--n!” The driver said, and paused for awhile still looking at us from the rear mirror. Then he added. “Are you guys some kind of paid thugs? I really would use your help, you know, to woop an ass that has been on my case, you know…”

He was still talking and Jaz shouted angrily.

“Stop here! Here! there!”. Pointing through the window to the side of the road. “Stop me here!”. He shouted.

“Alright dude! You’re too aggressive! How do you tend for your kids! D--n!”. The driver said and packed.

I and Jaz alighted. The driver brought his head from the car window and said.

‘my money!”.

“How much is it?”. I asked.

“2 bucks!”. The driver said,

I checked for change, and couldn’t find any save for 20 bucks note. I could see the eyes of the driver rested on my hand as i sought for change among the bundle of cash i had.

‘do you have change?”. I asked showing him the note.

“Bro,haven’t you heard that givers never lack. Show your fellow black brother some love!”. The driver said displaying is cigarette burnt teeth.

Jaz checked his pocket and found some change, and handed it to him and said.

“I pray i never meet your kind of black brother ever again”.

the drivers smiling face turned to frown abruptly. And she said to Jaz.

“You must be depressed brother, Get a therapist before it’s too late, don’t say i didn’t tell you”.

Jaz rushed to the car to pull him out, but he quickly drove off on time.

‘He’s lucky!” Jaz said.

We strolled to a Restaurant. We had barely settled, when a waitress came to take our order.

“We’re waiting for our boyfriends, get lost!”. Jaz said arrogantly.

The young white girl’s face grew red in anger and she said angrily but in a controlled tone.

‘Then get a room, we serve food here not pervert lust”.

Jaz looked up at her in an ominous way another worker, maybe the manager called from behind the girl.

“Lucy, what’s going on there?”.

“These perverts want to get all mouthy with me”. She said still looking at Jaz.

The man came and scolded the girl gently, then turned to us and apologized.

“Please what can i get you?”.

“A cold drink will do”. I said before Jaz would interrupt.

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