My Madam And I - S01 E169

8 months ago

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I replaced my face hat properly to cover my face as i slowly cautiously moved towards her house, looking circumspectly if anyone was suspicious or looking at me.

I placed a hand on her door knob, and turned, it gave way. I could hear her talking, i suspected she was on call for no other voice save hers. So i slowly walked into the house moving towards the direction of the kitchen. The my boy ran into me from an adjacent door and fell on her bum. He looked up at me confused, perhaps he was shocked to see a strange face in the house.

I knelt down on a knee before him and touched his cheek. He suddenly started crying looking towards the direction Amaka’s voice was heard.

“Hey baby, what is it?”. Amaka said rushing to out.

She stood still when she walked in on me knelling in front of her baby.

“Mike!”. was all she could say in shock.

I smiled and carried the smiling boy. She felt so scared and confused at the same time.

‘”How did you get here? How did you know i was here?”. She asked with her eyes half way on me and on her crying baby.

I smiled and suddenly frowned and kept an ominous stare at her.

“Mike, what is it?”. She asked. And when i remained the way i was she added, walking slowly towards me. “Am sorry i left without a notice, am not trying to run away with our baby”. She said coming closer.

“Stop right there!”. i said.

She stood still looking guiltily at me.

”You know what have done. That’s why you ran away”. I said, emitting anger.

She looked at me for a while and then exploded in a loud laughter.

“Mike stop this silly joke! You’re scaring me. How did you know i was here?”. She said in a more relaxed tone.

“why did you kill her?”. I said.

She was paralyzed in shock with a opened mouth.

“answer me now!”. i said in rage, ignoring the crying baby that was reaching out for his mum.

“Mike! kill who?”. she suddenly said looking confused.

” don’t act like you don’t know what am talking about”. I said.

‘what are you talking about Mike!”. she yelled.

“Don’t play smart on me. Why did you kill Sandra?”. i said in a hurt tone.

She paused and looked scared for her baby that i was carrying.

“Mike, what are you talking about? Sandra your girl friend is dead?”. She said looking shocked to hear it.

”stop acting cleaver! i have proofs!”. I yelled angrily, which provoked the child to cry more.

“Please keep the baby down! you’re scaring him!”. Amaka yelled back.

“why did you kill her? because of my boy? you found out she was investigating you and you murdered her!”. I yelled.

The laughed bitterly and looked at me in her bitter face and said.

“Mike, how could you have believed that i’d kill for what?! you break my heart Mike! You make me bleed inside. After all i did for you, scarified for you, after all that, this is what you think of me, a murderer?”. She suddenly started shedding tears.

I was confused watching tears drop from her face as she looked pathetically at me. I didn’t know if they got the information wrong, i slowly dropped the baby. I started doubting even the mysterious lady, maybe she was just mad. I even doubted my seeing Sandra’s apparition in my dreams, i felt it was my missing that conjured thoughts in my head.

Then i slowly dropped the baby that staggered to his mum crying. She didn’t bother to hold the crying boy, as her eyes remained fixed on me. I turned away from her and slowly took a seat. She then carried her baby and baby and walked inside. I was still thinking about the mix up trying to understand my confusion when a heavy blow from behind knocked me out.

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