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I stopped at the bank and opened an account before going home. Phila was not around when i arrived. I saw a note she dropped on the TV screen. And it read: ‘OFF TO GET GROCERY, THEIRS NO FOOD IN YOUR HOUSE!’.

I went to take a shower; and was dressing up when i heard the sound of the TV, thinking it’s Phila i walked to the sitting room to find Keisha changing channels.

“Hey lover!”. She said, still searching the channels.

I slowly walked to her wondering why she came. I feared Phila may misinterpret her visit due to how she looks. She turned and looked at me beside her smiling, then stopped at an entertainment gossip station.

She was provocatively dressed in a very black skimpy skirt and a grey net blouse that shows clearly her yellow push up bra. Wearing her blond hair dropping on her shoulders. Her blue eyes and pretty face was more captivating, guess because of her lip gloss, or the make up, i cant place my hand on it.

“Frozen, do you have drinks?”. Keisha asked.

“No, i have nothing in this house”. I said still wondering what she wants.

‘Are you scared to sit by me?” She said smiling lustfully.

I knew that smile and it immediately spoke in my pant. I quickly sat so she didn’t see it, but she had beat me to it, as she smiled biting her lips looking at the stuff i was trying hard to cover with a crossed leg.

“Have you seen Jaz?”. I asked trying to change the topic. Feeling uncomfortable.

“He’s a big coward!”. She said frowning.

“what about your husband?”. I asked.

She looked at the program on display and then said to me.

“who told you am married?”. She asked.

“I found out, i ought to know, ain’t it?”. I asked.

She looked into my eyes and said, taking my hand in hers.

“How does it feel to eat and still get hungry? That’s why i want a drink. Can we go buy some?”.

I didn’t know what to say, so she stood up and looked down on me to join her. I looked at her full fresh white thigh that extended up to a quarter of her ass that the skirt covered. My rod hungered for a taste. I fought the urge not to touch and kiss her, she was so beautiful and attractive reminding me of how Sandra made me feel sexually.

“Hello! what are you thinking?”. She said calling my attention from my lust.

I apologized and stood up. She dragged me by the hand close to herself and said.

“I feel same way too, but lets get drunk first”.

She kissed me on the cheek and Phila walked in to see me locked in Keisha’s arm.I moved away from Keisha and turned to Phila, who was visibly hurt from the look on her face. She kept looking at Keisha who also was trying to figure out what’s happening.

“Hey, you’re back” I said trying to quench the intense atmosphere. “Meet Keisha, my neighbor”.

“Oh am sorry! Frozen, You didn’t tell me you have a girlfriend”. Keisha said moving away from me apologetically.

I didn’t know how to answer her, cos Phila wasn’t really my girlfriend and i can’t own it in her presence, so i was left confusingly dumbfounded.

Phila walked to Keisha with a handshake and beamed a awkward smile.

“he’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends”. Phila said shaking hands with Keisha.

“Oh! what a relief! I thought i was going to get my ass kicked”. Keisha said heaving a sigh of relief.

‘Not at all”. Phila said.

“I bet i should take my leave”. Keisha said, turned to me, “going to get a drink”. Then she left.

I couldn’t stop looking at her round butt as she left and regretting not having a taste of that. I turned to Phila who was looking at me looking at Keisha’s Butt. I felt stupid and hid my face from her.

‘You’re a chronic womanizer”. Phila said in a cold angry tone.

“Am sorry”. I said sitting in front of the TV.

She went to the kitchen to unpack, and then said from the kitchen.

‘I got stuff for rice. So happy i have to eat home made food, and you’ll have to taste my food”.

She returned to the sitting room with a bottle of scotch and two glasses. Handed one glass to me, poured into hers and mine.

“The food will soon be ready”. Phila said drinking from her glass.

The door opened and Jaz came in just boxer. He looked at Phila and then to me, then exploded in laughter. I gave him a mean look for him to respect himself. He came to where we were and sat beside Phila, putting her in the middle. She was uncomfortable seeing a very big man in boxer, with his massive rod dangling visibly.

“Frozen! This chick is fine!”. Jaz said, checking Phila Out.

Phila was still uncomfortable with him sitting beside him, but Jaz cared less. He suddenly started sniffing looking around the room.

“Hey! you’re cooking! wow! you’re the man!”. Jaz said happily.

He stood up and went to the kitchen. Phila looked at me perplexed.

“Who’s that guy?” she asked.

“Hey! Look at what we have here, turkey or chicken? D--n!”. Jaz shouted fom the kitchen.

Phila was so vexed and stood up to meet him in the kitchen. I decided to join them to avoid trouble.

Jaz was opening the pot and sniffing into it, Phila took the cover from her and covered it. Jaz looked at her angrily and suddenly laughed saying.

”Women do not like men in their kitchen. Lets go have a drink as we wait!”. pushing me roughly out of the kitchen, i almost fell.

I could see Phila was fighting not to explode. She just went into the room leaving i and jaz in the sitting room.

Jaz poured himself a large drink and took it down in a gulp, poured another, did the same, and slowed down on the third. I waited for his excitement to die down before saying.

“Could be a little gentle here? She’s a simple type. Please try and be civilized a bit. First get something on”.

He looked at me and laughed. Then said after laughing.

“You’re scared she’d fall for my mandulla!” touching his rod. “Admit it boy!”. Hitting me hard on the back.

“Yes! I dont want your mandulla to take her away, like it took Keisha”. I said to shut him up.

He laughed and stood up.

”am coming back, i can’t miss that food”. He said and left.

Phila surfaced from behind me and asked.

“Who’s that loud fool?”

“He’s a co-worker”. I said.

”You work with his likes? wow!”. She said sitting beside me.

She looked at the bottle that has immensely reduced and turned to me. I quickly said.

‘He did it”.

She laughed and went to check what she had in the kitchen.

After serving in the dinning, she called me over. I was just half way when Jaz walked in.

“I am right on time! wow!”. hE said rushing to the dinning before me.

Phila stopped him from sitting in my chair, and pointed another for him. Jaz paused for a while to assess what she did, before slowly obeying.

We ate in peace with Jaz talking all kinds of nonsense. How he slept with 10 girls, how he beat up 15 guys, how he can over turn a car, how he was a wrestler. I believe he is drunk, but i feared he was saying too much about what we do. He even said He beat up three cops. I wonder if he was trying to impress Phila or just being stupid.

Just then our attention was called to the TV, a breaking news about the death of Doc Khalid. He’s body was found in a swamp by some young people.

Jaz stood up and said good night to us. I was shocked and scared cos we exposed our faces. Phila was glad Jaz left not knowing why.

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