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I couldn’t sleep. I was so worried and scared of what was coming to me. Phila who was completely oblivious of what i was going through kept talking about the impression Jaz made; how she detest the uncultured bully. She kept talking as she washed the dishes, while i brooded in silence staring blankly at the TV.

“He even wore a boxer to visit! who does that?”. Phila said as she sat beside me.

I turned to her and smiled. She looked at me in concern and said touching my arm.

“Are you okay?”

“yes i am. Do you still have more drinks?”. I asked.

“Yes i do”. She said and went to get it.

While she’s gone. I brought out my phone to call Sly, but stopped as Phila approached from behind. She dropped a bottle of scotch, same brand as before and said.

“Wanna shower”.

I nodded, and she walked away. I made sure she’s out of sight before i took out my phone, started dialing Sly’s number, walking outside the house.

“Hello. Did you see the news?”. I said, walking towards the pool, ensuring no one was in a hearing zone.

“Yes i did, what about it?”. Sly said, and said to his kid perhaps. “Daddy is on call…will continue later”.

I could hear sounds of kids laughter in the background and a lady’s voice ordering them to be calm.

“The Doctor….was found….”. I said, looked around and whispered “Dead!”.

“Yes, that’s not our business!”. Sly said and shouted on his kid to stop jumping on the sofa.

“We took him to them! And that is the least of my problems. The cops will be on our trail, they have CCTV everywhere in that place. They will definitely see us in the footage!”. I said.

Sly seemed to walk out of the noise before he said.

“I am not stupid, boy. Don’t you think i knew that before i asked us to go in? Or do you think that stupid spec will be enough to conceal our identity?”. Sly asked.

I wanted to say something but he shut me up.

“Don’t talk! Coz you have nothing to say, listen. To put you out of your worries; i took care of it. I paid someone to get rid of us from the footage. He’s going to professionally erase our faces, they may see our backs but not faces. So sleep young man!”. He said and hung up.

I felt slightly relieved. Then looked around and found the old man white man peeping from the window. I waved at him smiling, he frowned and shut the window. I wondered if he heard anything, but was convinced due to the distance.

I went into the house and had a glass of scotch before Phila joined me in the sitting room putting on a yellow bum shut and white singlet with her Brazilian packed in a pony . She was well scented and looking so beautiful.

‘Hey fish! take it easy with this drink, you will cause harm to yourself”. She said moving the bottle away from me and leaned on my shoulder. “what are you seeing?”. She added.

“Dunno, just looking at something”. I said, realizing i didn’t even know i was still on the news station.

She took the remote and tuned to an Indian drama station.

”You haven’t bathed”. she said .

“Not yet”. I answered.

“Please do”. She said, moving from my shoulder and pushing me off.

I went to the room to off my clothes and found some new clothes she bought. I looked at the cabinet and found the money i left for Phila earlier still where i left it but under a glass cup. I ignored it and went to have my bath. Then returned to the sitting room in boxers and white singlet.

Phila was so engrossed with the movie that she didn’t notice my presence. I sat beside her, and she rested her head on my thigh, laughing and focused on the movie.

I was still pondering about the death of the Doctor. It completely weighed me down. I looked at the TV blankly, nodding at every word Phila said pertaining the movie. Soon i dozed off and was woken by Phila, who led me to bed.

The noise from outside woke me up. I looked for Phila but she was not in bed with me. So i left the bed and put on a comfy pyjamas and went to see what the shouting was about.

Phila was looking through the window in a black leggings and ash singlet, she beckoned me over to come and see with her. I walked tiredly to the window and saw a tall black man yelling at Keisha who returned with a yell herself.

“He caught her coming from your colleagues apartment. Wow! that girl is a LovePeddler!”. Phila said, looking fascinatingly at the fight.

The guy whose voice was amazingly amplified suddenly slapped Keisha because she was slapping and pushing him while she yelled. I felt it was wrong and wanted to go out but Phila held me back.

“Don’t. You are going to get involved in what you don’t know how it started”. Phila said.

“But he slapped her”. I said.

“Yes, after she slapped him severally in her wrong”. Phila explained.

The guy pushed her hard she fell with her butt on the floor. Then he turned and started towards to Jaz’s apartment. I knew that was a wrong idea, but remained behind the scene.

He knocked violently at Jaz’s door. But Jaz remained silent. Then he went to the window and started throwing things, breaking Jaz’s window.

“This guy is really heart broken”. Phila said.

I just smiled. because she doesn’t know the genesis of the story.

Keisha ran to him and held his shirt, hitting him.

‘You bastard! You jealous freak! Leave him alone! Get out of my life! Get the Bleep out forever!”. She said crying as she continued hitting him.

The man slapped her on both cheeks and pushed her so hard she fell and rolled over. I couldn’t stand this, i jetted out, ignoring the call from Phila.

When i got out, Jaz was already out too. The man saw Jaz and was slightly intimidated, but continued overcame it as he yelled.

“You! you pervert! You dog! you fool! this time am going to make sure you run forever looking behind you! i will teach you how to stay clear peoples property!”.

Jaz who was just in a jean without a shirt or something on his feet, kept quiet looking at him with a folded arm and expressionless face. Keisha seeing that Jaz was out, stood up and attacked the man again. He slapped her and wanted to slap her again when Jaz caught his hand. He turned to Jaz in agony.

“don’t try that again!”. Jaz said to him between his teeth.

He swung a punch and hit Jaz on the face. I wished he didn’t do it. But surprisingly Jaz released his hand and held Keisha by the hand and took her into his apartment.

The guy was left alone looking at Jaz as he entered the house with his wife. He bit his finger and left in anger.

I went back to the house and found Phila Laughing. I haven’t seen this side of her before. She used to be a sophisticated and cautious person, who reviews all of her actions before taking them. But now she was this free spirited individual laughing and raising her legs on the couch.

“Can you imagine what would have happened if they had fought? I wish he beat her mercilessly. I hate cheats!”. She said after laughing.

I ignored her and went to pour myself some cereals and milk in the kitchen. Took it to the sitting room and ate in silence. My mind was still bothered about the death of the doctor.

”Am going to workout, will be back in an hour or so”. She said and walked out.

I finished my meal and was watching sports when i heard Jaz’s voice. I looked through my window and found four heavily built guys almost the size of Jaz with Keisha’s husband knocking on Jaz’s door. Before i could think, one knocked open the door with his leg and they rushed into Jaz’s apartment.

‘D--n! it’s too early for this!”. I said, and rushed outside.

When i got outside, Jaz had come out of his apartment. Two held his waist, pushing and punching him, while the other two pulled him hard from behind around his neck and chest. Keisha’s husband kept punching and slapping him wherever he could. Jaz was trying to pull the ones on his waist off while others had their way. Keisha was trying to make a call but her husband took the phone from her.

I took the pool skimmer net, broke the wood and rushed towards them. Hit the first on the back and another on the face. They abruptly left Jaz and came after me, Leaving Jaz with two and Keisha’s husband.

I swung it and hit the first to attack with it but had no impact. He grabbed me and threw me on the ground with his shoulder. I stood up immediately, throwing punches at the other attacking. When i turned to Jaz i discovered the guys where giving him tough time as well.

One came from behind and held my neck so tight i struggled to breath and pull his hands off. The other came from the front punching my stomach. I had nothing to do but to kick him hard on the chest,he moved backwards giving me space to bend with full force and the guy behind me fell over to my front. I was still adjusting when i saw the one i kicked rushing towards me. I quickly threw a punch and hit him on the face, he threw his, his was like a bag of cement. I tripped and caught my ground again to receive an uppercut that sent me down. I jumped up abruptly and grabbed the both hands of the one attacking. The other pulled me hard from behind hitting my back so hard i thought my spinal cord would break. In my agony, i bit the one i held hard on his rip and made sure it count. He screamed using all his might to break free, but i held him tight. I then pulled him up with all my strength and threw him on the ground behind me.

The other rushed and pushed me down, I rolled and was standing up when i saw a kick coming. In reflex i held his leg and pulled so hard he fell on his back. I jumped on him, unleashing all the anger in punches on his face. The other kicked me on the rip and was going to kick again when Jaz grabbed him, lift him up and hit him hard on the floor.

The others rushed on Jaz like flies on poo. Then a gun shot calmed us all down. Keisha was holding an automatic and pointing it aggressively at the guys.

‘Get out of here if you don’t want to die!” she yelled, shaking in anger.

The ones holding Jaz left him and slowly walked away with their hands in the air. It was then i realized why hey gave us tough time. They were all monstrous looking with massive muscles.

“You too” She said to her husband.

He hesitated, and Jaz gave him an angry slap that threw him on the floor. That sent the right message, as he left swearing to return.

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