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We waited at the busy cafeteria with an eye on the lookout for our mark. We had put on our transparent specs for a slight disguise when two pretty ladies joined us at the table, a black African looking and an Asian. Both had their stethoscopes around their necks.

‘’hi”. They both chorused as they sat.

We replied them and buried our faces in the sandwich and soft drinks we were having, so as to divert attention from us. But the girls kept whispering to themselves and looking at us. The Asian said to me when she caught my met.

“Are you guys new?”.

Sly immediately spoke up.

“Yeah, just transferred”.

“Oh…okay”. The Asian said and exchanged glances with her colleague.

“My name is Doctor Mary pediatrician , and this is Doctor Jane Lee hematologist”. The African introduced themselves to us.

“I am Doctor Zack Zulu dermatologist, and this is Doctor Gabriel Madu, my assistant”. Sly said.

We exchanged handshakes and hearty smiles. And Sly asked.

“When are they rounding up the surgery?”.

“ That’s a major surgery. The dude has a tumor in the brain. Doctor Khalid, I mean, he’s a chief of course. He’s a specialist in that field. I hope he pulls it off. The dude’s case has escalated”. Mary said sadly.

‘’That’s what happens when people are ignorant’. Jane added as she bite from her pie.

We tried not to say any other thing to the girls, so as not to be implicated. But they kept poking. The African took a liking to Sly. She kept smiling as she asked personal and professional questions. Sly would just say jokingly. “I would rather not say, coz I will have to kill you”. To avoid complex questions. She would laugh and press on. But Sly is too subtle to be held in a snare. I kept quiet and smiled when necessary.

“You don’t much do you?” Jane asked to me.

‘I do, just don’t have anything to say”. I said timidly.

A nurse came to our table and called Doctor Jane for an emergency. She turned to me and said before she left.

“Our job!”.

When they had gone, Sly heaved a sigh of relieve and said to me.

‘Those bitches are what we should pray against every morning”.

I was going to reply him when I saw Jodi walking into the cafeteria with two men. I quickly hid my face on the table. And Sly seeing my swift move sensed what was amiss pronto. He nudged me on the side and said.

‘’Let’s get out of here, it’s time”.

I stood up and quickly backed Jodi’s position as we headed out.

We went to the main hall and asked after Doctor Khalid, we were told that he went to his office. Which we enquired and traced immediately.

‘’Good morning sir”. Sly said as we entered the office.

The short plump man in his 50’s looked at us from his bottled glass. His long dark hair was tied in a pony and his fat face was clean shaven.

“Have I seen you before?”. The doctor asked.

‘’ There’s an emergency sir. Your attention is needed”. Sly said.

‘’where?”. The doctor asked.

“At the emergency ward sir!”. I said, not recognizing my own voice.

He looked at us suspiciously, and then slowly stood murmuring something to himself.

‘What is the nature of the emergency and who are you people?”. Doctor Khalid said.

“We are new sir”. Sly said, moving close to him.

“I am the chief here, I should know about you guys. Where are you transferred from and by who? Where’s the document?’’. Doctor Khalid said in anger.

Sly quickly moved to him, took out the syringe. Khalid saw the syringe and resisted. But Sly was quick to grab in close and tamed him before injecting his neck. Khalid collapsed almost immediately.

“Bolt the door!” Sly said.

I rushed to the door and locked it with a key. Sly dropped the bag he has been caring around and brought out a mask. Forced it on Khalid’s head, but was having difficulty with his hair. After adjusting the mask, Khalid now looked like an old white man with mustache. We were changing his clothes when a knock came on the door.

‘Chief! Are you in? Chief!”.

I looked at Sly and he motioned me to be silent. We paused waiting for the caller to stop knocking. And he did a moment after.

‘’get me a wheelchair!”. Sly said.

“What about the person at the door?”. I asked.

‘He’s gone. Get it fast! Knock twice on your return, so I’ll know it’s you”. Sly said.

I hurried off jamming the door behind me, while Sly stayed adjusting Doctor Khalid’s disguise. Outside, no one took notice of me, as they were busy with their business. I asked a nurse to bring me a wheelchair. She returned with it few minutes later. I quickly took it to Khalid’s office, knocked twice before Sly opened up. We hauled him in and was wheeling him out of the office when we were accosted by an elderly doctor with full grey beards.

“Who’s this?”. The man asked, looking at the sleeping old man in our chair.

“A patient”. Sly said, wheeling him away.

The man looked into the office and then ran after us.

“where’s the chief?”.

‘’We are looking for him as well”. I said.

‘’His office was locked few minutes ago, and now you guys are coming out with this man. Who is he to the Chief?”. The man asked.

‘’Sir, he needs attention. Please take your question to the chief”. Sly said to him rudely and wheeled Khalid away.

We were almost out of the hospital when two security men were seen approaching us from behind.

“I think they are after us”. Sly said.

We hurried out and couldn’t find Jaz where he ought to be waiting for us. Doctor Khalid’s armed police men were seen vigilantly looking around with no interest in us. Behind the security men had reached us and one of them, a thick black man said to me.

‘’Sir, can I see your ID card please?”

“What nonsense! Can’t you see it on his chest?”. Sly retorted.

The security men looked at us and then the sleeping man in the wheel chair.

‘’we were told to bring you guys in sir”. One of them, a talk white man said.

“By who?” Sly asked.

“Doctor Mark”. The thick dark man replied.

‘Now look, we have to put him in a taxi before we can come with you okay?”. Sly said.

Just then, Jaz was seen driving towards us. Sly turned to the security men who were waiting for us to come with them and asked.

“Where’s Chief Khalid?”.

“Don’t know”. The thick black man said.

Jaz parked and alighted to open the back seat for us. He helped to put the man in the car and shut the door. Then looked at us and Sly nodded, which he blinked his response and drove off.

‘Alright, let’s go!” Sly said leading the way.

We walked upstairs and came to an office where the elderly man sat with two other white elderly doctors. They turned their attention to us when we arrived.

“Have a seat please”. The elderly man said.

We sat and he continued.

“I am doctor Mark, I am the assistant chief consultant in this hospital. I know everyone that works here down to the cleaner, save for you two”. He said and adjusted on his seat. “You said you’re from where please?” .

“St Mary general hospital sir”. Sly said confidently.

The men exchanged glances and murmured something within each other. Then one of the men said to us.

‘’what’s your specialty?’’

“Am a dermatologist sir. And he’s my assistant”. Sly said.

“St Mary”. Doctor Mark said thoughtfully stroking his white beards. ”who did you report to?”. He asked.

“Doctor Khalid”. Sly said.

“Where’s the chief?”. Doctor Mark asked.

‘I wouldn’t know, he asked us to take the old man home and walked away. Have you tried his number?”. Sly said.

‘’Guess he went home. You know how the chief behaves after a critical surgery”. One of the doctors said.

‘’Please, sir. Am famished. Can I eat and come back continue?”. Sly asked.

“Okay, but we are not done yet”. Doctor mark said.

That was how we left the hospital peacefully, called Jaz and joined him up.

We drove to a workshop. Jaz carried the doctor with no effort to the inner part of the workshop where four men were waiting for us. We handed the doctor to them and one of them said.

‘’Been sent to your account”.

Sly nodded and we walked away.

In the car, Sly said to me.

“You have to open an account today and send me the account details”.

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