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Bosco’s POV

“After my accident, I woke up in the hospital with my adoptive parents”

I finally explained it all to Sommy who was in tears.

“It was a painful experience, I know what s*xual abuse can do to a person. You have to let it go Bosco. It’s holding you back”

“I scked his d--n dck”

“That was twenty-five years ago. Just imagine it was lolipop” Sommy said and I glared at her.

“You’re not helping” i said and she busted into laughter amidst her tears

“I’m sorry but I’m the one kissing your lip, I should worry about being traumatized” she answered and I laughed.

“Seriously?” I asked and she continued laughing.

“See! You’re laughing. Only a psychologist can do that. I dare Isabel to do that”

“You’re wrong, only a crazy psychologist can do this” he leaned in kissing me on the lips.

“I’m sorry you went through this but the earlier you forget, the earlier the possibility of having kids with you and I badly want that”

“I know. Have you read the letter?” I asked and she looked up at the ceiling,

“You should have lunch first” she answered trying to avoid the topic.

“You’re not going to use that on me Sommy, we made a deal”

“I wasn’t able to see the lawyer because of my schedule today. I’ll see him first thing tomorrow”

Sommy’s POV

For the first time since I started therapy with Bosco, it finally made sense to me why he couldn’t perform.

He was traumatized as a result of being abused as a child

I felt sorry for him. I wanted to do all In my power to make him smile.

When he laughed, I felt overjoyed. Bosco had to remind me of the letter. As much as I didn’t want to read the letters, I had to keep to my own side of the deal.

I got an address from Bosco. Then I went there as early as 9 o’clock after emotionally preparing myself for it. I walked into Barrister Paul reading in his study.

I thanked the wife for bringing me in then she left.

“Am I begininig to see things or you’re here for real?” He asked and I walked closer to him.

“Good morning Sir” I greeted and he nodded.

“Who forced you into coming because I don’t believe you’ll do that on your own free will” he asked and I chuckled.

“I made a deal with Bosco and this is me trying to meet up with my end of the bargain”

“I knew you weren’t here on your own free will. You’re as stubborn as your father”

“I don’t believe I took anything from my father”

“You took a lot. You have his nose, maybe not his complexion but you have his problem solving brain and sturbborness.”

“I’m not here to talk about my dad. I came to get the letters” I answered as politely as possible.

“Have your seat”

“Thanks you Sir but no”

“When Bosco called me to expect your presence, I swore you would turn your back the moment you get to my gate.” He confessed and I wondered why he asked those questions at first.

He kept on laughing to himself then he removed the letters from an office file on the table. He stretched it to me and I collected it. There were five letters, I erroneously thought they were seven letters.

“Thank you Sir” I answered walking to the door.

“Your father loved you still. You were still his favorite” he said and I left.

I went back to my office, locked myself in. I noticed the letters were numbered then I opened the first.

It began with

“My beautiful jewel, you were my pride, all I cared about, even more than your twin. I gave you the best any parent can give their children, but you disappointed me with psychology as a course and I failed as a father to acknowledge your choice. I was filled with anger Chisom, and I did what I shouldn’t have done; I sent you out of the house. Out of pride, I refused accepting you back. I swore never to pay a dime on you and I saw to it that I didn’t. I didn’t realize how foolish and prone to anger I was. It hurt my very own soul knowing you suffered. I had it mind for you to travel out of the country but I couldn’t because I had sworn not to.”

I paused cleaning the tears that were pouring down my eyes then I resumed reading.

“I regret my actions more than anything, I still loved you. Years passed and I never stopped loving you as my daughter. I write this letter in sorrow. I don’t deserve to be called a father. It wasn’t until I was sick that I realized the need for your forgiveness. I requested for your presence severally but you never showed up. It’s only normal for you to hate me. I hate myself too. I am not proud of what I did. I ask that you forgive me”

i dropped the first letter then picked up the second.

“I am a shame to fatherhood. I don’t deserve the title as a father. I gave Chiamanda and Ikechukwu the good life but I made you suffer.”

I stopped there still crying. I skimmed through it all, he was still sorry about what he did the only different thing was that he wanted our family close again. He wanted me to be close to Amanda, Ikechukwu and my cousins.

I was already close to them except my brother who barely resides in Nigeria.

I scanned through the third with my eye and I picked up the fourth.

“For all I’ve not done. For missing eleven years out of your life, I hand over Two hundred million naira to you.” I dropped the letter immediately I got to that part.

Was I seeing things or dad just willed Hundred million naira to me. I picked it up again then I continued

“There’s a building at Grand Estate, it’s in your name. I want you to be CEO of your own company. Chisom’s therapy clinic, sounds good right? But I know you would want to use Sommy”

I paused chuckling.

Then I read the fifth.

“I had 100 million naira willed to you so you can have your master’s and doctorate degree abroad. Your siblings schooled there so it’s only fair that you do the same.

I know it’s small compared to all I’ve spent on them over the years.

This isn’t bribe or anything Chisom, this is me giving you what rightfully belongs to you and this is me apologizing for being selfish.

I would have loved to see you have kids and see my grandchildren but I couldn’t make it. Which explains you reading this letter. You could have heard it from my mouth if you had come when I told you to but I’m not blaming you though. I want you to know that even when I acted stubborn, I loved you. Even in death, I still love and care very much about you”

I dropped the letter sobbing at years of thinking he never cared about me. I cried for suddenly becoming a millionaire overnight.

My phone rang and I removed it from my bag picking up the call. It was Amanda.

“Hello” I cleared my throat.

“Hey you won’t” she paused,

“What’s up with your voice?” She asked and I shook my head.

“Amanda I’m fine, what’s it you want to tell me?”

“Bob just made a huge withdrawal from the hospital account.”

“What!” I exclaimed.

“Has his brain being squared with his head? Is he in his right senses?”

“I called him and he told me as long he’s still partly the owner of the hospital, he has every right to make withdrawals.”

“Have you called Barrister Paul”?”

“Not yet but I was hoping you would let your boyfriend know”

“Yeah sure” I answered hanging up then I hissed.

“Why are people so thoughtless?” I asked rising from my seat.

Then I called Bosco to know if he was at home.

“I’m at the office” he answered.

“I thought you were going to rest”

“I needed the air, I needed to be engaged in something. Besides a client called me and I had to be here”

“Are you okay?’ I asked in concerned.

“I’ll will be fine” he answered,

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes”

“I’ll let the receptionist know” he answered then I hung up.

Bosco’s POV

I intended spending another day at home, hoping it will calm my hurt and anger. Then I got called up by a client who wanted to see me concerning a case.

I drove quickly to the office. I found out it wasn’t really my client that needed the help but it was his son rather.

“She wants to sue me to court, she said i r*ped her”

“Did you?” I asked him and he shook his head.

“I want you to answer truthfully. Did you r*pe her?”

“I swear to God I didn’t. I met her at a club in Lekki, I may have bragged about how rich I was and we went to bed together. She woke up and started crying that I r*ped her. She said she would sue me to court if I don’t pay her off and I know it would ruin my father’s political aspirations”

“What do you want?”

“I want her off my back. I know girls like this, you give them cash they come back for more. My friends suggested that I kill her but I don’t have that conscience. I want you to help shut her up. I’ve heard a great deal about you and Dad trusts that you can help get me out of this shit.”

“Can I get details about this girl?” I asked and he nodded.

Peter walked in afterwards, he had a file in his hands.

“I hope you have good news”

“Yes I do” he replied passing the file to me then he took his seat.

“You’re right not to trust the guy. He’s a fraudster or what we call Yahoo Yahoo”

“So he’s not an architect as he claims?” I opened the file coolval stories.

“He’s not, although he studied civil engineering in school but there’s no record that he has ever worked in any company.” he answered and I looked into the file.

“He’s been arrested twice.” He continued and I scoffed.

“Sommy is going to find this interesting” I guessed and he chuckled.

“How’s Mary?” Peter asked and I wondered why he did.

“She’s okay, I’m trying to pull strings to get her job”

“That sounds fine” he replied and Sommy walked in.

“Good afternoon Pete” she greeted and she looked at me.

“Good afternoon Dr. Sommy” Peter rose up,

“I better leave you two” he added leaving.

“I hope I didn’t interrupt” Sommy asked kissing me on the lip quickly then took her seat opposite me.

“No. You seem disturbed”

“I am. I have a lot in mind already.”

“I better save this then” I moved the file away and she grabbed it opening it.

“You had Emmanuel Apapa investigated?”

“Yes… Because I didn’t trust him, I knew it in my guts that he was a phony”

“I’ll add him to the list of people I thought I knew then” she answered busting into tears.

“Are you okay?” I asked and she nodded.

“I read the letters. I thought I knew dad until today.” She passed the letters to me to read.

“You can skip one and two to the fifth one” she sniffed and I opened the fifth letter and I read it.

I finally raised my head smiling at her.

“We have to work towards this real fast. I’ll talk to Barrister Paul, he should have the documents and all.

Congratulations dear”

“How am I going to…. I don’t know the first thing about owning a company. I don’t want to screw it up. Are people going to take me seriously?”

“I can teach you a thing or two” I answered and she chuckled.

At least I made her chuckle.

“I’m scared” she sighed in thought.

“People actually go to the therapy clinic because of you. You’re the organization’s selling point. You’re the best therapist I’ve ever met. Sommy you’re going to do great”

“Thanks but you’re saying that because you’re my boyfriend. It’s sweet anyways but…” she stalled.

“How are you dealing?” She asked, she had that look in her eyes. Should i ask or not?

“For the second time today, i’m fine. For now I’m going to win a few cases to get my mind off it.”

“Win a few case?” She asked,

“Now you’re bragging” she added and I laughed.

“Talking about winning cases? Can you believe SpongeBob SquareHead withdrew money from the hospital account without informing Amanda and when she called him he had the effrontery to tell her, he still owns the company. We need to deal with this ownership thing quickly.”

“Technically he still has the right, because you guys haven’t moved the case to us yet. I haven’t seen any paperwork since I asked for it. This all boils down to Amanda, if she wants this or not. If she does, by the time we’re done with him, he won’t get a Kobo from the hospital again.” I answered with so much certainty.

“Let’s talk this over lunch. I’m hungry, are you?” I asked and she agreed.

To be continued…


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