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Written By: Essien Eno

Brought to you by Omo Alhaja


I entered into the house slamming the door angrily. After another disappointment from him, the only thing I needed was a strong drink and s*x…. Well… Which was kind of impossible. I sat on the sofa then groaned in frustration.

“What’s up?” My big sister, Tasha asked reducing the volume on the T.V.

“I thought you would spend the night at John’s place”

“Abeg no just call him name”

“What happened? Are you fighting with him?”

“No, I just couldn’t stay over”

“Why?” She insisted and I busted into tears.

I have never told anyone about John’s inability to have s*x. I’ve always deemed it fit to keep it a secret so he won’t be mocked.

“John is impotent” I confessed to Tasha’s shock.

“Is there water in my ears or you just said…”

“I’m serious”

“Is he a one minute guy or two”

“He’s never had s*x, we’ve never” I continued. “He doesn’t get aroused”

“That’s not natural” Tasha opined and I agreed.

That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him but he won’t listen.”

“That kind of fine man with all those wealth. Na wa oh, what a waste!” She sympathised looking at me pitifully.

“Ehya Sha, even with no s*x at least there’s money involved na”

“Forget about the money! I’m frustrated and I want it so badly but I don’t want to cheat”

“There are other means sister you don’t need me to educate you”

“They don’t work!” I yelled. I knew exactly what she meant but I needed the real deal. I wanted him but It was impossible.

“I know one Babalawo (witch doctor) that can do the job” Tasha suggested and I shot a glare at her. I wondered how she knew such a place.

“If you can convince him”

“He’s a strong Catholic, he’ll never do it”

“Easy then! If he can’t do the job, get someone to do it for you” she advised and I shook my head. I couldn’t picture myself cheating on him. I just couldn’t.


Dysfunctional - S01

Dysfunctional - S01

6 days ago