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Bosco’s POV

Isabel tried calling me a few times but I didn’t pick up. She sent apologetic text messages. I thought of what the mother did and I realized she had no shame. I began to wonder why I never notice it.

I called Sommy after work to find out if she would like to spend the night over at my house and she agreed.

Immediately I got home, I requested to know what Kechi cooked.

“I did the cooking” Madam Jane answered and Kechi left.

“I made coconut rice, it’s Joseph’s favorite food. But if you don’t want it”

“I do. Thanks, I don’t want you stressing yourself out.”

“I barely do anything in this house”

“Sommy would be spending the night here, I just want to know if there’s enough coconut rice for”

“There is” she smiled.

“You didn’t sleep here last night. You were with her right?”

“Yes” I blushed bowing my head slightly.

“Thanks” I added then I left to take my bath.

I came out to the sitting room after a while then i heard her talking to Joseph.

“We met up after work today and we talked for a while.” Joseph explained,

“She suggested we see a movie but I didn’t have cash on me so she paid for it despite the fact I didn’t want her to but I bought the popcorn though with my transport money” he continued, Sommy laughed and I felt bad.

“For a minute, i regretted my modesty whenever Senior wants to give me money”

“How did you get home?”

“I wanted to trek but there was a miracle from God… There was this squeezed two hundred naira in my wallet. We kissed while saying our goodbyes.. she kissed me first though but…it was really great”

“I’m happy for you” Sommy responded and I walked in.

“Sommy I hope you like coconut rice” Madam Jane asked,

“I’ll eat anything prepared with rice” she answered and I saw her smile.

After dinner we entered the room. She told me she came with clothes she would wear to work the next day. She wanted to know where to put it.

She opened the wardrobe. Isabel’s clothes were still inside. I felt bad she had to see that.

“I’m sorry” I apologized,

“I’ll take them away tomorrow” i promised.

Then I thought of another thing I had to do.

I picked up one of my car keys raising It up at her.

“It’s yours”

“I told you already, I want my own car”

“Please don’t make me beg you…just take it”

“People would think I’m with you for the money”

“Please, i want you to have the car”

“The spoilt one shea?” She asked and I laughed.

“No” I answered and she collected it.

“There’s one tiny problem, I can’t drive well”

“Are you serious?” I agreed and she nodded.

“Before you mock me, I have my reasons”

“I wasn’t going to mock you”

I withheld my laughter and she tapped me playfully.

“What do you think about sending some money into Joseph’s account? He’s broke”

“He’s always declining”

“It’s only human for him to decline.”

“I’ll send it to him”

“Thanks” she answered kissing me on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting to do that all day.” She confessed,

“Me too” I added wrapping my hands around her waist.

“What do you say we try this s*x thing and see how it works out?” I asked and she bent down, the undo the rope in my pajamas with a wide grin on her face.

Sommy’s POV

I m*aned in pleasure as he went into me this time. I opened my eyes to see a grimace on his face.

I begged him not to pull out, then i held his hands.

“It’s okay, it’s going to be fine.”

“No” I heard him mutter,

“It’s okay to remember” I said to him and he pulled out laying in bed.

“I can’t” he answered,

“I saw myself… I was in a room with kids in the room, both girls and boys of different age and size they were all crying” he paused trying to catch his breath.

“I don’t want to remember Sommy. Please” he begged and we closed for the night.

James, Mary and her children arrived on Saturday. Bosco’s mom was present to support her son.

Joseph was so happy to see them. I felt satisfied just seeing Bosco so happy.

He was a nervous wreck and he relentlessly tried to satisfy them at every turn.

The weekend went by quicker than I expected. The new week was Filda’s wedding week.

“Bosco’s siblings came over during the weekends” I said to Filda,

“Sounds great” she checked her phone anxiously waiting for something.

“I told them that they could come for the wedding. Their first social gathering in Lagos.”

Mary seemed very much excited about it. Bosco had suggested I help get out with her hair and cloth shopping. She was supposed to meet with me. Bosco was supposed to drop her here. I called Juliet to help me out as a fashion designer and make up artiste.

“What’s going on Filda?”

“We didn’t pay earlier for the event center and now we’re just found out they’re rented it out to some other couple. I’m waiting for the event planner to call me and tell me the next line of action. Why does this have to happen on my wedding week?” She asked and I hugged her telling her everything would be fine.

I called Amanda to help me find out if there were any free space that someone could use for a wedding party. She promised to help me find out and maybe pull some strings.

I got a call from Bosco who informed me that he had just dropped Mary at the clinic.

“Have you seen any message on your phone?” He asked and I shook my head.


“I sent some money to your account. That should cover Mary and Veronica and you. I’ll shop for James and paul”

“I didn’t say anything about wanting clothes”

“Trust me, you do”

“Are you trying to say something to me?”

“I’m not trying to say you wear the same clothes all the time”

“Seriously?” I asked and he laughed.

“Have a nice day dear” he ended the call and I checked my phone to see how much he sent to my account.

“Jeez!” I covered my mouth in shock.

I heard a knock on the door my office then she walked in with a smile glued to her face.

“Senior said I should”

“I know” I said rising up from my chair then I picked up my bag and phone walking towards the door , then I dialed Juliet’s number.

“Why you dey do like this na”

“I dey road” Juliet answered and I raised my nose in disbelief.

“You said that twenty minutes ago”

“Well there was this gig I had that I had to go to. Ten minutes ago I was still making the lady up but I’m in the keke”

“You’ve not even seen Keke talkless, entering one” i locked the door with Mary behind me.

“How did you know”

“I’m an anger away from cursing you right now and you know that it would work” I snapped and she laughed.

“I’m looking for a taxi Sha but I’ll be there”

“I can’t wait, she’s here already. Meet us at the boutique”

“I love you” she answered ,

she knew I was angry and I hung up.

“Did you have breakfast before coming?” I asked,

“Yes I did”

“Well I didn’t. I’m so hungry, I can eat a house now” I continued and we walked out of the building then we took a keke down to the boutique.

Juliet came in shortly after we had started looking for clothes.

She looked at Mary in shock.

“This one na work oh,” She moved closer to Mary touching her hair.

“How much is he paying or are you the one going the favor?” Juliet whispered to me and I showed her the message alert on my phone.

“How much would you be paying me?”

“Pay ko, pay ni”

Bosco’s POV

I got back home in the evening, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I set my eyes on Mary. She looked younger and different. Her hair has been made already. She had a weavon on, her brows were finely trimmed and carved.

I couldn’t thank Sommy enough.

“Hello Amanda” I heard her pick up her phone while we discussed in the room.

“You’ve found a place? Thanks dear, you’re a life saver” she added she paused smiling at me.

“Okay dear, we’ll check out the venue tomorrow” she added then hung up.

“What was that about?” I asked and she laughed.

“Filda was having issues with her wedding reception center so I asked Amanda for a favor. You should have seen her today, she looked so nervous.” She explained laughing.

“I can’t wait to have you as a wife and wake up seeing you everyday of my life” I confessed holding her hands.

“That sounds like something that comes before a proposal. Where’s the ring?” She asked and I laughed.

“I’m sorry…it seemed like a good idea before we had sex. I kind of don’t want to raise your hope up” I sighed.

“I don’t understand”

“Incase you get tired of me”

“Shut up” she snapped,

“They all get tired and frustrated”

“I know” she held my chin up.

“They get frustrated and it’s understandable, it’s normal to get frustrated…. But none of them were psychologists” she paused with a faint smile.

“I promise not to leave you Bosco; I’m going to make you better. I swear to you.” She promised pressing a kiss on my lip.

Sommy’s POV

Filda was excited when I told her about the free space Amanda found for her; particularly because it was for free.

On the wedding Eve, we planned a little spinsters night at Filda’s family house, I took Mary along. Filda’s mom ruined our plans by sending everyone of us to the kitchen to start cooking for the guest that were just arriving that night and also in preparation for the following day.

We didn’t sleep till past two. There was no space to sleep so I squeezed myself in a corner.

I was woken up very early at six by an elderly woman. I was really tired. Filda’s mom was a typical example of an African mother. We once again entered into the kitchen. She didn’t even care that we were guests.

Juliet arrived early enough to do our make up. Filda seemed nervous. The church wedding began by nine and I saw Bosco come in late and I wondered why.

I saved a seat for him and he sat down.

“What happened?” I whispered,

“Work happened” he whispered.

I didn’t need to ask anymore questions.

I turned my back seeing someone that looked like Isabel during the pastor’s sermon. I looked again and I confirmed she was the one.

Bosco noticed then turned back too.

“What is she doing here?” He asked and I shrugged.

The wedding ended by some minutes before twelve. While others headed to the reception center, Filda pulled me close before leaving.

“I sighted Isabel, you should be careful” she whispered entering into a car with her husband.

I saw Peter at the party, he walked towards where Bosco and I were seated

“I hope you don’t mind me stealing your boyfriend?” He asked,

“As long as you’re not gay” I answered and He laughed.

Shortly after Isabel walked up to me with the long red glittery gown she wore.

“Hey, boyfriend thief” she began and I could smell the stench of beer from her mouth.

“Sorry dear, you got the wrong person” I said walking away from her.

“You know what I mean Sommy.. you know what I mean”

I paused then turned around facing her.

“I obviously didn’t steal your boyfriend, you lost him yourself”

“You took him away from me!” she busted into tears.

“You cheated”

“Do you think it’s easy to be with a guy that can’t satisfy you for a year and not cheat? I was willing to wait. I was willing to..” she sobbed.

“I love Bosco”

“I loved him too. I still do”

“It’s too late”

“How long till you break Sommy? This man cannot even give you kids. He can’t even give you sex”

“I’ll cure him”

“Till you do, I’ll be watching but how long will it take? Maybe five years or six. Imagine you would be so old without kids…How old are you now?”

“You were willing to get married to him, why?”

“Because I was foolish and the money which is another thing you’re also interested in”

I rolled my eyes. She was making me angry already.

“I’m not interested in his money” I snapped.

“Whatever you say, just know I warned you though. Stay away from him or suffer a life time of disappointment which is the only thing he has to offer” she warned and I slapped her on the face.

Just as she charged towards me, Bosco held her by the waist.

“Leave me alone!” She yelled and people started staring.

“Leave her alone and I swear to God I’ll show her some boxing skills.” I threatened and Bosco pulled her away.

Mrs. Ajayi and Mary moved close to me.

“What happened?” They both asked and I tightened my fist in anger.

As much as I tried not to think of what she said, I did. She was right, I thought of how long it might take to cure Bosco, especially when he doesn’t want to remember.

I couldn’t sleep at night. I turned severally, then I heard him place his hands on me.

“Are you okay?” He asked,

“Yes” I lied then I sat up.

“I’m not” I added and he sat upright too.

“Is this about what Isabel said?” He asked and I nodded.

“I don’t want to think of it but in some ways, she may be right”

“What did she say?”

“I want to have my kids someday with you. I love you Bosco but I seriously don’t have Isabel’s patience. I want you to get cured and I spoke to Mr. Lawrence indirectly about you and he thinks the only way out is for you to remember and get over what happened.”


“But you clearly don’t want to but I want you to. I know that it might be painful but I want you to get cured. As a psychogist, I feel paralyzed. I’m at a dead end.” I cried.

“I’ll do it” he answered and I almost smiled until he added.

“On one condition”

“What?” I asked curious,

“I’ll do it if only you read your father’s letters”

To be continued…


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