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Sommy’s POV

I didn’t pick up the call. I was too angry to. I took my bathe then I went to work. I had a session with Bosco by nine. Until then, I didn’t want to speak to him or see him.

I decided to check Isabel’s Facebook timeline if I would find congratulatory messages. She had already posted pictures of the ring and there were lots of responses from friends.

By the time I raised my head up, I realized that the bus driver had taken me past the therapy clinic.

I had to walk back to the clinic. I found Bosco by the door he was hitting his head on my office door. Filda wasn’t at her desk then I remembered she mentioned something about coming in late that day.

“Sommy” he called out to me softly and I stretched my hands at him,

“You’re in my way, I need to open up my door so I can go inside” I said and I saw him hesitate then he moved.

“You’re angry about something right?” he asked and I walked in.

“Is it something you heard from someone?”

“I guess congratulations are in order” I answered and he finally understood.

“I wanted to let you know personally”

“That what? You fooled me and chose her over me”

“That’s not even what happened”

“What happened then?”

“It was all a big mistake okay? Just let me explain. Please” he begged and I gave him two minutes.

“I wanted to break up with Isabel”

“You’re lying Bosco”

“I’m serious, I wanted to but she was sick and I didn’t want to break her heart”

“So it was convenient to propose to her”

“I bought the ring for you Sommy, it was all for you. The ring and the chocolate was for you. I wanted to break up with Isabel and then propose to you because I realized if there’s one woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, it would be you and not Isabel”

“How did this happen then?”

“She saw the ring and assumed it was hers. I couldn’t say anything, you could have seen the look on her face”

“Wait….” I stretched my fingers at him,

“Let me try to understand something. So it’s my ring she’s advertising on Facebook?” I asked and I saw him almost laughing.

“It not, it’s not funny” I snapped moving towards the blinds then I tightened my fist.

“Why didn’t you let her know it wasn’t hers” I turned to him,

“I didn’t want to break her heart”

“All her Facebook friends know already, do you know the damage this can cause to her social life?”

“I can’t marry Isabel. I just don’t see myself being happy with her”

This seemed like a good opportunity to tell him about what had happened but then I thought of Isabel and the humiliation she would face.

“Bosco there’s something you should know about Isabel” I paused then I saw the interest in his eyes

“What?” He asked,

“Would it be possible to sort this thing out?” I asked,

“Just sort this out please”

Isabel’s POV

Tasha admired the ring in my hands. I saw her touch it then she muttered a short prayer.

“I tap into this Grace”

“Why didn’t he buy it in my store nah?” Mum kept on complaining.

“Mom the proposal wasn’t supposed to come yet”

“That means he was having second thoughts nah. We better choose a date real quick before he changes his mind”

“We can’t impose this on him”

“Stay there make pants they wear you” Tasha snapped,

“Let’s seal the deal real quick oh”

Bosco’s POV

I blamed Alex for his promise ring idea. Because of it, I’m in a mess that could take a week or more to rectify. I had a horrible day at work. I couldn’t focus.

It started raining after I left the office. When I got home, I found Madam Jane sitting on the sofa, in the sitting room.

The t.v wasn’t on so I wondered what she was doing still up at that hour.

“Is Joseph not back?” I asked and she shook her head.

“He came back from work an hour earlier than you did”

“What are you doing here then”

“I was waiting for you” she replied in the ibibio dialect.

“Please sit” she added and I did.

I was a bit worried to what she might have in mind. I had just one guess, my proposal to Isabel.

I sat with her dropping my suitcase by the sofa and my car keys on the side table .

“Is everything okay?”

“I hope you have plans to move Joseph out of this place since you’re getting married to Isabel. I prefer Sommy a hundred times”

“You guys have to let me explain. The ring, It was all a mistake. I bought the ring for Sommy and Isabel saw it. Now i don’t know how to convince her that the ring isn’t hers. I don’t have any reasons to take it back. If I tell her she’s not the owner of the ring, she might accuse me of cheating”

“Not when she’s also cheating on you”

“What!” I exclaimed rising from the sofa.

“That’s impossible”

“How do you explain the fact she got pregnant even when she hasn’t had sex with you before?” She snapped and I wondered how she knew.

“I told Sommy about it yesterday, I thought she would tell you but since she doesn’t want to. I have to end this madness. Getting married to Isabel is suicidal! You’ll never be happy. She’ll never accept you for who you are or your siblings. Just one oh, and she’s complaining. When you bring the rest, what would she do?”

“How did you find out about…” I stalled.

“I eavesdropped on her conversation with her sister. She must have aborted it already”

“I have to see Isabel”

“It’s raining”

“I have to get my ring back. Isabel doesn’t deserve to wear it” I snapped picking up my car keys then i zoomed off.

I banged on Isabel’s door and Tasha opened it.

“Hello brother-in-law”

“I want to see Isabel” I requested barging in.

“Take it easy na, it’s not as if she’s running away”

“Isabel!” Tasha called out,

“Isabel” she continued then walked in to call her.

Soon after, she came out with Isabel who was dresses in a purple night gown.

“Can I speak to you alone?” I requested and she turned over at Tasha who proved adamant.

“Can you please in the name of God leave Isabel and I alone to talk” I added,

“Tasha please” Isabel begged.

“Why is he acting as if he just saw a ghost?” she asked then I saw her roll her eyes then walked out.

“Were you pregnant yes or no?” I threw at her and she opened her mouth in shock.

“Where.. where did you get that from? That’s ridiculous”

“Be truthful Isabel”

“Bosco you know very well that we’ve never had sex”

“Be truthful Isabel!” I shouted then I saw her move back in fear.

“I already had it ab*rted. Bosco it doesn’t matter any longer. We can put that in the past”

“How long have you been cheating?”

“Since the day I left your room angrily. Bosco you can’t blame me okay? I was really in need and I needed you but then Tasha suggested that I…” She paused in tears.

“It’s over” i declared, and I saw her go on her knees.

“Please forgive me, please” she begged holding my legs.

Isabel’s mom walked in with Tasha,

“Izy, what’s going on here?” She asked,

“Bosco just broke up with me”

“Bosco? Omo mi (my child) God will not bring shame to you. Please don’t bring shame to us.”

“Ma it’s over.”

“Couples fight and reconcile”

“Isabel cheated”

“This is something we can discuss amongst ourselves. Family to family”

“It’s over already” i answered firmly.

I saw her also kneel.

“In the name of God, please, don’t put me in trouble. Bosco do you know the debt that I’m owing?” She asked and Isabel batted her eyes at her.

“Mom have you no shame?” She asked and I shook my head.

I didn’t want the ring any more. I just needed to get the hell out of that house.

“At least give me the hundred thousand naira you promised me” I heard her mom say as I opened the door.

“I don’t even know what brought me to this Godforsaken family. By the way, the ring and chocolate wasn’t meant for you. It was Sommy’s; i was going to break up with you then choose her. She’s hundred times better than you are” i added storming out of the house.

My next destination was Sommy’s house. She wasn’t picking my calls but I had hope that she would be at her house.


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