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We arrived the location without any further disturbance.

Delivered the goods, and sold the car off before we left.

The next day by noon was when we returned. We booked another hotel in a different location . I was trying to catch a long beauty sleep when Sly opened the door and walked in.

“hey! how did you get in?”. I asked.

‘You left the d--n door open”. Sly said and tossed me something in a black nylon.

I caught it and it felt heavy. I was still wondering what it was when Sly said.

“That’s yours. We are going to the west next; you will love it there”.

I watched him leave before opening the bag. It was in hundred bills; i counted it, it was 120,000. I checked it in my currency back at home, and it amount to 36 million. That was more than i ever dreamed of having. I couldn’t contain the joy in my tummy. I danced and rolled on the bed.

The evening of that day, I called the mystery lady because i was unsure when we were going to leave. She was pleased to hear from me, and she immediately told me where to find her. I took a handful of cash and stocked my pocket with it before heading out.

The cab stopped under the yellow street light. The street was deserted with dirt flying with the wind. I searched for the number given to me by the mystery lady and located the a door among the parallel houses arranged accordingly with same architectural structure.

I was about knocking when the door swung open and the Mystery lady stood at the door way smiling at me.

“come in will you?”. She said and went into the house.

I consciously followed her into the small apartment with dim blue light and bead curtains on every passage. She led me to a small room with a calabash that fire burning inside standing on the center table. I could count at least 5 different cats hovering around. I looked around the strange room, the walls were covered in mystical drawings and the strangest statues lying on every stand. Two armchairs facing each other and a mat on the middle between the chairs. She sat on one and pointed me to the other to me in front of her.

“Sandra has been disturbing me about you”. she said as i settled in. “She always visit and wanted to talk with you”.

I looked at her in disbelief. How did she know stuff like that?

“She’s here with us and she want to speak with you”. The mystery lady said.

“I am all ears, let her speak”. I said, unsure if i was really ready.

The Lady looked beside me as though someone was sitting by my side and said.

“You suspect Ruth because of the argument we had at your place. Remember i threatened never to see you again, but i never stopped fighting to get your baby back for you”. The lady said looking at same position.

”My baby?”. i asked, trying to understand what the mystery lady was getting at.

“Your baby with Amaka, she found out and came after me herself”. The mystery lady said.

“Amaka came after you?”. I asked looking into the thin air beside me.

“She ran away after that”. The lady said, looked at me and continued. “I love you Mike, Please ensure she doesn’t go unpunished. My soul is restless, My spirit is in pain. Avenge me Mike, Please!”.

I dropped on my knees and broke down in tears. The lady came to me, touched my back and said.

“She’s gone, She really loves you, even in death she still can’t stand your tears”.

“do you have an idea where Amaka is?”. i asked the lady.

“she never said”. The lady replied. “let’s wait to see if she’d return”.

I sat back and dozed off to be awaken by the rays of the morning sun. The mystery lady was nowhere in the house save for her cats that looked at me strangely. I checked the time by my wrist and it was 7 am. i quickly dialed Jaz’s number but no response after ringing four times. I tried Sly’s on my way out and he answered immediately.

“Yes, what’s it?”.

“are you guys going?”. I asked as i waited for a cab.

“Going where?”. Sly asked in a sleepy tone.

”west”. I said.

“Get out of here”. Sly said and hung up.

I returned to the hotel, had my shower and went to the bar to order for a bottle of scotch. Took it to my room to knock the sadness out of my mind.

I couldn’t digest the news of Amaka killing Sandra. I know the ruthless part of her but never imagined her to going that far to kill. I took out a stick from the box of cigarette, lit it and drew in a large smoke. My phone rang and i answered it without checking who was calling.

“Come to the car park”. Sly said and hung up.

I never wanted to go anywhere, but i had to answer. So i sluggishly stood up, wore a T shirt and met Sly waiting for me. He started towards the gate when he saw me coming, i had to hurry up to him.

‘Bro. What’s going on?”. I asked.

“Jaz is not picking his phone. I think he is in trouble”. Sly said looking out for a taxi.

“where are we to look for him?”. I asked.

‘Jaz knows nowhere, save for one”. Sly replied.

We stopped a taxi and headed to the club without name. When the taxi stopped at the gate, Sly showed the Security men the card from our previous visit and they opened the gate for us.

We wen’t in after paying.

“Keep your eyes open for him”. Sly said.

It was 10 am and the place was on fire. People were dancing their lives out. I suspect they must have slept there.

We moved through the crowed to the upper part of the club and we went towards the direction Jaz took. Some of the rooms where transparent; BDSM was going down in few. Someone tied to a chair, bed, upside down suspended to the roof , while the ladies did stuff to them; vise versa.

I looked pass them searching each rooms, seeing all kinds of sex interest. Until i found Jaz sleeping Unclad with five girls lying on his massive body. I went to him and shook him hard, he was as wasted as a dead man. Soon, Sly joined me. We tried to wake him together but he was still the same. Even the ladies laid wasted like dead bodies.

‘Are they dead?”. I asked.

Sly placed is face on Jaz’s nose and said to me.

‘He’s breathing. Probably had too much”.

“what do we do?”. I asked.

Sly ignored me and checked on the ladies one after the other; then stopped on one, looked at me with fear in his eyes.

‘what is it?”. I asked.

“this one is dead, we have to get him out of here”. Sly said trying to pull the ladies off him.

I went to get water and poured on Jaz’s face. He opened his eyes and slept again.

‘this is serious!”. I said.

“Will you stop yapping and help me out here?”. Sly said, trying to put Jaz on sitting position.

We struggled to put his clothes on but he gave us problem carrying him out of the room. I and Sly gave in our best but his weight was massive. We opened the door and dragged him through the crowed, ignoring the eyes of people. We took him through the stairs to the exit and to where the taxi was packed.

”open the d--n door!”. Sly yelled at the driver.

The driver hurriedly opened the back door and we hauled him in. We left the premises knowing that we were seen by people and caught on CCTV.

We remained in the car waiting for Jaz’s recovery. Sly refused to go to the hotel with him still unconscious due to questions that may attract the attention of the police.

Five hours later, after waiting impatiently in the car, Jaz started vomiting, after that, he opened his eyes and looked around confused.

“where am i?”.

Sly ignored him and said to the driver.

‘Take us to our hotel”. Then he turned to i and Jaz. “we leave first in the morning, do you get?”.

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