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First thing the next day we left for the west. Within 14 hours we arrived. It was a more developed country compared to where am coming from.

The airport driver drove us to our house, a very large compound with swimming pool. The buildings were six different bungalows arranged in three’s facing each other. Trees and flowers were visible on different sides, giving the place cool and beautiful appearance.

Sly pointed one of the houses to me.

“That’s yours, You may chose to stay or rent another, your choice”. he said.

I looked at the building that was meant to be mine, it was so beautiful and the swimming pool in-between the houses. I didn’t know when i walked to the entrance door and turned the door knob, but it was locked.

“The key is with the guy next door”. Sly said.

‘A member?”. I asked.

“No, we are the only ones”. Sly replied.

I went to the next door and pushed the bell four times, before someone opened the curtain and asked.

“who’s that?”.

“It’s your neighbor”. I replied.

I waited for the person to open the door, and when the door finally opened; a beautiful white girl with a long blond, marvelous hip and blue eyes stepped out in just a short milky gown.

”hi”. she said, looking suspiciously at me.

‘Yes, am your new neighbor”. I said, trying not to the look at her full boobs shooting from her gown and full white legs.

She looked behind me, and when she saw Jaz unpacking she smiled and shouted Jaz’s name happily. Jaz turned, waved at her and returned abruptly to what he was doing. She felt slightly embarrassed but focused her attention on me instead.

“what can i help you with?”.

“the keys please”. I said, finding it difficult to look her in the face because of her beauty.

She went in and returned with the key. Before she handed it over she smiled and said,

“my name is Kisha”.

“I am Mi…Frozen”. I said, collecting the key from her.

” a strange name, isn’t it?”. She said smiling.

“I think” I replied with a smile.

I took the key and happily went to open my door and was about going in when i saw Sly entering the car. I went to him and asked.


“Going to see my folks”. Sly replied.

“He’s a married man”. Jaz mocked, taking his things into the house opposite mine.

“See you guys tomorrow”. Sly said and closed the car door.

Inside the house was neatly furnished. I went into the three rooms and to the sitting room. Went behind the house to the garage, and to the swimming pool. I had some cash and more anticipated. The gold i collected from Sly, am yet to know it’s worth, but i know it will speak money.

“Hello”. An elderly white man greeted.

i returned the greeting and he walked towards me.

“who are you?”. He asked, screening my personality with his eyes.

“Am the new guy”. I answered.

“Oh”. He said, still assessing me.

”i am Mi… frozen”. I said extending a handshake.

He looked at my hand and then my face before receiving my handshake.

“nice meeting you Mike”. The man said and returned before i could correct him.

I ignored the mistake and headed inside the house. I sat on one of the chairs in the sitting room admiring the wall paper when my door bell rang.

“who’s that?”. I asked, standing to attend to it.

“It’s i, come out boy, lets go have fun”. Jaz said.

I opened the door and was going to tell him that we should leave it till the next day, but he pulled my hand towards his Honda Jeep.

” My door”. I said.

“No one steals hear boy”. Jaz replied entering the car.

i quickly ran to lock up the door before i joined him. He drove off speedily to a casino some distance away. While we were on our way, he kept talking about the fun at the club with no name, how he cant compare it with any other place.

We packed at the packing lot, and strolled to the casino. The security saw Jaz approaching and gave way for us to go in. The place was crowded with people and different game of interest. Jaz moved to a counter and ordered for chips of 500 bucks.

”Do you want to play?”. Jaz asked excitedly.

“no, i don’t gamble”. I said.

“you’re so boring!”. He replied and and collected his chips from the attendant.

Jaz went to the Roulette section and joined the group of lousy men and women who were screaming at the top of their voices, while i looked around for something of interest. I found a white adolescent looking nervously around in front of a slot machine. I went to him and he was startled to see me.

“what are you doing?”. I asked.

The boy looked at me and asked.

“who are you?”.

“Am Frozen”. I replied.

He was shocked to hear the name, and said after he was relaxed with me.

“i want to make some money”. The boy said smiling.

“How?”. I asked.

“Just watch”. the boy said.

“I was going to say something, and all of a sudden the machine read ‘JACKPOT’ coins started pouring out. The boy packed it and said to me.

“we can share it. but after we use another machine”.

I really wasn’t interested in his offer, i was interested in what he is doing. So i followed him to another machine and he began what he was doing.

He played again, and it was Jackpot. I was really impressed.

“why were you nervous? i thought you were doing something bad?”. i asked.

The boy suddenly stopped, looking behind me, and said to me hastily as he walked away.

“I am coming sir”.

I was still trying to understand him when two security men pointed towards my direction. The boy saw them and ran away. I was going to walk slowly away but two heavily built guys came to me and held me on both hands.

‘what’s it?”. I asked trying to break free.

“follow us!”. They commanded.

I silently followed them to an inner security where everything was seen in a modified CCTV monitor.

An elegantly dressed man turned towards me and said.

‘where is your partner?”.

“which partner?”. I asked.

The man pointed the monitor to me, and i saw myself discussing with the boy as he did what he was doing. The man looked up at me and said.

‘he has stolen 2 thousand worth of coin. And this is not his first time. You either provide him or get arrested”.

I thought of the mess of going to the police station, and i was certain these men wont reason further if i denied knowing the boy. So i suggested to pay what he had stolen, but the man refused, insisting i provide the boy.

I was still trying to reason with the man, when he started calling the cops on me. I looked at the two guys beside me and knew i had to escape. Impulsively, i punched the one on my left on the face and headed for the door. I heard them shouting, “get him!”.

I ran towards the main casino hall and pulled Jaz’s shirt.

“lets get out!”. I said and continued running towards the exit.

“stop him! stop him!”. A voice shouted from behind.

A hand grabbed my shirt and pulled me back. I was going to react but Jaz sent a strong blow on the persons neck that left him unconscious. Giving me the leverage to continue my escape.

The exit was shut towards me and the cops were already packed outside with their sirens ringing. I turned to search for Jaz, He just shook his head and motioned for me to calm down. Two guys were rushing towards me and with the side of my eyes, i spotted the boy beckoning me over. I ran towards his direction throwing things behind me to delay my pursuers.

The boy took a bend leading to a narrow window that was open and jumped through it effortlessly after throwing his bag first. I followed his move and ended up in a refuse dump. Before i could realize where i was, the boy had ran away, i jumped down and ran after him.

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