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“open the trunk for the good officer”. Sly said to me.

I looked at him squarely to ensure he knows what he’s saying, he nodded and repeated himself. So with my heart beating, i alighted, trusting that Sly had a plan. I was about opening the trunk when Jaz did the honors.

The rectangular boxes where stacked orderly to fit the space in the trunk. The officer examined the boxes one after the other and asked us to open one. Jaz took one from the top and opened it, even i was mesmerized at the candy taken the place of the stuff i saw earlier.

The officer took one out of the box and looked at us.

“what are these candies for?”.

“motherless children”. Jaz replied.

“these much?”. The officer asked.

“Yes, that much”. Jaz replied.

“that’s a whole lot of candy for some lucky children”. The officer said perusing at the boxes. Then he turned to Jaz with a smile and asked “can i take one?”.

“oh please, take the whole box, for you, your friends over there and your kids”. Jaz answered.

The officer was so happy, that he asked us to leave.

“How did we have candy in there?”. I asked as we drove off.

“You need to learn to open your eyes boy, else, in this job you won’t last”. Sly said.

We drove in silence for an hour. Then Jaz whom i thought was sleeping turned behind him and said.

“That blue sedan has been following us”.

I looked from my side mirror and found the car maintaining a safe distance behind us.

“Frozen, how come you didn’t see that?”. Sly asked.

I really didn’t have an answer for the question, so kept quiet.

“Slow down, lets see what he’s up to”. Jaz said.

I gently released my leg from the throttle and watched as the car approached us. We were all tensed at this time, not knowing what to expect.

The car gently drove pass and i found an old man and his wife alone in the car.

“That would have been anything”. Sly said.

I increased my speed and drove for an hour before we stopped at a gas station for a refill. While we were on it, two cars, an Audi and Volkswagen playing loud rock music drove in raising dust. When they packed, two alighted each from both cars looking at me with cigarette smoke puffing out from their mouths. They were all youth in their early twenties, and dangerously looking. Everyone outside ran inside and others drove off when they saw the boys.

One of them came to me and said.

“nice car”. looking at our car.

Sly was standing at the other side of the car, and Jaz had strolled to take a leak. I was the one with the hose.

The boy held the hose i was using, looking at me ominously. I held the hose still and returned his stare. The other three came closer slowly. Sly who had been watching in silence, slowly walked over and asked.

“what’s the problem boys?”.

The boy turned away from me to Sly and said.

”have you paid the ground money on which she are, and the air money you breathe?”.

S ly smiled, folded his hands and asked gently.

“who are we to pay to?”.

“This kind of car is only owned by corrupt men, and we hate them so much. The rich think they can just show off after extorting from the poor’. The boy said.

”And what are you doing? isn’t this a corruption?”. I asked.

“There’s no need for talk, you owe us for the ground and air you breathe”. The boy said dragged the hose off me.

I was so angry, but did nothing.Sly walked to the boy and said.

“Get out of here or get hurt”.

The boy took out a knife from his back pocket and pointed at Sly’s face. Sly grabbed the boys hand and squeezed it hard, looking at the boys face as he groaned in agony bending a his knee. His boys ran to their cars and returned with battle axe’s , knives and four other guys in the car joined them.

“Now listen. We kill people for a living, better get out or be dead”. Sly said still holding the boys hand.

Jaz walked to me and asked.

‘what’s going on here?”

“these boys are in for trouble”. I said to him.

He pulled the boy from Sly and grabbed on the neck facing his team, while the boy struggled in vain to remove Jaz’s hand.

‘Now look here. I will kill all of you here within one minute, get out now or experience it’. Jaz yelled angrily.

The boys got intimidated by his size, but were still adamant. The started cycling us in preparation for a fight. Jaz threw the boy with ease towards the car and the boy slammed his head hard on the car door and he fainted. Jaz turned to me and said.

‘let’s get out of here”.

I turned to the car and was expecting them to attack, but they were still contemplating on who to go first. We all entered and drove off.

We took the desert to avoid the boarder. We had gone some hours in the desert when i spotted some officials with guns standing on different locations. I turned to Jaz and asked.

‘I thought we can avoid this by passing here?”

‘That’s why he gave you this jeep”. Jaz replied.

”Don’t stop, keeping going”. Sly said.

I pressed the throttle down and the car screamed as it raced ahead. The officers used a megaphone to try to stop us. But i continued , soon they opened fire, we all bent over but i kept driving. We passed them and kept going.

“I love this car!”. Jaz screamed laughing.

When i looked up at the rear mirror, i found two police vans behind.

“They are on our tail!”. I yelled in alarm.

“Keep going! keep going!”. Jaz screamed.

‘I think you should swap. Jaz take the steering”. Sly said.

“No, he can do it”. Jaz said to Sly and turned to me. “Beat this guys boy!”.

I on 180 and climbing on the desert. The van was now very close. The desert sand didn’t give me the leverage to do what i wanted. Luckily for me, i found a tiled road on my left and was heading there.

‘No! Maintain the desert, that road leads no where!”. Jaz said.

So i kept driving. The van ran into us and shook my hand, the car almost went off direction but i managed to control it. One of the vans ran to our side and hit me hard, i turned the steering to him and hit him too. The other van ran into me again hard the steering took my hand to the left and the other hit me hard on the right, I managed to steady my hand again.

“Jaz take the steering!”. Sly shouted.

I then moved for Jaz to take over still holding the steering. Jaz was still settling in when a hit came from behind, Jaz hit his head hard on the steering, while i fell hitting my head on the dashboard.

“I will teach you guys a lesson!”. Jaz said between his teeth.

He turned the steering 360 degrees and the car almost rolled over; two tires went up but was steadied on time. We were now behind the police van. He quickly ran into one of the vans hard that it rolled over. There was a rock ahead of us, Jaz started driving towards it. The other van chased us fiercely from behind, and when it tried to run into us, Jaz dodged on time slowing down so that the van would go in front, and turned the steering towards the van hitting it so hard towards the rock we almost jumped out through the windscreen , crashing the van on the rock. Then reversed quickly and drove off.

”That’s called car fight”. Sly said touching me on the shoulder from the back seat.

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