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I decided to personally go on a three day dry

fasting and praying before going to propose to her.

I was determined to posses my possession.

The first day, I prayed.

“I must possess what belong to me. Father, give

me this Canaan Land. It belongs to me and no man

can take it away from me”

I passionately prayed that night.

I slept.

I had a dream. In the dream, I saw that same man

I’ve always seen. I was praying in the dream. I saw

as he walked and passed me shaking his head in a

negative and pitiable manner at me. I was

surprised. He just looked at me and left without

saying anything, still shaking his head.

I woke up, but didn’t understand what the dream


The second day, I prayed even more fervently,

though physically very weak.

“That which is mine is mine. I claim it by fire. I

resist every rival and competitor. I stand my

ground. I crush every Egyptian Army trying to hinder

me. I command every red Sea on my way to divide

right now. I will walk on dry ground. This Canaan

Land is mine in the name of Jesus” I prayed.

That night, I had the same dream. He was just

looking at me and shaking his head in pity.

I woke up again. This time I prayed for the meaning

of the dream, but no answer.

The third day, I was terribly weak, but I still won’t

give up. I prayed again and again and again and


The dream was still the same.

I got fed up. The next day, I broke the fast and

determine to go ahead and propose to Esther, no

matter what.

So, the day came. Bro. James was with me at

home. He saw the way I was dressing up. I

selected my best shoe and suit outfit. I made sure I

appear “take away”.

“Ehm…..GC, do you have a ministerial

appointment?” Bro James asked me.

“Yes…..this appointment is more than anyone I

have ever gone to” I said. “Please, help me check

my tie, hope it’s properly set?” I asked him as I

tried to adjust the tie well.

“So, GC, where are you going? I can follow you

there, at least to help you” He said.

“You may not bother. I’ll tell you when I get back” I

said as I pick up my Bible and head down the road

leading to sister Esther’s house.


Sister Esther was at home when I came.

She was surprised to see me. I have never visited

any sister alone before. That day was my first. I

was desperate.

“Ha…..GC… my house?” She exclaimed and

quickly rushed to get me a chair to sit outside. She

sat on another chair opposite me.

“Good afternoon, my sister. How are you doing

today?” I greeted her with a ministerial smile.

“I’m fine, sir. It’s a surprise seeing you here. You’ve

never visited me before. Anyway, how’s everything?

Studies and the Ministry?” She said.

I was feeling really happy at her welcoming attitude.

“Would you like something to drink?” She asked


“No….you don’t need to bother yourself, my sister” I

said with a broad and confident smile.

“So, what brought you here” she said politely.

“Actually…….ehm…” I cleared my throat.

“Let us pray” I said.

She went inside to get her scarf.

“Father, whatever we are going to discuss, let your

Spirit guide every statement”

She said “Amen”

“Let your power control this atmosphere right now”

“Holy Ghost, charge everywhere up right now” I kept

on praying.

She said “Amen”

“And I command by the power of God, that every

forces of darkness that want to mitigate or militate

or orchestrate any distraction, be crushed in the

name of Jesus” I almost spoke in tongues, but I

cautioned myself that it’s not a prayer meeting


“Amen” she shouted

“Give me Divine utterance….Father, Spiritual

wisdom that cannot be resisted, so I can freely

communicate this wonderful revelation to your

daughter. In Jesus mighty name I have prayed”

“Amen” she said.

“My sister, I have been praying” I started. “And the

Lord has been speaking to me with various

revelations, inspirations and confirmations” I said.

She was very attentive.

“I need a prayer partner” I said

“What about bro. Paul? That brother can pray ooo.

Hmmmmm, I believe he can be of great help to

you” she said.

The way she said it made me afraid.

“Has she accepted bro. Paul’s proposal?” I said

inside me.

“Notwithstanding, let me keep shooting my arrows.

It may touch her heart and make her change her

mind even if she has said “Yes” to him” I said

within me and continued.

“Hmmmmmmm….I need one who will join me to

win souls for God” I continued.

“Bro. Caleb can assist you in that area. He’s very

zealous when it comes to soul winning” she said.

“Chai…! This sister…hope she didn’t accept bro.

Caleb’s proposal? I must possess my possession

today” I told myself.

“I need one who will help me to bear my burden” I

said aloud.

“Jesus Christ is our burden bearer. You can always

carry all your burdens to Him. I know the Ministry

work has not been easy, coupled with the fact that

you are in your final year. I believe the Lord will

help you, sir” she said to me.

“This sister is not understanding my spiritual codes.

Is she not supposed to at least discern what I’m

trying to say? What do I do now? How do I put this

proposal?” I was deep in thought, when her voice

jolted me back to reality.

“GC…. hope all is well? You’re not saying anything”

“Hmmmmmmm…. sister Esther, let me just be

plain, I came here to ask if you…..ehm….” I couldn’t find the strength to say it out as I

scratched my head.

“Ehm…..what I want to say is….ehm.. will

you….ehm…. Will you marry me” I eventually spoke


She kept quiet for sometime, then looked at me.

“GC…..NO!” She stood up and went inside leaving

me alone outside.

I have been hearing of heart break before, now I

know what it truly means, because I just experience

one. My heart was not only broken, my confidence

and hope was shattered.

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