The Will Of God

2 weeks ago


I was in my office, when a man I’ve never seen before walked in. He had a list of paper which had something written on it.

He dropped the list on my table and left without saying a word.

I quickly took the list. On it was the heading “MARRIAGE LIST”.

It had all the names of the 7 sisters I had earlier mentioned while praying. All their names were marked with a red ink.

I woke up..

“But…..Lord, who then is she?” I asked as I stirred into the empty room, but got no answer.

My name is BRO. David Ogochukwu, a 400L final year student of the department of Biochemistry under the Faculty of Life Sciences in one of the Universities located in Southern Nigeria.

The Will Of God - S01

The Will Of God - S01

2 weeks ago