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I sat down for some minutes. Then I stood up. I

thought she would come out, but she didn’t.

“She said ‘NO’…” I said to myself as I was leaving.

I looked back, then went forward. I even forgot my

Bible on the chair.

“She said ‘NO’….” I kept speaking to myself. I

almost cried, but I tried to calm down.

I went outside the gate. It was as if I had lost my


“She said ‘NO’…” I said again while walking into the

school compound. I was almost hit by a car as I

tried to cross the road. I narrowly escape that


It seems I heard someone called my name as I

walked to where I used to pray at a place where

there were trees. I didn’t bother to know who he/

she was.

I sat down on the ground with my suit. I didn’t

remove my shoes.

“She said ‘NO’….” I said as tears came out out of

my eyes.

“After 3 days dry fasting. After all the prayers and

groaning, she said ‘NO’…. Ah…God…” I shouted as

I cried.

I didn’t really know what happened next, but I felt

my body on the ground, that was all I could


I saw that man I’ve always seen. He saw beside me

at the orchard

*”Impatience is a deadly disease that can cut short

God’s purpose for a man’s life”* he said to me.

I felt really guilty immediately about my action as I

bowed my head in shame.

“When God reveals a man’s glorious destiny to him

either by similitude of a thing or in the reality of His

Word, it is very important for that man to pray,

prepare and wait until the time appointed for it to

manifest. In this, you have done very foolishly” he

said with a frown.

“I am sorry… please, have mercy. I allow fear and

faithlessness to overwhelm me concerning this

sister. I was thinking she’ll accept the proposal of

bro. Paul before I’m permitted to propose” I said as

tears flowed down my eyes.

“When God has revealed a thing to you, He expect

you to patiently prepare, pray and wait for it to

mature. Remember, Joseph. He was 17 years of

age when he had the vision of his greatness. It took

13yrs for that vision to fully manifest. Even when he

helped the butler with the interpretation of his

dream, the butler forgot him, because, according to

Divine Timing, Joseph’s destiny was not due for

manifestation. When it was time, no power could

stop him from rising” the man said as I listened


“Now let me tell you something you don’t know

about Esther Michael. This my daughter has

received different proposals from different men,

both before she came to this school and while she

was in this school. Her beauty is what these people

are running after. In fact, your going to propose to

her makes you the number 20th person who has

attempted to propose but had failed” the man said.

I shouted as I held my head with my hands

“what….! I am sorry, please, have mercy upon me. I

got overwhelmed by my own fears and impatience”

“God has given her to you, but you may still have to

wait a little longer for the manifestation of the

promise. But, for your punishment, give me your

suit.” the man said and before I could say anything,

he pulled the suit from me.

“I will hold on to this for one month, afterwards I

will give it back to you” he said and left me.

“Ah… please, I’m sorry….have mercy on me…I

won’t do it again…” I pleaded with him, but he left

without looking back.

I understood what he meant when he took my suit

from me. I would be off the service of the Ministry

for one month. I cried.

When I opened my eyes, I saw myself at the

Students’ Health Centre with drips. A doctor was

trying to check my blood pressure.

Bro. James, sister Blessing, sister Faithfulness and

pastor Alex were all around.

“What happened? Why am I here?” I asked,

surprised how I got to the hospital.

“We saw you heading to the orchard. I called you,

but you didn’t answer. By the time we got to the

place, you were on the floor like a dead man. So,

we have to rush you quickly here. I called pastor

immediately and informed him about your been in

the hospital” bro. James said.

I saw my Pastor trying to sort things out with the

doctor, while sister Faithfulness sat by me. She

was looking at me suspiciously.

“It seems she knew what happened” I said within


“But GC, what happened?” Sister Blessing said. She

was almost crying.

“It is well” I said.

I was discharged the next day.

In the evening of the day I was discharged, bro.

James brought a bag containing food to me. He

said he saw it in my office with the tag “For My GC”.

When I opened the food flask, I saw a paper carefully tucked into it.

It was a letter.

What’s the content of the letter?

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