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“who are you please?”. i asked gently.

The lady stroked my hair and kissed my forehead. Then handed me a business card with ‘Atiya mystical” written on it.

“call me”. she said, smiled and walked away.

I returned to where my colleagues were and met only the driver sleeping with his mouth opened and saliva dripping from a side. I didn’t bother to wake him up. I kept looking at the red card with just a name and phone number, wondering how she happened to know my name.

I spotted the left over of the weed i had earlier and began from where i stopped then i was reminded again how strong it was as the factory sound started ringing in my head after two drags. I gently dropped it it on the ash tray and waited for the noise to subside. And it subsided after 30 minutes of fighting with my thoughts and hallucinations.

Sly walked suddenly came from towards the direction Jaz headed and sat silently beside me. I wondered if he had spent some time with a girl since i left, but he wasn’t in the right mood for a conversation judging by the serious look on his face as he continued with his glass of whisky. I decided to let him be and poured myself some drinks.

The place was still ignited as i we first met it, it even got more better by the hour. i dozed off and was awaken by Sly.

“Is this 6 am?”. He asked , looking at his watch.

I wiped my face and looked at the place that was steaming with activities. And i checked my watch and saw 6 o’clock.

“It may be six in the evening”. I said wiping my face.

”No, it’s not. I think it’s morning. Lets go get Jaz”. Sly said standing up.

I watched him disappear towards the direction Jaz went. Then turned to locate the driver that was sleeping by my left earlier, to meet his absence. I looked around in search for him but couldn’t find him in the now crowded place.

Soon Sly was spotted approaching with Jaz dragging his feet behind him. Jaz’s big stature was so easily noticed as he seemed to be the only one of his size.

‘get your stuff let’s get going”. Sly said as he picked up his pack of cigarette from the table.

We all went down to the main hall and found the driver dancing amidst two ladies. Sly pulled him by the shirt as he walked outside.

When we got outside, it was already morning and it seemed like the peak of the day in the club house. We located the car Sly flared-up angrily at Jaz the moment the driver was about opening his side of the car.

“What is wrong with you! how could you not have known your phone was ringing?”.

Jaz kept scratching his head and stretching his body without saying a word or looking at Sly. I was moved to ask.

“what’s going on?”.

Sly hesitated and then said angrily.

“can you imagine a delivery we were to make last night, the client kept calling up till this morning and he was sleeping with five women!”.

”Hey! don’t yell at me! it’s my fault okay? can’t somebody have a little fun?”. Jaz retored.

Sly went so ballistic that he punched the bonnet of the car severally until he made holes on it. Then he turned to Jaz ignoring the drivers stare at the damage he had done to the car.

“Now look here! i have tolerated to your insolence enough! one ill-mannered word from that hole on your face i will put aside my garment of pride and pull you down your high horses!”. Sly yelled angrily.

I have never seen him in that shape before. He was vibrating in anger and his eyes were somehow narrow in a blood stained vicious look. I wondered if he was even close to a match for Jaz which i have seen in action.

Jaz did nothing, but opened the back seat door and entered the car peacefully like no one had said anything earlier. We all joined in and the driver took us to the direction given by Sly.

We alighted and the driver brought out his head from the side glass and asked.

“who’s going to pay me?”.

‘go and collect your balance from the security man i paid at the club with no name”. Jaz said as he walked away.

The driver got of his car and rushed in front of Jaz who looked at him with surprised expression.

“Hey man, you have to pay me, that’s what we agreed on!”. The driver said avoiding Jaz’s ominous yes.

”Do you want to die?”. Jaz asked in a cold mean voice.

The driver suddenly composed himself and said.

“Man, you have to pay me. I need that money”. The driver said still avoiding Jaz’s eyes.

Sly felt irritated by the argument and handed the driver a 1000. Jaz looked at Sly that was walking away angrily and to the driver who wasted to time to return to his car before Jaz changes his mind. As soon as he was in his car he shouted.

“Call me, this is my card”. Throwing a card on the floor. And drove off.

Jaz went to pick up the card and said to me.

“We are going to surely meet him again”.

The compound had trees everywhere and men stationed on different post heavily armed with dark shades covering their eyes. There was no sign of a house but a little pathway that led in. At the main entrance, two heavily built guys interrogated us and after we explained ourselves one moved in front of us through the narrow path, until we arrived at a mansion. A lady sat at the Terrence reading a newspaper and four heavily built guys stood at the door to the building.

The security or bouncer who led us in asked us to wait while he made a call on his walkie talkie.

“They are here sir”.

And then he pointed a seat by a flower garden beside the building to us before walking away.

After waiting for close to an hour thirty minutes, A Arabic man in white Jalamia, muffler scarf on his head and dark shades covering his eyes came to us and asked.

” You people kept we calling. I was going to cancel our but stopped when i saw your calls. To tell you the truth, am pissed!”. The man said sitting on a Cain chair.

“We are sorry. The phone was stolen, but we were fast to retrieve it”. Jaz Said.

Sly gave him an angry look but the man was quick to ask before he could say a word.

‘Stolen? how could you be so careless!”. The Arabian shouted in anger. “Don’t you know what that means?”.

“sir…sir.. this is how it is”. Sly intervened. “It wasn’t really stolen. We dropped in our taxi and the driver didn’t even know he had the phone until he came to pick us up this morning. Moreover, we don’t leave trails for security reasons. And for insurance, we took care of the driver this morning”.

The man seemed to relaxed by this statement, then turn to me and asked.

“Who’s this?”.

“oh! he’s the new guy”. Jaz said.

“Anyway, i trust you guys. I want that shipment delivered to the neighboring country as soon as possible. My boys will put you through”. He said, then picked a call on his walkie talkie and walked away leaving us to ourselves.

A man came to us and led us to the back of the house where at car garage. He opened the door and pointed stacked cartons to us. Sly checked each one after the other and beckoned us over to join in. We opened all 70 cartons filled with a Yellowish substance. Then Sly nodded at the man and he handed us a key to black humma jeep and said.

“part of the payment for the job”.

Sly handed me the car key and we started towards the road.

“I can’t wait to go home and enjoy myself!”. Jaz said.

“Thought we got some more jobs to do?”. I asked.

“this is our last job. And your life will change, until we return in two weeks time”. Jaz said.

I was so excited as i drove down the dusty road. We haven’t gone few miles when we saw a police checkpoint.

“What should i do?”. I asked in panic.

“Stay cool boy, let’s see what they want”. Sly said from the back sit.

I slowed as two police men stopped us. I opened the mirror on my side and one of the police men approached me and said.

“license and registration”.

I handed him the papers and my fake drivers license. He looked at each paper and then tried to look who was with me. I rolled down the four glasses. And when he was done, he asked.

“what’s in your trunk?”

“Nothing sir”. I said.

‘Can i take a look?”. The police asked.

Then there was this look in Sly’s eyes that confused me.

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