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Sly alighted few yards away from the hotel, he never said why or where he was headed, and no one bothered to ask.

I went to the bar section to grab a cup of whisky but was told it was prohibited. I was still talking to the bar tender when Esther touched me on the shoulder.

“are you looking for something?”. She asked smiling.

I turned to her and said in shock.

“can you believe they don’t have whisky?’’.

She pulled my ear to her mouth and whispered.

‘they do, but not here”.

Then she let go smiling. I then turn to the Arabian bar tender who covered her head in hijab and asked.

“what do you guys have”.

“we have wines- non alcoholic wines, juice and soft drinks”. She answered smiling.

“ why is there now an inscription with bar written?”. I asked the bar tender who just smiled.

“this is a bar, isn’t that wine?’. Esther replied mockingly ‘.

“these guys plan on killing somebody young!”. I said to Esther who was still smiling.

“let’s go upstairs, I know who to ask for what you want”. Esther said pulling me away.

‘’that means we are going to get you another room?”. I asked as she pulled me out of the bar.

“who said anything about getting another room”. She said, leading me up the stairs.

She stopped at the front of my room and stood waiting for me to open up. I slowly opened the door and she walked in and laid face up on the bed.

“I have been thinking”. Esther said, and then sat up.

I took a seat in front of her waiting for her to tell me what she was thinking about.

“How did we lose those guys that easily? Remember we had left long before they caught up on us, and we lost them that easily?. Esther said, looking worried all of a sudden.

I rested my back on the chair, crossed my leg and said.

“Perhaps their car developed a problem. Meanwhile “. I tried to change the topic. “ who’s going to get me my drink?”.

Esther stood up and went to the telephone beside the bed cabinet and called the customer car line.

“Please, send Ali over to room 013”. She said and hung up. Then she turned to me and said. “he’s the guy you need, he hotel is aware of his job, but it will be four times the price”.

“why?’. I asked, sitting up.

‘that’s because, over here these things are prohibited, it’s like drugs, but drugs got the biggest sentence which is death by hanging”. Esther said and lay back on the bed.

I thought of how ridiculous it sounds to have someone jailed for alcohol. Then I started taking off my shoes and asked.

“how long are we going to here for?’.

“it depends. There’s a package you guys will need to transport. The list you gave to Usman will determine that”. She said pressing her phone.

“what is the list about?”. I asked after taking off the other pair of my shoe.

She dropped her phone and looked at me as if shocked to find out I didn’t open the list. Then she turned back to her phone and said.

“You will know soon”.

I turned on the TV and tried to search of a musical channel but could only find Arabic songs in all the channels. I searched for something western but found none.

“why can’t I find anything aside this kinda stuff?!”. I asked Esther.

When I got to response, I turned towards her to find her sleeping. I gently took the little space she left me and forced myself to sleep.

I found myself walking on a long bush path. I was alone , though it was dark, but I could make out where I was going. Soon I saw a light in front. I ran towards it and found a young girl breast feeding an infant under a tree. Her while gown was the light that shown around that place.

I walked up to her and asked where I was, she pointed towards a road that led to a river. I followed the path till I arrived the river. It was a very deep blue sea that kissed the horizon. Nothing else was in view, when I turned to return to the glowing lady, I met bushes behind me. Then a familiar voice called my name. I turned abruptly to the direction and found SANDRA sitting in a canoe that was on the shore beside the sea. I ran to her and she was very happy to see me too. But when I made to hug her, she raised her and stopping me.

“Don’t come any closer”. She said.

“why?”. I asked standing in front of the canoe.

“if your body touches this canoe it will sail away and won’t be able to see you again”. She said.

“I have missed you”. I said.

She suddenly turned her face away and said in a gloomy tone.

“I don’t believe you, but I don’t blame you”. She said and returned her face to face mine.

“how do you mean?”. I asked baffled by her statement.

“where is Amaka?”. SANDRA asked.

“how did you know Amaka?”. I asked surprised.

She smiled and dipped a finger in the water, wrote some things on it and said.

‘’I know what she did to you”.

‘How?”. I asked.

“she has done worse to you Mike, she takes from you and keeps taking. But you are strong, she can’t take everything”. SANDRA said looking at me.

“I still don’t get you, talk in plain language”. I said.

“why had she disappeared ? Reason Mike”. SANDRA said.

I was going to ask further when I woke to meet Esther’s face. She was kissing me by the time I woke up.

“hey sleepy head. Did I wake you?”. She said lying on top of me.

I was going to say something when a knock on the door startled me. We simultaneously turned towards the door and I asked.

“who’s that?”.

“it’s me”. Came Sly’s voice.

“What does he want?!” Esther said angrily as she left my body and left the bed.

I went to the door dragging my feet as I walked and was opening the door when Sly forced his way in even before I opened the door.

“what’s it?!”. Esther asked, standing to meet Sly.

“They followed us here”. Sly said.

“who?’’. I and Esther asked simultaneously.

“those guys from earlier. Their yellow hilux is packed at the junction. We have to leave now!”. Sly said and walked away.

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