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Early the next morning Esther had already showered and dressed up before she joined me in the bed from behind and held me. I woke up to meet the scent of her perfume.

“Sleepy head wake up” She whispered in my ear.

“You’re up?” I asked holding her hand crossed on my chest.

“and dressed”. She whispered, and held me closer. “Get dressed, Sly will be here soon. and you should return to your room”. She added.

“Oh, that’s true”. I said and tried to move away, but she held my hand for a brief seconds looking into my eyes with a sheepish smile on her face before letting go.

I went to my room, had my bath and was coming out of the bathroom when a knock came on the door. I went to get it and found Sly. He walked in looking around the room as if looking for someone. Then he turned to me and said.

“be downstairs in 10 minutes”.

Then he walked out still looking suspiciously around. I ignored him as I hurried into a jean and t-shirt. When I was done dressing, I went downstairs and met them all entering the car. I joined Esther at the back seat and she held my hand the moment I settled in.

We drove in silence with Jaz on the steering and Sly beside him until we came across a road block with some armed guys who covered their faces, putting on military combat pants and black boots standing across the road and a yellow hilux jeep packed beside the road

“What’s the meaning of this?’’. Jaz asked in disgust.

“Those are not police”. Sly noted.

“Then, who are they?”. Jaz asked slowing down as we came closer to the wood placed across the road.

“let’s see”. Sly asked.

“Can’t we go over it?”. Esther asked in panic.

No one replied her as Jaz brought the car to a halted. Two of the guys walked up to us armed. Jaz rolled down and asked angrily”.

“what’s the meaning of this nonsense?!”.

Sly touched him and said.

“calm down, don’t get us in trouble”.

One of the guys came towards Jaz and said.

“As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah”.

Sly quickly replied as Jaz kept a confused stare at him.


Then he looked at every one of us and said something in Arabic; we had no idea of what he was saying as we exchanged glances hoping that either one of us knew what he meant.

Seeing we couldn’t comprehend him, he opened Jaz’s door and asked us to step out. I and Esther exchanged glances and she asked Sly in a panicked whisper.

“why should we step down? These guys don’t look legit”.

The man commanded us again and this time he cocked his gun, the second with him forcefully opened Sly’s door and pointed the gun at him.

Jaz then raised up his hands, followed by Sly. I and Esther did likewise as we all alighted. They forced us to place our hands on the car speaking in Arabic, and when we did they searched us thoroughly one after the other. When it got to Esther’s turn they asked her to search herself, and she did, this time she was relaxed all of a sudden making some sexual moves as she touched herself. one of them slapped her hands and pushed her hard against the car. this provoked me and i was moved to say something nasty but Sly held my hand and blinked at me.

After that, they asked us to turn over with our hands up which we did under the hot wind and dusty road. One of the men presumed to be the leader came over and asked us something in Arabic. We all gazed at him with no response. He then spoke in a very nice voice in an articulated English.

“do you believe Allah is the one true God?”.

We exchanged glances and Jaz laughed and asked.

“what if we don’t?”.

Sly looked at him angrily, turned to the man abruptly and said.

“we do sir”.

The leader looked at Jaz and repeated the question looking into his eyes closely. Jaz returned the stare and said stiffly.

“and what if we don’t!”.

This seemed to provoke the leader as his shouted something to his guys and made to hit Jaz with the butt of his gun on his head, but Jaz’s reflex was spontaneous as he smashed the man’s head on the back side glass of the car and dragged the one beside him close to visit a straight punch in the face which brought him down. I and Esther moved to the left side of the car for safety as Sly held the one by his side’s both hands, lift him off the ground and threw him on the floor, raining kicks on him.

The other four rushed towards us. Jaz held the leader’s hand who threw a punch at him , lift him over his head and threw him towards the others approaching. Sly quickly picked up a gun and shot at them running to the where i and Esther where at the other side of the car.

“frozen! The car! The car!”. Sly shouted as he fired from above the bonnet.

I rushed in and started the engine, Esther jumped on the front seat and buried her head. The men ran towards their hilux, retried their guns and fired back at us. I was set to move. Jaz jumped to the back seat and Sly followed.

“run them over!”. Jaz shouted.

I engaged the jeer and stepped on the throttle, the red Volvo 240 wagon raced forward raising dust and climbed the road block as I sped off while we bent our heads as bullets shattered our rear glass.

“wow! That was awesome!”. Jaz exclaimed joyfully when we were out of reach, looking behind him.

“you think?”. Sly asked in anger.

“Yeah! Do you know what those religious fanatics would have done to us if we stayed longer?”. Jaz said to Sly

We were just to adjusting when I spotted the yellow hilux from my side mirror.

“Guys!”. I called. “there’s trouble”.

Jaz and Sly turned and found the jeep closing up on us. Esther who sat in front opened the car pigeonhole and brought out a black automatic 9mm and turned looking behind her in a ready for action look on her face.

“Frozen, step on that poo!”. Jaz shouted.

A gun shot penetrated through the rear glass and burst through the front windscreen. Esther let out a little scream as we impulsively bent our heads. Another gunshot bullet penetrated and passed very close to my head to the front windscreen.

Soon they where close behind, hitting our car with theirs and shooting. Jaz took the gun from Esther and shot from the open hole from our rear windscreen but the impact of their car against ours made it unsteady for us, as we swerved on different direction while I tried to hold still. This scared me and motivated the sudden turning of the steering to the left forcefully while i raised the hand break with my feet on the clutch. As soon as the car had faced the opposite direction, i steadied the steering , pulled down the hand break and removed my leg from the clutch as the car raced forward, with our pursuers behind us. I finished the jeer and pulled hard on the gas watching as the car flew in the dusty road.

“wow! That was hot! So you got this all this while in you?”. Jaz asked excitedly.

I was even shaken as I held on to the steering with a trembling hand wondering how I did it. Esther smiled at me and nodded.

“Frozen!’. Jaz called. “From henceforth you will handle the steering”.

I shrugged and drove us back to the hotel. Everyone knew we were at war judging from the bullets on the car. And so we cancelled Esther trip for another day.

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