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We met Jaz already waiting for us downstairs. When he saw us he said as he led the way towards the hotel compound exit.

“how wouldn’t we have suspected they might have been tailing us? It was too easy to have lost them that easily”.

“we don’t have to leave through that exit”. Sly suddenly said as he stooped held Jaz’s hand.

“what do you suggest?’’. Jaz asked.

Sly looked around the large compound and started towards the adjacent direction to another wing on the hotel. We followed him trusting in his judgment. He suddenly stopped at a hallway and looked on the both sides as if searching for a familiar location. Then started towards the left that led to the back of the hotels lawn. We walked through the lawn and passed a small entrance into small house attached to the hotel that led to a store where stuff were stored. Sly kept entering doors, ignoring eyes of workers who wondered who we were and we followed him blindly, until we came out to a narrow path that led to a small exit gate.

Two guys were trying to force a large box through with great difficulty, we had to wait for them as they sweated in their pants. Sly then looked at Jaz who grumbled and pushed the guy on our side aside, lifted the box up high above his head, and passed by his side with ease. He dropped it on the floor and we passed ignoring the thanks from the guys.

We were finally out of the hotel compound.

“Stay out of sight”. Sly said, and looked out for a taxi.

Then a blue Audi drove towards us just in time and Sly stopped him, spoke with the driver and beckoned us over. We all entered and drove far away from the area and far away to a distant place.

We arrived our destination and Sly paid the cab man. It was a small motel situated in the middle of a desert with few buildings far apart each other. Few people were seen walking about, and some were foreigners.

We walked into the motel reception and spotted a fat man with a very large tummy taking a major part on a chair he sat on watching a hockey game screaming at the top of his voice. He happened to be the only one in the small degenerate room with a counter on a side where different keys were hung.

“hey! Are you here to watch that dumb game or do business?”. Jaz yelled arrogantly.

The man turned around, and when he saw us, there was a glow of excitement on his beard covered face. He stood up, pulled up his trouser and adjusted the t-shirt that struggled to cover up every part of his tummy before coming to us.

“Good evening . My name is Hammed, do you want a room?”. The fat man said looking joyfully at us.

“Does it look like we want to watch that dumb game with you?”. Jaz retorted.

Sly placed a hand on Jaz’s shoulder and said smiling to the man whose joyous face was beginning to fade out.

“Yes we do, one for each of us”.

Hammed suddenly sparkled up and quickly retrieved four keys. Then looked around the room and said angrily.

‘where’s this stupid boy! Akin!!”. He called twice. Then apologized to us and stepped out calling.

Jaz turned to Sly angrily and said.

“seriously? This poo hoe?”.

“trust me”. Sly said, and turned his attention to the game on the TV.

Soon Hammed came in and apologized for wasting our time.

“Please, make yourselves comfortable”. Hammed said pointing to an old couch. “your rooms are being fixed”.

Esther who hasn’t spoken, after looking at how dusty the couch was turned to Sly and whispered.

“I don’t think I can cope here. Aren’t there any other place aside here?”.

Hammed heard her. He quickly took a rag and started dusting the couch and returned to Esther.

“Madam, it’s not dirty, it’s only old. Don’t worry, we are cheap”. Hammed said and smiled in a very hearty way with the rag on both hands on his chest.

“How much for a room?”. Sly asked.

“1000!”. Hammed said.

Sly turned to Esther in unbelief. Hammed saw the look on Sly’s face and said abruptly.

“don’t worry, just give us 500!”.

Esther drew me close and whispered covering her mouth from Hammed who was eagerly looking at us.

“this is d--n cheap!”. She said laughing.

Hammed seeing us laughing joined us. And when he saw Sly counting his money, he became serious looking at Sly’s hand gluttonously.

When sly hand finished counting and Hammed stretched forth his hand and withdrew it when Sly gave him a surprised look. He then waited uneasily looking at the money smiling awkwardly that Sly had to look at us, we looked back at him to make the decision. Then he suddenly shoved the money in his pocket and said to Hmmed who looked disappointed and heartbroken.

“Let’s eat, we’ll be back”.

‘why not pay first sir, I promise you won’t regret it”. Hammed said hastily pathetically.

“I will pay, where can we eat first?”. Sly said to Hammed.

He looked around the small room as if contemplating on what to say and out of the window , then said.

“I can take you there”.

Sly gave Jaz a glance who shrugged and said to the man.

“alright move it man! Am very famished”.

I and Esther followed behind them.

‘I don’t like this place”. She said.

“Sly has his reasons, I believe”. I said.

“Yes he’s always right, but can’t you see how that man was acting? He looks suspicious”. Esther said in a low tone.

“Maybe he’s been having a hard time getting clients. Can’t you see how old the place is?’’. I said.

“You may be right, but that does not add up to how desperate he is about money. That kind of man can sell us out for a dime!”. Esther said.

We arrived the restaurant, a very moderate looking place, with three ladies in CHADOR waiting. We took a table for four and the fat man sat beside us, with his eyes still on Sly. One of the waitresses came to us and asked for our order.

We ordered for what we were familiar with, while Hammed was still looking at Sly.

“man, you’ve got yourself an admirer”. Jaz said to Sly laughing.

“Bleep you man!”. Sly retorted.

‘’and also with you bro”. jaz said, still laughing.

“can I order too?”. Hammed asked, then looked away.

We all looked at him in shock, and Jaz continued his laughter. Hammed turned to Jaz and joined him.

Soon the waitress arrived and Sly asked.

“is that man over there okay?”.

“he’s not sir. He’s mentally sick”. The waitress said. “He’s been like that since he lost his family in an auto crash. That motel….”. The waitress pointed at the direction. “….used to the light in this town”.

“Thank you! Please give him whatever he wants” Sly said.

When the waitress had gone, Sly turned to us and said.

“That’s the best place to be. We are taken that motel”.

“D--n!”. Jaz cursed hitting the table angrily.

“hey! Thank you! Thank you!”. hammed said joyfully as waitress brought his food to him.

I was settled in my room, resting from the day’s worry and soon dozed off and maybe slept for a second or an hour before I felt someone shaking me by my arm. I opened my eyes and found Esther sitting beside me on the bed.

“hey! Someone can just walk in and steal everything here, you won’t know”. Esther said.

I looked at the door, wondering how she got in. she followed my stair and when she saw where I was looking, she said.

“oh, the door. You left it open”.

I sat up and stretched myself feeling extremely tired.

“There’s bedbug in my bed. I can’t sleep there, it’s itchy. Look at my skin, see?”. She said showing me her arm.

I examined it and saw a few rashes like mosquito bites. She stood up and said.

“Am going downstairs to complain about it. I want you to come with me”.

I felt like sleeping more, but she pulled me up and we both left my room to the reception where Jaz was sipping from a glass of whisky and the bottle on the table in front of him and a burning stick of cigarette in-between his fingers. Esther saw the bottle and quickly rushed to it, poured some into her mouth.

“hey! What do you think you are doing? Get a glass!”. Jaz yelled.

Hammed quickly surfaced from an inner room and stood in front of us smiling nervously.

“What can I get you ma’am?”. Hammed asked Esther.

“Get me a bleeping glass”. Esther said and sat beside Jaz who wasn’t happy with our intrusion. I gently took a seat opposite them. Esther didn’t wait for Jaz’s permission before taking the pack of cigarette beside the bottle, opened it and took a stick.

“So you had these all these while and you didn’t tell us?”. Esther said, taking the cigarette from Jaz to light hers.

“I didn’t, all I did was to ask that punk, it will shock you what you can get from him”. Jaz said and grinned.

Just then Hammed arrived with two glasses and dropped it on the table. He stood smiling at us wiping his wet hands on his shirt.

“hey! What are you looking? Get lost!”. Jaz yelled.

“I thought you wanted something else”. Hammed said looking droopy.

“do you have weed? Then get the hell out!”. Jaz said in anger.

“yes I do!”. Hammed said excitedly.

We all looked at him in shock and Esther rephrased what Jaz said earlier.

“he said if you have weed, like dope!”.

Hammed smiled and nodded.

“should I get it?”. He asked happily.

“sure!”. Jaz said still shocked.

And the man went away.

Esther turned to me and said.

“you’ve awfully quiet. What is it?”.

“let him be! Dude mustn’t talk always’. Jaz said, taking a large smoke down his lungs.

“am okay, just tired”. I said, and then poured myself some whisky.

Suddenly we heard voices outside and that of the fat man.

“what’s going on?”. Esther asked.

‘’I think he’s got himself in trouble with the weed”. Jaz said. “we need to bail before he implicates us”. He added standing up.

We all stood up and looked for another exit but there was just one, which was where the noise was coming from.

“what the hell!”. Jaz cursed.

Hammed shouted, “I don’t have money!”. In English .

This called my attention.

“I think we should check out what’s amiss”. I said.

‘dude! Weed is a crime here. It’s better we are caught with drinks than weed”. Jaz said holding Me back.

Jaz had not finished his statement when Hammed fell into the reception opening the door. Four guys walked in and looked at us ominously while Hammed struggled to his feet. One of the guys said something in Arabic to Hammed pointing at us. Hammed started begging them.

“what’s going on here?”. Jaz asked.

Hammed turned to him and said.

“they want their cut for having customers. I told them I don’t have money! You guys are the first customers I have had in two weeks”.

“how much do they want?”. Esther asked.

“1000”. Hammed replied.

“that’s half of what you charged us”. I said.

“yes! I don’t know when next am going to get another customer”. Hammed said in tears.

Esther moved to the guys and said.

“hey, it’s okay. I will pay you guys, 1000 right? I will pay”.

“hell no! you won’t!”. Jaz yelled.

The guys turned to him and frowned.

“if you give them a pin, they will keep harassing this good man that wanted to make us happy”. Jaz said to Esther, and then turned to the guys who were looking angrily at us. “get out of here and never return”. Jaz added in a low mean tone.

“you! foreigner, come here, talk to us like that? You no fear? Hmm?”. One of the guys said.

Jaz laughed heartily and then stopped abruptly.

“you can’t even speak good English. Now look here you low like wasted sperms, before I blink get lost!”.

Esther made to stop him, but he shoved her hand away and kept his stair at the guys. One of the group wanted to say something but in swift move, Jaz drew him by his shirt to meet a head butt on his nose and threw him some distance away. His companion looked at what happened in surprise, while Jaz stood ready to knock another down. They seem intimidated by his size and one said.

‘’you better run, we are coming back”. As they left helping their bleeding companion up.

I was so impressed by Jaz’s stunt, but said nothing about it. Esther on the other hand wasn’t happy at all, she just took her previous position, poured herself a cup full and poured it into her mouth.

I and Jaz joined her and resumed our drink. Hammed walked nervously to us and thanked us, dropped something wrapped in a nylon on our table and walked away.

“what’s this!”. Jaz shouted after him.

He jumped, and returned to us.

“weed sir”. He said nervously with his hands crossed on his chest.

“wow! Thank you man!”. Jaz said and opened it.

We were so happy save for Esther who was still angry. Jaz wrapped two molds and handed one to me and to Esther. We was on his third when Sly walked in.

“what’s going on here? Searched for you guys….” Then he spotted the weed and alcohol on our table. “what are you guys doing?”. He whispered, approaching us.

“smoking”. Jaz answered with a grin.

“this could get you guys arrested!”. He whispered looking out from the window.

‘come on man! Stop being up tight always. Lose your grip sometimes. Look around you, who do you think can barge in on us”. Jaz said lighting his weed butt.

Sly went back to the window and remained stiff looking out. Then he said.

“some guys are approaching, they don’t look like they are coming to shake hands”.

I quickly put off my weed, and took Esther’s from her, did same. Jaz had already joined Sly at the window and Jaz said.

“those punks are back with their friends”.

“I knew it! I told you not to cause trouble!”. Esther said, feeling worried.

Sly turned to Jaz and me.

‘what’s she talking about?’’

‘don’t mind her, she talks too much”. Jaz said and started towards the door.

“where do you think you’re going to?’’. Esther said to Jaz.

He ignored her and walked away. I and the rest of us had no choice but to follow.

The guys stopped when they saw Jaz who doesn’t seem afraid of their large number. Jaz looked around and when he saw the one her broke his nose, he said.

“you!”pointing at the guy. “you went to call a full party right? Now listen all of you, we are here to chill not to fight, but if you want trouble, I am very happy to give you an overdose of it”.

Sly quickly intervened standing in front of Jaz.

“Please guys, no body wants’ trouble. Please, I apologize on behalf my friends. Let’s settle this without a fight”. Sly said.

“what’s wrong with you?”. jaz said to Sly.

“shut up!”. Sly retorted.

“you beat up our friend, you come to my land, and beat up my friend! No peace!”. One full bearded guy in a long hair yelled angrily. And his companions chorused a shout.

“Please! We don’t want trouble, try and listen to us!”. Sly shouted apologetically.

“ shut up!” one shouted. Then he turned to his colleagues and screamed something in Arabic. They roared and attacked us.

I pushed Esther behind me, as three ran towards us with sticks. The first swung and hit me on my arm very hard as I shielded Esther who was his target and the other two attempted likewise but missed as I dodged it. I quickly left an uppercut on ones jaw and kicked the other on his chest with all my weight sending him falling backwards. A stick hit me on my back, I caught it on time and dragged the guy closer with the stick and left a straight punch on his nose. While I was on that, I spotted another rushing towards me, I wasn’t quick to gain my stamina before he lifted me off the ground and drew me on the floor. I landed with my back hard, and my head vibrated. I had received two punches before I got myself.

Esther came to my rescue, she crossed her hands around the neck of the one on top of and pulled him off me. I jumped up abruptly when two where coming after Esther. The first that came close, I kicked by the side of his leg and he fell on his side, the second threw a punch and missed. I threw mine and also missed. While I was expecting him to throw another, I found Esther fighting with two guys. I left the one I was with and rushed towards Esther. Crossed my hands across ones both hands and threw him on the floor. And then rushed after the other, jumped and Kicked him from behind , he staggered forward and caught his stand. That was when I saw how Jaz was throwing human beings up like a piece of light wood and how Sly was skillfully kicking asses like one of those kung fu movies.

I was still fascinated by their brawling expertise when a punch brought me back to reality. I staggered to a side and was quick to dodge another that was coming from another guy. I gave the first that came my way the hardest punch I could that sent him to the ground, the second came almost immediately , I kicked him back to gain space, and then he attacked again with a kick, I dodged it and held his leg, kicked his other and he fell on the ground. Another was seen rushing towards me, I left the leg of the one on the floor and moved backwards to gain space. My attacker lunched with a punch and missed and received an elbow on his mouth, then held his shirt, dragged him close and rained few straight punches on his face.

“watch out!”. Esther shouted.

I turned abruptly and found a stick that hit me hard on my face. I staggered backwards, there was no time to touch it as he swung again, I bent over and the stick passed over me. Due to the force he used in swinging it, he moved towards the direction he swung, giving me the leverage. I jumped and kicked him hard on his back, he fell on his tummy sweeping the ground.

Jaz held two guys on the neck and threw them hard on the floor. Sly was taking three guys comfortably with kick and blows. Esther had returned to the reception and was watching from the window.

Four came on to me at once, the first threw a punch at me and hit me on my chest, I returned it abruptly with a straight blow in his nose, another kicked me and I pushed the guy the kicked pushed me to gain stamina, another was rushing with a punch, I moved backwards and stumbled on a stick. I quickly took it up and ran into one, hit him hard on the head and he fell straight on the floor, i returned with same speed, flogged one on his side and kicked another on his chest. The last rushed and grabbed me by my both hands, I struggled to break free but he was too strong for me, so I used the pack of my head and hit his nose twice, he let go abruptly, I returned, held his shirt, dragged him close gave him a hard punch on the nose, pushed him backwards, jumped and kicked him hard on the chest, he fell backwards and somersaulted.

I was very tired and wasn’t ready for another fight. And so I looked towards Jaz and Sly. Jaz was holding a stick with a feet on the chest of one of the guys on the floor and three others were kneeling in front of him. I then noticed that the ones around Jaz were running away. So I rushed towards them, at least Jaz’s presence may scare some away from me.

“now listen”. Jaz said to them. “the next time I catch you guys around here, I will kill of you!”.

They agreed not to come around again. And Sly asked them to leave. They stood up and walked away limping.

We returned to the reception and Hmmed came thanking us with tears on his face.

“don’t thank us. Next time call the police!”. Jaz said and returned to his half smoked weed.

“You’re bleeding”. Esther said to me as I sat beside her.

She used her handkerchief to wipe off the blood from the side of my head.

“Frozen, you don’t talk much, but you’re a good”. Jaz said nudging me laughing. “I used to think you’re a weak ladies man. You have shown me some toughness”. He added.

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