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Kate's POV

He blinked his eyes and stepped back. I knew he won’t believe me just like that.

“Kate are you saying the truth? I mean this is hard to believe. You can’t just be a prostitute and a virgin….. This is confusing” He said and sat on the couch.

I went to him. “Eric, I know that’s hard to believe but you need to believe me now. Am saying the truth” I replied.

I continued by explaining everything to him, from the drug to how I take their money and other valuable things.

All he did was stared at me shocked and surprised. I chuckled before clearing his throat.

“Kate, do you know that you’re amazing? Well I believe you and why do I? Since you never allowed me sleep with you.

I almost wanted to ask if it was going to your first time and you do run away or even plead when it comes to someone forcing you” He said and raised my head up while I looked deep into his calm eyes.

“Whether you’re a v*rgin or not, I will love you till death do us apart. I will never let anyone hurt you nor any of your family member.

I will take care of you, I will make you feel on top of the world and make people treat you like a queen. We will get married, get our own kids and grow old together. No one will separate us. No one. Not even your uncle, Andrew.” He said that and all I could do was cry.

He had already made me feel on top of the world. His words were touching.

“Eric, no one has ever said those words to me. You really made me special and speechless. I will love you too till my last breath and no one will ever separate us” I said and hugged him gently.


That day we had fun but no s*x, I will be leaving Eric’s house cause my sister will surely be waiting for me.

“I wish you just stay here and not go” Eric pouted.

“Huh? Well sorry to say, am leaving. My sister is waiting for me so till will meet probably in your office” I winked before running so he won’t stop me from going.

I got home and met my sister in the kitchen cooking pancakes. I went to her and helped her in cooking the rest.

She received a call again about uncle Andrew. His boys are in Russia too?

This man won’t stop until he finds us and we are ready for him.

My sister went out for to get some foods stuffs and also maybe she could get a job too.

6 Hours Later..

And the time is 6pm now and sister Jane hasn’t come back. Is she okay?

I got a call and pick it up, It was an unknown number.

“Who’s this?” I asked.

“Wanna see your beautiful sister?” The man replied and I gasped.

Wait….i hope it not what am thinking, they kidnapped sister Jane? Hell no!

“What have you done to my sister? Release her now if you don’t want trouble. I don’t want to know who sent you even if it that bastard that called himself Andrew just release her to me.” I snarled.

He chuckled. “You even have the guts to call our boss by his name. Well that’s not the problem now all we need is you specially.” He replied and I rolled my eyes even if he can’t see me.

“Am not coming and I will make sure I take my sister away from you. You son of a b---h!

Tell that boss of yours that he should be ready cause what he’s gonna face, he won’t be able to bear it” I growled and smashed my phone on the rug.

Arrhhhg!!!!This is really war. Sister Jane has been abducted by those hungry chickens. I won’t let that man kill me and my sister.

I need to call Eric and tell him this.

I called him and he told me that he will be coming to my house right away.

Some minutes, he came and sat down on the couch. A huge man entered that his presence and masculine body are making shake in fear.

“Kate, he will be working with us and he’s also going to be your bodyguard for sometime. So Matthew, let get the phone number tracked down.” Eric said.

I never told him I need a bodyguard. I just pray they don’t touch my sister.

Jane's POV

I opened my eyelids and looked around me. I was tied on a chair and my mouth covered with a piece of cloth.

I remembered when I was coming back from the grocery store and noticed someone following me and before I knew it, I blacked out.

A man walked in and I stared at his face. He was smirking.

“Hey pretty, you’re awake. I guess you must be hungry. Let me get you food to eat.” He turned back again and came with a plate of food.

I ignored the food and faced him. “My father sent you right?” I said.

“Your father? I don’t know who’s your father baby girl and eat your food before it gets cold.”He said softly.

“Andrew sent you Huh?” I asked again.

“Ohh! So you’re the boss daughter” He burst into laughter and continue talking.

“Wow, I never did a job that involves parents and their children but your father surprised me”

“Whatever! Just tell him not to hurt Kate, you can take me instead. He won’t know what’s coming for him” I replied with anger.

“Come stop saying rubbish little brat, and you think you will be able to win your father? You can’t even win me not to talk of my boss which is your father.” He laughed and I only watched his throat.

Am thinking of how his death would be. By hanging? Shooting? Accident? Or what?

I ignored the laugh and faced down before he stood up and went out of the room.

Kate's POV

Minutes of tracking, the man hasn’t found anything yet. Have been nervous and scared of what they would have done to my sister.

“I finally got the location!!” The man said and I leaped for joy.

I was so happy. Finally.

“Good, call Henry to bring the cops over to that location now!!” He ordered and the man obeyed him.

We are winning this case little by little. Uncle Andrew we are really coming for you.

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