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Kate's POV

I ran towards him and squat. “Eric! Eric!” I called as I shook his body.

He blacked out again. I took out my phone and called the ambulance.


10 minutes later, the ambulance came and took Eric.

I called my sister that I will be coming home late. The doctor attended to Eric and assured me that he’s okay.

I sat beside him on the bed. “Eric, have you ever say to yourself that one day you will regain your memory?” I asked even if he can’t hear me.

I continued. “Did you remember the day we met at the club asking me how much for a night and I said am not ready maybe another day.” I chuckled holding his hand tight with tears blurring my vision.

“Even when you said three million, still I declined that. Not wanting you to sleep with me. Do you remember the day I came to the hotel and you almost slept with me with force but I had to beg you” I said again.

His hand held my hand tight as he closed his eyes the more.

Eric's POV

The more she talk, the more I remember things. The day I met her at the club, the day I almost slept with her in the hotel.

She keeps talking and I keep remembering. She’s making me regain my memory back. My head is spinning now and it hurts more than before.

I remembered the day I came to Nigeria to look for her, the day I finally saw her on the street.

I remembered everything. But one thing I haven’t remember. The day I had the accident.

My eyes fluttered open and stared at crying Kate. Her name was Kate. The Kate I had been dying for.

The kate I can’t do without thinking of her everyday. She’s right here with me. She made me remember everything I had lost.

“Kate” I called out.

“Eric… Do you remember me? I mean you remember Kate, yes me Kate” She said coming closer to me.

“Kate, do you love me?” I said with seriousness.

She stared at me for a while. “Yes Eric, I had realized how much I love you since I left you.” She replied.

I struggled to stand up from the bed. “Kate, am sorry I couldn’t remember you. I never knew we were close like this. Kate thanks for bringing back my memories.”

“It okay Eric, this wasn’t supposed to happen but at least you’ve regain your memory back” She answered.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen? How? I don’t understand” I said in confusion.

“Well, I and my sister are actually running from someone” She replied.

“My uncle and also he’s Jane’s dad”She added.

“Wow! I guess you will have to explain that to me cause am curious. I might help”

“Am gonna explain that to you. Let me call the doctor to attend to you” She stood up but i held her hand down for her to face me.

I kissed her hard before leaving away with her cheeks tomato red.

The doctor did a check up on me and told me I had regain my memory so fast. He gave me some pills to use and I gladly took it.

Kate explained everything about her uncle to me. It made me boil in anger. How can a human do this.

F--k! And the mother f*cker is after my Kate and her sister. He should just get ready cause his jail term will make him regret what he had done to those people he killed.

I hate the fact that am gonna go home tomorrow afternoon, I just feel like going home with Kate.

I stared at her beautiful face, and smiled. If only she knew what I had gone through when she left for a year.

It really tore my heart seeing her leave that day but she’s here again. Am not gonna let her go again.

“Kate, am feeling sleepy and I won’t be able to sleep well if you don’t sleep beside me” I pouted patting the space on the bed.

The bed was big enough to contain the two of us.

“Huh? Eric you are so cunning. Am not sleeping beside you today, I rather sleep on the couch there” She pointed to a big chair at the corner.

“You are not going anywhere Kate.” I replied and took her hand.

I drew her to my self, making her rest on my masculine body. I grinned at her frowned face and kissed her passionately.

The kiss was intense and hot that I wish I could kiss her for long but we have to catch our breath.

She hit me playfully and rest her head on my chest. Finally, she slept beside me at last.

Uncle Andrew's POV

“How can you tell me you didn’t find them.You said they are in Nigeria and I had to come from my hiding place in Russia to this place.” I growled.

“Am sorry sir. When we got there, the receptionist told me they had gone with their bags no longer in the hotel.” He replied.

I threw the glass cup on the floor, shattering into pieces.

“Someone is giving those girls information. I need that traitor and when I eventually catch him, I won’t think twice before killing him” I yelled.

“Find any possible means of getting those girls to me. I will also send my boys in Russia” I added.

“Yes sure” The boy said and I dismissed him.

My two kiddies am coming for you! Make sure you get your ass ready.


Kate's POV

The reflection of the sun light through the window to my eyes made me open my eyes.

I looked around and wanted to stand but a huge arm pulling me back. Eric’s arm.

I smiled at his handsome sleeping face. He’s just too handsome.

“Are you gonna stare at me forever for a forever?” He asked though his eyes were closed.

“No, am going home Eric. My sister is waiting for me”

“Ohh! Tell her you won’t be home till tomorrow. You just need to take care of me at home” He said with a pouting mouth.

“Seriously? Okay let me call her if she’s satisfied with that”

I called my sister and she said no problem that I can go with Eric to his house.


……… … …4 hours…….

I opened the door and entered his living room. Wow! He got a wonderful house!

“I guess the house is more attractive than the person standing here” I heard Eric say and I giggled

“Now to your room, you’ll take your bath, change into a good clothes and come eat dinner” I said and walked to the kitchen to start cooking.

Eating the food like he haven’t eaten since 5 days. He look cute while eating.

“The food is delicious and….. ” He gave me a thumb up instead.

After eating, I took the plates to the kitchen and came back.

I walked to where he was standing at the window and hugged him. He turned to me and gave me a light kiss.

“Kate, do you know how much I love you?” He said and my body shivered.

“I love you that I can’t do without you in my life Kate. Am just attracted to you in a way that I can’t even explain myself.” He added, leaning in to kiss my lips.

I reciprocate, and held his neck with my two hands. He left my lips to my jawline, my neck as I shiver.

His hand went to my waist and drew me closer to himself, I moaned when his hand moved from my waist to my boobs squeezing softly.

His second hand raised my hip up and traced his lips from my neck to my lips.

This is getting too much than I expected. Kate come back to your senses. I just need to tell him this.

I withdrew from him and looked into his face.

Eric's POV

There she come again, she’s always trying to stop me. I want her now. I really do and I can’t wait.

“Eric, I need to tell you something” She said.

“Okay, say it am all ears”

I could sense she’s nervous but why?

“Am still a virgin Eric” She answered.

“What?!” I yelled.

Am sure I didn’t hear that well. Of course I didn’t. She’s still a what?

I stepped back still shocked as I stared at her face.

Is she saying the truth?

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