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Eric's POV

I stood up and took Kate’s hand. “Calm down okay? Everything is gonna be fine” I assured.

I got a call from Henry and the cops that they’ve reached the location which turns out to be a deserted area.

We entered the car with Kate and Matthew, driving to the exact location too. It was a long drive, it took us almost one hour.

“Sir, there are too many men in that building. The Police are doing their job now.” ‘Henry said.

I looked at the tall building which had a fence. The gate was locked but the police are going to find their way in.

Finally, the police got to open the gate. Pointing their guns as the walked in, carefully looking around.

“Kate, you should go back. It dangerous” I whispered into Kate’s ear but she was proving stubborn.

“Nothing is gonna happen to me since am with you” She replied and held me tighter.

We stopped when we saw a group of boys playing cards. “Stop now everyone and hands up” The one of the cops said and they turned.

They raised their hands up in the air and follow three officers to the van outside.

Now, we are looking for Kate’s sister. We climbed the wooden stairs, checking the while room but no sign of Jane.

Jane's POV

Suddenly, the man who came to me earlier came in again looking so furious as he landed a slap on my face.

What the f--k!

“You b---h! How did they know you were here? Did you text them any message? Where’s the phone you used?” He yelled

“I never call anyone, you already collected my phone. So there’s no way I can make a call” I answered .

“Well, your bitchy friends are outside. Obviously, to come take you from me” He laughed like a mad man.

“Even the cops can’t catch me. Just watch while I take them down with this bomb in my hand.” He added and raised a device up.

My heart skipped. His phone suddenly rang and he picked it.

“Yes boss, they had taken the boys away. Just remain I and the girl” He said over the phone.

“We couldn’t catch the other girl. Okay”

“Guess what b---h? Your Andrew is coming soon today. Don’t think of shouting for help cause no on can know that there’s a secret underground room down here” He pointed and I sighed.

Uncle Andrew's POV..

“This is getting out of hand. I should have asked him to bring Jane to Nigeria. Those stupid police are around d the building.

I trust victor, he won’t let me down.

“You have seven good days to live if you don’t provide your child any of your family member” says the priest.

I just have seven days to live. I need this girls for crying out loud. I don’t want to die yet at this age.

Kate's POV

We kept looking around but we couldn’t even find a single soul in the building again.

Where did that man keep my sister.

We’ve even asked the boys outside but it seems like none of them are about to confess.

It made want to cry but I need to stay strong for my sisster.

“Sister Jane” I called lowly.

“Don’t worry you gonna find her” Eric patted my head.

Jane's POV

I kept trying to lose the rope the fool tied on my hands which was working. The smoke from the cigarette he was smoking was killing me.

Finally, I got to lose the rope on my hands and I was also lucky that he was facing the window.

I managed to lose the one on my legs and stood up. I crawled to the door and opened it carefully but the stupid door had to make a noisy sound.

“What?! You b---h! You can’t get away from me, you know that” He snarled but I didn’t stop running.

Just keep running to different directions, I looked back and saw him pointing a gun ready to shoot but I still keep running.

I was feeling tired, I could hear my name been called.

That must be Eric and Kate. They really came.

“Eric, am down here” I shouted.

“Where? We can’t find you” Kate’s voice spoke.

I got a door and opened it, climbing the stairs and was trying to open another door but it was too heavy to open.

I banged the the door many times till I was short of strength.

The man came to meet with a sly smile.

“I told you that you can’t run away from me” He said and pointed the gun at me.

“Am not gonna kill you, but am gonna weaken you and… I still have to take your sister too” He pulled the trigger.

The bullets hit me on my arm and leg, I screamed cursing him under my breath.

He dragged my weak body up and was taking me back to the room again. Halfway, we heard gunshots upstairs and I was happy when I saw the two cops, Kate and Eric coming down.

“F--k!” The man said and ran with me.

“Even if I run, I still need to take your sister down and I don’t think I will be able to fulfill my promise to your father. I gotta kill everyone here” He dropped me hard on the floor.

“Hands down now or we gonna shoot you” The police said but I wasn’t able to witness the scene again as I blacked out.

Kate's POV

The idiot was grinning and before I knew it he had pulled the men down with his gun. Though they were still breathing.

“I can’t spare you guys you know, now that was easy for me. Am taking the three of you to my boss ” He pulled the trigger again and hit me on the leg and also Eric’s leg twice then his arm twice.

Did he want to kill him for me? I swear I won’t spare uncle Andrew.

“Oh you might be thinking how will I escaped without the police knowing. Haha don’t worry I know the way out”

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