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“You okay son?” Jacob asked as Dominic sat up on a chair surrounded by his family. His face appeared wet than normal, he used his index finger to touch his face to ascertain if it was sweat or something else. Just as he touched his face, he realised it wasn’t sweat. They had poured water on his head while he was unconscious.

“Yeah I’m fine dad.” Dominic responded and stood up from the chair.

“No i don’t think so.” Josie said touching his face.

“Mom, I’m fine.” Dominic insisted.

“Dom, you can tell us anything. What is going on with you?” Josie persisted.

“Your sister watched you collapse, its not the first time, right?” She added and turned to Alexa.

“No its not. He blacked out at the safehouse too.” Alexa answered.

“So tell us Dom, what is going on?” Josie asked and placed her palm on Dominic’s cheek.


“June tell me what the hell is going on?” Rose asked as June took a seat on Rose’s bed.

“I-” June was about to speak as they heard the engine of a car pull over at the front yard of the McCarthy’s home.

“it’s probably my dad.” June said and stood up to have a look through the window.

“It’s him.” She confirmed and closed the curtain.

“That’s not a problem right?” Rose asked and raised a brow. June sighed aloud and kept mute for a second before speaking up.

“No its not.” She responded with a forced smile.

“You know i love you right?” she added.

“Yeah. With all your heart.” Rose responded and smiled as June pulled her into a hug.

“I’ll never do anything to ever hurt you.” June said and pat Rose’s back.

“I know right.” Rose responded and closed her eyes, smiling cheerfully.

Meanwhile, outside the McCarthy’s home, Patrick and Doris knocked on the front door. Shortly, Nicole answered the door.

“Patrick? Doris? What are you guys doing here?” Nicole asked in surprise.

“Is June in?” Patrick asked.

“Yes she is, please come in.” Nicole said and ushered them in.

“I’ll go get her.” She added and head upstairs to get June.

“Thank you Nicole.” Patrick said thankfully as himself and Doris took their seat on the living room couch.

“What happened June? Do you want to tell me something?” Rose asked as she held hands with June.

“Rose I have-” June was about to speak as Nicole’s loud knock on the door sounded.

“June your parents are here to see you.” Nicole yelled from the outside.

“I’ll be right there.” June yelled back as Nicole left the door.


“Hey honey.” Patrick greeted as June walked down the stairs slowly.

“Hey dad.” she responded.

“We were worried about you sweetheart. You just ran off without saying a word.” Doris said and opened her arms for a hug. June walked right into her open arms and rest her head on Doris’s chest.

“Thank you Nicole. Thank you Rose.” Patrick said.

“We’ll get going now.” he added.

“You’re welcome Mr Sinclair. Drive carefully.” Rose responded and waved her hand as Doris lead June out of the McCarthy’s home. Just as June and her family had left, Nicole turned to Rose.

“What happened?” Nicole asked looking confused.

“I don’t know, she didn’t say.” Rose responded.

“She was apologizing over nothing tho.” She added.

“Hmmm okay. Now off to bed.” Nicole said and hit Rose playfully.

“Okay mom!” Rose responded and let out a laugh.


Patrick titled the car steering gently as he drove through the streets of Grenville. Doris sat next to him at the front while June sat at the backseat. Surprisingly, Millie had followed Patrick to the McCarthy’s but she was seated in the car all along. She wagged her tail happily as she was all over June.

Patrick shot occasional glances at the rear view mirror as June caught up with his glances.

“Did you?” He asked and swallowed hard.

“No.” June responded softly and looked outside the window while rubbing Millie’s back.

“Thank you.” Patrick said and kept his eyes on the road.


“You need to rest son, maybe that’s the reason for your hallucinations?” Jacob said to Dominic.

“No, I don’t think so. It’s more like a vision or something, not an hallucination. I can feel there’s something coming up, I just don’t know what it is yet.” Dominic responded.

“Does June know about this?” Alexa asked.

“No one does, except you three.” Dominic said.

“I only told them about the raven.” He added.

“It’s best you keep it that way while we figure it out. You wouldn’t wanna create a tension would you?” Jacob asked.

“No.” Dominic responded.

“Where is Scott?” He asked.

“Sleeping upstairs like a big baby.” Alexa responded and rolled her eyes.

“Okay. Goodnight dad.” Dominic said and hugged Jacob.

“Goodnight son.” Jacob responded.

“Night mom.” He said and gave Josie a peck.

“Goodnight Alexa.” he said and pulled Alexa into a hug. Josie smiled as she watched Dominic wish everyone a goodnight rest. She smiled at how pure at heart he was, a son of her own she should have had.


June had arrived at home and changed into her sleepwear, she stretched out her arm from the bed to turn off the bedside lamp. Just as she lay on the bed, staring at ceiling with Millie sleeping next to her, Doris came in without knocking. Doris switched on the main lights from the wall socket as she arrived at June’s room.

“Mom!” June cringed at the sight of the unexpected bright light.

“Sorry. Did i wake you up?” Doris asked.

“No mom. I was just about to sleep.” June responded and scratched her eyes sleepily.

“May i?” Doris asked with a smile.

“Sure.” June responded as Doris took her seat on the sofa facing June’s bed. She took one of June’s Teddy bear collection from a shelf nearby and played with it while she began her speech.

“Honey, I’m sorry for all that happened earlier.” She began.

“Mom, I don’t wanna talk about it.” June said.

“Please, you have to listen.” Doris insisted.


“Thank you.”

“June, your dad filled me in on everything that happened earlier. None of all that happened to Rose’s father was his fault. Rose’s dad gave his all to the company and it was so unfortunate he had to die that way.” Doris said and rubbed her forehead as she groaned silently in pain.

“Mom are you okay?” June asked.

“Yeah. Just having a slight headache honey.” Doris answered as her hands began to shake until she let go of the Teddy she was holding.

“Mom are you sure it’s just the headache?” June asked again on noticing her mother’s shaky hands.

“Perfect honey.” Doris responded with a smile and picked up the Teddy.

“So as i was saying, your dad and Rose’s dad were really great friends and he had to do what he did to protect everyone Doris continued.

“June, sometimes life pushes you to a tight corner and you’re forced to make a really tough decision. If your dad hadn’t come up with an explanation like that, the real news of George’s death would have had an unimaginable devastating effect on your friend and her family.” She added.

“I understand.” June said softly.

“I know you do sweetheart.”

“Sometimes we have to lie to protect the people we love.” Doris concluded as June nodded in affirmation.

“So please sweetie, forgive your dad. He hasn’t been himself ever since you two had a little bust up.”

“I’ve always been jealous of how close you two were and he will never do anything to hurt you.” Doris said.

“I understand mom.” June responded as her lips twitched on the sides to reveal a brief smile.

“Thanks for giving me a listening ear. I hope to see you in good spirits with him by morning.” Doris said and stood up from the sofa.

“Goodnight sweetheart. I love you.” she added and walked closer to plant a kiss on June’s forehead.

“Night mom. Love you too.” June said and lay sideways facing Millie.

Doris switched off the lights and closed June’s door carefully. She sighed after closing the door, her head still hurts and she could feel something drop on her toe. She looked down and saw a drop of blood on her toenail. She began breathing fast and touched her nostril. She soon discovered, the blood was dripping from her nose. She wiped off the blood with her palm and walked past the hallway quickly.


Grenville Central High School, Tennessee.

Rose cycled towards the new food truck parked outside the school’s gates. She placed her bicycle on the floor to make a quick breakfast order from the food truck.

“A burger, fries and grilled cheese and a bottle of soft drink.” She said to the seller.

“Soft drink?” He asked.

“Sorry, I meant soda. Pepsi is fine.” Rose confirmed.

“A minute.” The seller responded and began preparing her order.

“Look who’s here.” Rose heard from a distance, she didn’t turn to have a look at who said that, the voice sounded familiar and she really hoped it wasn’t who she thought it was.

“Looking good Rose.” The voice said again, this time much more closer.

“What do you want?” Rose asked and turned to him. It was Sebastian and his crew. They were friends of Rose’s ex Luke Evans who sadly passed away not too long ago.

“I came to get breakfast. I woke up late so i couldn’t eat at home.” Sebastian said sarcastically as his friends began laughing from behind.

“Here.” The food truck guy said to Rose and handed over her order.

“That’ll be ten dollars and fifty cents.” He added.

“What?! I get this from Hugo for less. I’m paying five.” Rose said and furrowed her brows.

“I’m sorry miss, this is a special type of burger. Its ten dollars and fifty cents.” The seller insisted.

“Bloody hell! I don’t have ten dollars for this!” Rose fired.

“Having troubles Rose? It’s just ten dollars. Surely you have five dollars extra to spare right?” Sebastian teased as his friends bursted into laughter.

“Get the f--k outta my face or I’ll dance around that ugly d--k face you have.” Rose warned.

“I’m not the one who doesn’t have ten dollars to pay for a meal.” Sebastian said further.

“Oooooh!!” His friends teased in Unison and further laughed out loud.

“Broke ass best friend to a billionaire’s daughter. Pathetic!” Sebastian said and smirked.

“You shut the f--k up now!” Rose Growled and clenched her fist.

“I’ll pay for your meal if you’re much more nicer. for a broke girl, you talk too much.” Sebastian said again as laugher erupted behind him again. Just as he had finished, Rose landed a heavy punch on his lips and it began bleeding immediately.

“You broke ass b---h! You’re so dead.” Sebastian said and lick the blood dripping down his lips. The food truck seller ran out of the food truck to come in between them.

“Stop it!!!” The food seller yelled and stood between Sebastian and Rose.

“Snap out of it! Y’all are both adults for goodness sake!” He added.

“This b---h hit me first.” Sebastian said and spat away blood. Just as he had finished speaking, June’s car pulled over at the food truck. Mr Morgan had began official duties and he brought June to school in a black SUV.

“Rose!” June yelled as she got down from the car and rushed to her friend.

“Are you okay?” June asked scanning Rose’s face not minding the presence of Sebastian and his crew who obviously didn’t matter to her.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Rose said with a frown.

“Keep the food.” She said to the food truck seller and took her five dollar bill off the counter she had dropped it and walked away.

“Rose, what is the problem?” June ran up to her and asked.

“I was only trying to get a meal for myself and those assholes kept getting on my nerves.” She said.

“It wouldn’t have happened if that guy’s food wasn’t so expensive. He’s billing almost twice the price i get it from Hugo. Can you believe that? I shouldn’t have gone to him.” She added.

“I’m sorry. I don’t like seeing you this way. Hold on, I’ll get it for you.” June said and head back to the food truck.

“Hey.” June greeted the food truck guy.

“Miss Sinclair, good to see you.” he responded.

“I need two of the special order and her order as well.” June said pointing at Rose.

“A minute.” He responded and began packaging two plates of the special order.

“Hey! I was waiting for that!” Sebastian Growled at the sight of the food truck guy giving June two plates of the special order.

“Here. Keep the change” June said and dropped a fifty dollar bill and left without taking a look at Sebastian who kept murmuring.

“Here. I got the special order just in case you like it. If you don’t, I also got your previous order. Whichever you prefer.” June said and gave Rose the two orders.

“Thank you so much June.” Rose said thankfully.

“Oh no please don’t!”

“I’ll take the special.” Rose said and smiled.

“Perfect. It’s got a soda too, Pepsi precisely.” June said with a smile.

“Awesome!” Rose said with a wide smile and yanked the order off June’s grasp.

“Are you gonna eat both?” Rose asked taking a look at the remaining two packages June was holding.

“What? No way.” June said and laughed.

“We’ll give Dominic the smaller one. We both have the specials.” June said as Rose let out a laugh and nudged her shoulder playfully as they both walked into the school building.


The school bell rang endlessly as students rushed out of the chemistry class, leaving the teacher Mr Adam Flicnh, June, Rose and Dominic behind.

“Period’s over.” Mr Adam Flinch, the Chemistry teacher said with satisfaction and walked out of the classroom.

“Dom, did you bring the map?” June whispered.

“Yeah” he responded as Rose stood up and shut the classroom doors.

“Let me see.” June said.

“It’s a weird map really, I don’t have a clue on how we can even get anything meaningful from this.” Dominic said and handed over the map to June. She took the map from him and spread it across a table.

“So what do you think?” Dominic asked and shot June a glance as she bit her lower lip and scanned through the map.

“This is a map of Tennessee.” She said and touched the labeled cities on the map.

“Right here is Nashville, North to Nashville is Kentucky.” She added.

“Yeah i know that. What i don’t understand are the codes across some routes.” Dominic said as June took a closer look at some codes written on some routes on the map.

“Whoever did this is a Geographical genius.” June said and nodded her head.

“How?” Dominic asked.

“The map represents geographic coordinates in binary code. If we can deduce the binary codes to get the coordinates, it’ll lead us straight up to the location of the coven.” June said and touched the codes.

“Really?” Rose asked.

“Yes.” June responded.

“Take a look. The codes are written in circle around Grenville’s location. It means the coven location isn’t far off from here and we need to decode the binary codes to get the coordinate for the location.” She added.

“How do we deduce the codes?” Dominic asked.

“It’s simple. Rose get me a sheet of paper please.” June said as Rose took out a paper and a pen from her bag and handed it over to June.

“Right outside of Grenville, the North precisely, we can see binary code number 101001 which translates to 41. Followed by binary code 11000 which translates to number 24 and then by binary code 1100.001 which translates to a 12.2 decimal.” June said as she wrote down the binary codes and its translation on the paper.

“Brilliant! What next?” Dominic asked.

“To the west of Grenville, we can see additional binary codes 1011001 which translates to decimal number 89. Code 111010 translates to 58. Code 1111.11 translates to 15.98.” She concluded and dropped the pen.

“Awesome! Still not clear.” Dominic said and laughed.

“We join the decimals and we get the coordinate, once we get the coordinate we know where we’re going.” June said and took the pen once again and began writing.

“If we add the first codes, we get latitude 41 degrees 24 minutes and 12.2 seconds North. We can write that mathematically as 41°24’12.2″N for the first coordinate.”

“Second codes added together gives us longitude 89 degrees 58 minutes and 15.98 seconds West which can be written mathematically as 89° 58′ 15.98′ W” She wrote on the paper and dropped the pen, taking a look at Rose and Dominic as they both nodded their heads.

“So all we have to do is follow one of these map coordinates and we’ll get the location.” June said and touched the map running her fingers across the map. I’ll say we go north because the western coordinate will lead us straight to a dead end over here.” June said and touched a sea on the map.

“That was bloody brilliant!” Rose exclaimed and clapped her hands for June.

“You don’t need school, school needs you.” Dominic joked and also joined Rose in clapping hands for June.

“Stop it guys.” June said shyly.

“Now let’s go find the alchemi coven!” Rose said and smirked.

“We leave tomorrow. Dad has the trip arranged, we’re taking a motorhome bus the company built. It has special technologies equipped in it and its like a home, y’all will be comfortable.” June said.

“Awesome! Who’s driving?” Dominic asked.

“Mr Morgan.” June said with a wide smile.

“All is set! You’re so good.” Dominic said as his eyes flickered at June’s lips momentarily before looking away.


Downtown, Grenville, Tennessee.

Doris had driven herself downtown to a hospital to get her medical tests results she had conducted earlier in the week. She pulled her car to halt at the hospital’s parking lot and rushed into the building.

“Welcome Mrs Sinclair, please sit.” The doctor said as Doris walked into his office.

“Thank you. Are the results ready?” Doris enquired as she took her seat.

“Yes Mrs Sinclair.” The doctor replied softly.

“Is everything okay?” Doris asked as she noticed the sad expression on the doctor’s face.

“Yes Mrs Sinclair. A minute please.” He said and stood up to get the result documentations from his shelf.

“Tell me what the hell is wrong with me!” Doris said and hit the table, loosing her patience.

“Mrs Sinclair, the tests we’ve conducted and the symptoms you’ve been exhibiting confirms you’ve been diagnosed with-” The doctor said and paused.

“With what?” Doris yelled as she began to shiver.

“A grade four brain cancer. I’m sorry Mrs Sinclair.” The doctor said.

“What?” Doris muttered and fell off her chair.

“Mrs Sinclair!” The doctor screamed and rushed to help her up.

“I’m so sorry Mrs Sinclair. I wish there was something we could do. We can only slow down the rate at which the tumor is growing but its only for a limited time.” The doctor further added.

“How long do i have left?” She asked as tears trickled down her face.

“With the speed at which the tumors are growing, you have a maximum of six months.” The doctor said as Doris froze on hearing this. She couldn’t scream or cry out loudly, she simply froze as tears poured down her face.

“I’m sorry Mrs Sinclair.” The doctor further apologised and held Doris’s hand to comfort her.


It was almost the midnight hour and Scott pulled his car to a halt at the hole. He got down from his car and walked straight into the hole gushing out thick fumes. Just as he walked into the hole, it felt like he had walked into another dimension. The cave was dark with red flames illuminating its light on the cave walls.

“Scott Wayne Griffith.” The Aeternae’s voice echoed through the cave walls.

“I brought the map to the coven, like you instructed. I swapped the map with the one you gave me.” Scott responded.

“I can read your mind.” The Aeternae’s voice echoed back in response.

“Yes i know. Kill me if you think I’m lying. The map Dominic has will lead him straight to his end. This one here is the real map and I’ve brought it to you. Just like you wanted.” Scott yelled as the cave began to shake, the Aeternae began walking closer to Scott.

“Look into my head and kill me if you think I’m lying.” Scott said again and opened his arms as the Aeternae moved on its superspeed and grabbed Scott’s head.

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