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St. Theresa’s Cathedral, Grenville, Tennessee.

Red autumn leaves blanketed the ground as Bran’s coffin was rolled out of the enormous cathedral building, families and friends all followed the coffin slowly to the grave site as it was rolled out on a coffin roller.

“Some glad morning when this life is over,

I’ll fly away;

To a home on God’s celestial shore,

I’ll fly away”

The priest began with the hymn as he read through his pamphlet.

“I’ll fly away, Oh Glory

I’ll fly away; in the morning

When I die, Hallelujah, by and by,

I’ll fly away.”

Everyone followed up with the chorus of the hymn as the priest concluded reciting the first verse. The violist gave out a melodious tone to the reciting of the hymn as the pallbearers lowered the coffin while the hymn was being recited.

Everyone was dressed up in all black. in attendance were the Sinclair family including Dylan and Vivian, the McCarthy’s, the Griffith’s including Scott who surprisingly showed up, Alex Clinton, Chief police Larry Forbes and a few of Bran’s family members.

Megan stood right in front of the grave as Patrick placed his hand on her shoulder, she was dressed up in a black satin gown with a black scrunchie headband holding her brown hair in a ponytail style. The priest concluded his prayers as the pallbearers began dipping their shovels into the sand and pour into the grave.

Patrick took a few steps forward and knelt on one knee, he dipped his hand into the pile of sand and poured it into the grave, just as he finished, Megan knelt close to him and did the same. Patrick smiled at her as they both stood up and pour the last sand they carried into the grave to pay their last respect.

The funeral had been concluded and the concrete job was being done on Bran’s grave. Doris and Rose’s mom, Nicole McCarthy were having a distinctive conversation, Patrick shot them a glance from afar and head to a an elderly woman who was having a word with the priest.

“My apologies for intruding.” Patrick apologised to the priest and the elderly woman as he joined them.

“No intrusion Mr Sinclair, we were just having a chat about Brandon and what the future possibly holds for his little sister.” The priest said.

“That is precisely why I’m here.” Patrick responded to the Priest. The elderly woman fixed her gaze on Patrick and he noticed this.

“You must be Bran’s grandma? I’m Patrick Sinclair.” Patrick said introducing himself to the elderly woman.

“Yes I am. Pleased to meet you Mr Sinclair. I’m Annette Clark.” The Elderly woman responded and shook hands with Patrick. Patrick was being careful as he didn’t hold firm the handshake out of fear of hurting the elderly woman with a shaky hands.

Mrs Annette was a woman in her late seventies, her husband whom bran was named after had passed away during the World War II in 1945. She is the mother to Bran’s father who sadly died with his wife in a car crash when Megan was an infant.

Megan was always dubbed the miracle baby as she was the only survival of the crash on the day, for an infant her age, she only sustained a minor scratch which didn’t impose any serious health concerns. Mrs Annette was all alone in this dark cold world as she aged through watching everyone she loved pass away. Megan, her granddaughter was the only family she had left. Life hasn’t been fair to the Clark family, Bran’s mother had trouble conceiving another child which explains the age gap between Megan and Brian before her demise.

“I’m sorry about the demise of your grandson Mrs Clark, I really am.” Patrick said apologetically.

“Oh Mr Sinclair, it wasn’t your fault. I’m sure you did all your best to save my grandson. Life hasn’t be fair to us but our faith in the Lord our God remains unshaken.” She responded and wiped a tear drop off her face using her thumb.

“I was actually thinking if i could raise Megan as my own. If that will be fine by you? I’ll see to it her future is secured, she will be treated as my blood and this i promise you Mrs Clark. This is the only way i can compensate for Bran’s unfortunate demise.” Patrick said as both the priest and Mrs Annette kept mute. He thought to himself, maybe he should have taken it slowly.

Mrs Annette sighed before speaking “You’re a good man Mr Sinclair and i don’t think there will be anywhere else Megan will do better than at your care. You have my blessing Mr Sinclair.” She said and nodded.

“Thank you so much Mrs Clark, I’m grateful for this opportunity.” He said and turned to the priest.

“She will be happy to have you as a father Mr Sinclair. You have my blessings as well.” The priest said and smiled.

“Thank you both so much. I promise to give her the very best, I felt a special connection with her the very moment i saw her and i see her as one of my own.” Patrick said.

“I trust you Mr Sinclair. She will be fine with you.” The priest said as Patrick shook hands with him and thanked him for his support in his decision.

“I’ll have my attorney prepare the necessary paperwork. Thank you Mrs Clark, Once again, I’m grateful for this opportunity.” Patrick said.

“Don’t mention Mr Sinclair.” Mrs Annette responded with a smile.

Just at the end of the cathedral cemetery, Dominic, June, Alex and Rose stood by the lake tossing stones into the lake as they spoke to themselves. June’s bruises were covered in plasters and she had a bandage wrapped around her right arm. She still had a black eye despite the incident being one week ago.

“I felt really bad and wished there was something i could do to save him.” June said with a frown and tossed another stone into the lake.

“It wasn’t your fault June. There was nothing anyone could do to save him.” Dominic said and touched June by the shoulder, she looked up at him and met his brown eyes. Alex shot Dominic a glance for a second and turned back to the lake.

“I’m sorry i couldn’t be of help, maybe if i wasn’t at the hospital, things would have been different.” Dominic said feeling guilty.

“Without you, we won’t be standing here Dom. Ever since you risked it all to save us, you’ve not been at your best and no one can blame you for that. You really need to get some rest.” Rose said as June nodded in agreement.

“Rose is right. You really need to take a break Dom.” June said. Alex was beginning to feel left out, he turned to take his leave but got caught up by June’s grasp.

“Where are you going babe?” June asked.

“I was only trying to give you three space to discuss this, you know y’all are the team.” He said and let out a short laugh.

“You’re a part of the team Alex, you saved my life and i will forever be grateful for that. I’m glad i have you in my life.” June said as Dominic tossed in a huge stone into the lake creating a deep sound that made Alex and June turn to him.

“No its nothing.” Dominic said and shrugged.

“Thank you June. This means a lot to me.” Alex said and grabbed her hand.

“You two look so adorable.” Rose chirped as Dominic shot her a glance she caught.

“Feeling sick Dominic?” Rose teased and winked. Dominic understood where she was heading at, but Alex and June didn’t as they thought she was referring to his health issue.

“No rose, I’m perfectly fine.” He responded. Dominic began hearing the loud croak of a raven from behind, He turned back to see where the sound was coming from and there his eyes caught up with the raven, standing atop a tree. It was the exact raven he had seen in his vision when he collapsed at the safe house.

“Do you see guys see that?” He said pointing at the raven.

“See what?” Rose asked.

“The bird, on that tree.” He said pointing at the tree branch.

“I see nothing Dominic.” Rose said.

“You guys?” she asked facing June and Alex.

“Nope.” June said shaking her head.

“Me neither.” Alex added.

“Dom, I think you’re really sick.” Rose joked and grabbed his arm. Dominic pulled his arm off her grasp and buried his face in his palm.

“Are you okay Dom?” June asked.

“Bran’s dead because of me. Dr Thomas died because of me. The people at the cinema, everyone who died in Grenville was because of me.” Dominic said.

“No its not your fault, you tried to save as many people as you could. It’s never your fault Dom.” June said trying to console Dominic.

“Yes it is. If i never came here, the Aeternae would never come looking for me in Grenville. I brought him here and I’ve doomed this town.” He said and sighed, heads down.

“Dominic, look at me.” June said and lifted his face up to meet her bright Hazel eyes.

“It wasn’t your fault. None of all what has happened is your fault. We’ll get through this. We will defeat the Aeternae together.” June said and entwined her hands with his.

“Thank you June.” Dominic said thankfully.

“We have no idea on how or what to do to defeat the Aeternae, Dominic can’t possibly face him or her whatever it is. We’ve not seen it in it’s physical form and it’s causing a lot of trouble already.” Rose said.

“I think i do. Remember the alchemi coven Dom told us about?” June asked facing June.

“Yeah, I do.”

“They’re a coven of people with Dominic’s abilities. What if we get a whole bunch of people with powers like Dominic’s? They’ll stand a greater chance against the Aeternae.” June said.

“Brilliant. But how do we find them? Dom has never seen them before nor does he know their whereabouts.” Rose said.

“I think i do.” Dom said rubbing his jaw.

“Really?” Rose asked.

“Yes. I have a map in a box at home. It never really made sense to me because the map isn’t quite the same as what we have in the real world. I don’t know if we’ll need to interpret it or something, but if we have any chance of finding the alchemi coven, it’s that map. Thankfully i have you and June to help decode whatever it might mean” Dominic said.

“Great. Get the map, we’ll have a look at it together and see what we can figure out.” June said and shot Dominic a smile.

“Sure, I’ll get it and bring it over.”

“Will be lookin forward to it.” June said.

“Right Lex?” June added shooting Alex a glance, they had forgotten he was standing there and June wanted to make him feel like he wasn’t being left out.

“Yeah i guess.” Alex responded.

“Come on guys, let’s go.” Dylan screamed from afar to them, indicating it is time to leave the cemetery and head home.


Mayor Clinton sat in his office smoking a pipe while staring at the headline on the Grenville times newspaper on his desk. Just as he was reading through the headline, a loud knock sounded from the door.

“Come in please.” He said. Just then, the door opened up and Mr kowalski the chief editor from the Grenville times walked in.

“Hello sir.” Mr Kowalski greeted.

“Mr Kowalski, glad to have you here. Please take a sit.” Mayor Clinton said and gestured his hands at a chair facing his desk.

“We received your letter sir.” Mr Kowalski said as Mayor Clinton tossed the newspaper at his face.

“Read it. Tell me what the headline is.” Mayor Clinton said and blew out smoke from his pipe.

“Super-Super” Mr Kowalski stuttered.

“Super what? Superman?” Mayor Clinton said sarcastically.

“Supernatural creatures ravaging the city of Grenville.” Mr Kowalski read the headline on the paper.

“You see that? That’s bullshit! This is my city and i run this d--n place and i won’t have you ruin my reputation over your stupid stories! Supernatural things don’t exist.” Mayor Clinton Growled and hit his fist on the table.

“We got the information from trusted sources, every single word we published was verified properly. Scarlett McCarthy was on this story when one of those things tried to kill her and now she’s in a coma.” Mr Kowalski said.

“Listen to me really good Mr Kowalski. Your papers circulate outside of Grenville as well and i will not allow you ruin my tenure with your bullshit stories.” Mayor Clinton warned pointing a finger at Mr Kowalski.

“What do you want me to do Mr Clinton?” ignore a news right in front of us and act like nothing is happening?”

“Precisely yes, and just in case you don’t know what next to publish. How about a catchy headline like this. Mayor Clinton commissions state of the art shopping mall at Grenville?” Mayor Clinton said gesturing his hand in the air, smiling.

“That is not a front-page worthy news sir. Its just a mall.”

“I will only say this once Mr Kowalski, drop the news of this bullshit supernatural creatures and focus more on Grenville infrastructures which I’m doing pretty well. Your job in hanging on the balance, and it is well within your means to make it balanced. No supernatural stories, and we’re good.” Mayor Clinton said and blew out more smoke from his pipe.

“Hmmm” Mr Kowalski hummed to himself.

“Do you understand Mr Kowalski?” Mayor Clinton asked.

“Yes sir. I do.”.

“Good. Now you can leave.”


Sinclair Mansion, Grenville, Tennessee.

June sat in the garden caressing Millie’s fur as she watched the waters from the fountain pump into the air. She fixed her gaze on the flowing waters hoping she could replicate whatever she tried to do while drowning in the lagoon. Just as she was focused on the running waters, her iris had began to turn green and the flow of the waters rushed more quickly.

“Honey.” Patrick said from behind interrupting her. Her eyes turned back to its bright Hazel colour as she loosed focus.

“Yes dad.” She said and turned backwards to meet Patrick’s gaze.

“I have someone waiting back in the living room for you.” Patrick said.

“Who’s it dad?”

“It’s the taxi driver that saved your life. I had to call Forbes immediately you told me about him. His arrest was a mistake and I wanna make things right now. Come on.” Patrick said.

“Okay.” June said softly and stood up holding Millie in her arms as Patrick led her to the living room to meet with Mr Morgan.

“Mr Morgan!” June exclaimed on walking into the living room as Mr Morgan stood with his arms crossed backwards.

“Hi June.” Mr Morgan responded with a smile.

“Thank you so much for everything. I didn’t know what i would have done without you.” June said thankfully.

“It’s nothing June. I knew something was odd about that evening so i had to follow my guts.” Mr Morgan said.

“Mr Morgan Coleman, I’m deeply sorry for any inconvenience we might have caused you. Your arrest was a mistake and we sincerely apologise for that.” Patrick said.

“It’s fine Mr Sinclair. I totally understand.”

“Please have your sit.” Patrick said and gestured his hands at the couch for Mr Morgan to sit.

“So uhm, June has told me a lot about you. And-” Patrick was saying as June whispered something to his ears.

“Oh, that’s right.” Patrick nodded to what June had whispered to him. Shortly Doris walked in to join the discussion.

“This is my wife, Doris.” Patrick said introducing Doris to Mr Morgan.

“Mrs Sinclair, pleased to meet you.” Mr Morgan said and stood up quickly to shake hands with her.

“The pleasure is all mine sir. Thank you for helping our daughter. It means a lot to us and we’re grateful for that.” Doris said.

“Don’t thank me Mrs Sinclair. I just did what anyone could have done to help.” Mr Morgan said as Doris smiled.

“So Mr Morgan, we really don’t know how best to show our appreciation. We’re really grateful for all you did to her.” Patrick said and paused for a second.

“She also made me understand you had a little request on the night you picked her up. Is this correct?” Patrick asked.

“Yes sir.” Mr Morgan responded.

“Dylan has been my personal assistant and driver ever since June was a baby, I can only entrust my family’s safety with him. But that has changed today. Dylan will only perform his duties of being a personal assistant, while you become the official driver of the Sinclair House.” Patrick said as Mr Morgan’s eyes widened.

“I’ll be the new driver sir?” Mr Morgan asked again for a reconfirmation.

Patrick smiled before answering, “Yes Mr Coleman, you’re the new driver.” Patrick confirmed.

“And that isn’t all. Dylan will be here with a car of your own. Just in case you wanna take your family out on a vacation or something. I feel you should have a personal ride too.” Patrick said as Mr Morgan knelt down and thanked Patrick endlessly.

“Thank you so much Mr Sinclair. Heaven knows i needed this job so much. Thank you for the car too. I’m eternally grateful for this.”

“I’d do anything for the man who saved my daughter’s life. I should be the one thanking you.” Patrick said.

“Why don’t you invite your family to dinner with us tomorrow?” Patrick asked.

“Sure thing sir. They’ll be more than honoured to be here.”

“Settled then, I’ll be looking forward to it.” Patrick said and stood up from the couch.


Dominic stood right at the center of his room ransacking his drawer in search of the box. Just as he was busy ransacking his drawer, he could hear the raven croak just outside of his window.

He closed the drawer carefully and crept to the window to have a look, there he could see the moonlight beaming it’s light on the raven standing on a tree branch.

“What the f--k do you want!?” He asked as the raven flapped it’s wings and croaked at him. Just then, his eyes turned white and he plunged into a quick dream state. He could see the same raven in his dream, the clock ticking towards the midnight hour and a grave headstone with June’s name inscribed on it.

“Dominic?” Alexa called out to him as she met Dominic on the floor, he had collapsed once again.

“Oh my God! Dominic! Mom! Dad!” She yelled and rushed to him.


June sat in her room staring at the stars through her window. The thought of all that happened at Bran’s place filled her head. She could recall all that the possessed Bran had said and how he had accused her father of having a hand in George McCarthy’s death. She glanced at Millie as she slept adorably on June’s bed. Just then, she could hear a knock on the door.

“Come in.” she said.

“Hey honey.” Patrick said as he walked into the room.

“Hey dad.”

“How are you feeling?” Patrick asked.

“Alive. Thank you for Mr Morgan.”

“Don’t mention honey.”

“I just came to check up on you, if you need anything do let me know.” Patrick said.

“I will dad. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sweetheart.” Patrick said and turned to exit the room.

“Dad?” June called out.


“Something has been bothering my mind and i feel i should speak to you about it.” June said as Patrick turned to take a seat at a sofa opposite June’s bed.

“You can tell me anything honey. I’m all ears.” Patrick said and clenched his jaw to listen attentively.

“While Bran abducted me, the possessive spirit inside of him told me something i still don’t understand.” June said.

“What did he tell you?”

“He made mention of the circumstances surrounding the death Rose’s dad. He said you had a hand it.” June said as Patrick’s eyes widened.

“June-” Patrick said as June cut his word short.

“Don’t lie to me dad. Tell me it’s not true.” June said softly.

“June, it’s not what you think.”

“Dad! Don’t you dare lie to me about it.” June growled and stood up from her bed.

“George was my friend and a worker, his death had a devastating effect on myself and the company and it is something I’ll never forget.” Patrick said.

“This doesn’t answer my question dad!” June snapped.

“Calm down June.” Patrick said to her and gestured his hands for her to sit.

“Dad is it true or not!” June barked.

“It is. But i can explain.” Patrick said.

“How could you!?” June said as tears began to form in her eyes.

“It was a failed experiment June, we tested the serum on a patient and it end up becoming a failed experiment. No one knew the patient will arise from the dead and turn into a zombie and unfortunately, George was taking the patient to the morgue. George was attacked by the zombie at the morgue.” Patrick explained quickly.

“And the fire? You told us it was a fire incident, you lied to everyone to cover up for George’s death. You knew about the zombies before Dr Thomas began breeding them and you thought not to tell anyone?” June said.

“I thought we had it under control June, I didn’t want to cause panic. The fire was a mistake, I couldn’t bring myself to confess to the public a doctor of ours died at the hands of a monster we created in the lab.” Patrick said.

“You lied to me, you lied to mom. You lied to Rose’s family. You lied to the media. How can i look my best friend in the eye everyday knowing my own father framed her father’s death.” June said as tears trickled down her face.

“I’m sorry June, I really am.” Patrick said and stood up to embrace her.

“Don’t! Stay away from me.” June said and barged out of her room crying.

“June! Honey!” Patrick said and chased after her as June ran down the hallway.

“June, are you okay?” Doris asked and stood up from the couch as June ran past the living room. She got to the garage and took her bicycle and cycled out of the mansion.

“June please come back! It’s late!” Patrick yelled as he watched June cycle out of the mansion on her bike.

“What happened?” Doris asked and shot Patrick a glance.

“I’m sorry Doris.” Patrick apologised before explaining what had transpired between himself and June.


June was riding her bicycle across the road as tears trickled down her face. Words couldn’t explain how she felt at that very moment. All that mattered to her was seeing Rose.

Few minutes after riding to the McCarthy’s home, she pulled her bicycle to halt. She dropped the bike on the floor and knocked on the door.

“June? What are you doing here? It’s past nine” Nicole said as June robbed off the tears on her face.

“I’m sorry Mrs McCarthy, is Rose home?” June asked.

“Yeah, she’s upstairs, probably sleeping.” Nicole answered.

“Are you alright June?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine Mrs McCarthy. I’d like to see Rose.” June answered.

“Sure. Please come in.” Nicole said as June walked past her immediately and head upstairs to Rose’s room. She knocked on the door as Rose answered from inside.

“Hey.” June greeted as she stepped into Rose’s room. Rose wasn’t asleep yet, she was staring at a small portrait of her late father.

“June? What are you doing here? Are you alright?” Rose said and dropped the portrait of her late father on the bed.

“I’m-I’m sorry Rose.” June stuttered as tears poured down her face.

“For what?” Rose muttered.

“I’m sorry.” June said again, crying as she pulled Rose into a hug.

“Everything will be fine June.” Rose said and pat June’s back as June kept crying endlessly. Rose kept comforting her friend not having the slightest clue as to why her best friend showed up in the middle of the night at her room crying. All she cared about was making sure June felt safe, the details could come later but at that moment, making June feel better was all that mattered to her.


HYMN CREDIT: Albert E. Brumley – I’ll Fly Away (1929)

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