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1st July, 1991.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a rough summer, and the world got introduced to things we never thought actually existed. Zombies! Yeah they do exist. Who could have thought those monsters we hear about in stories and movies actually existed in real life? Away from zombies, I made a new friend, Dominic Griffith. He’s the best human being I’ve ever met and he has superpowers too! So unreal.

Our summer vacation begins today and I’m so excited, We’re getting prepared to follow the coordinates of a map to get Dominic’s coven of witches and also, dad got me a baby sister. Megan is the smartest girl i know. I love her so much and I’m so happy i have a sibling at long last. Finally got a boyfriend too! Haha Alexander is handsome as hell, oh my God! He has absolutely no idea how much i go crazy about him. Aside his incredible looks, he’s the nicest person i know and he’ll do anything for the people he loves.

June wrote and paused for a second to ponder what her next line would be, she rolled the pen in between her fingers and shot a glance at the sunrise beaming it’s light through her bedroom window, she then figured out what her next paragraph would be and so she continued.

This is a part of me i can only confide in you, My best friend’s dad got killed by an experimental zombie at my dad’s lab and dad lied about it to everyone and i got to know about the truth a couple of days ago. I didn’t tell Rose the truth about her father’s death. I hope she doesn’t get mad at me someday when she finds out, I kept this secret hidden from her to protect her and her family. They’re doing absolutely fine and i wouldn’t wanna rekindle an old wound. Anyway, Scarlett woke up from a long lasting coma last night and I’m happy they’re beginning to put their father’s death behind them. They all deserve to be happy. Mom once told me, sometimes we have to lie to the people we love to protect them as this is exactly what I’m doing. I can never do anything to hurt Rose, I love her so much and she is my best friend and a sister.

We’ll be setting off to find the coven tomorrow, I hope to visit you with the day’s activities again.

June concluded and closed the diary. She opened up her drawer and toss the diary inside and closed it.


Grenville Medical Center, Tennessee.

Rose sat next to Scarlett and held her hands as Scarlett fix her gaze at the hospital ceiling. She had woken up the night before from her months of coma.

“Hi.” Rose said in a shaky voice, as emotions got the better of her.

“I thought I’d loose you.” She added as Scarlett twitched a part of her lips to reveal a smile.

“I’ll never leave you and mom. I promise.” Scarlett muttered and squeezed Rose’s hands as they entwined fingers.

“Seeing your pretty blue eyes again is the best thing ever.” Rose said and smiled as she leaned downwards to plant a kiss on Scarlett’s forehead.

“So glad to have you back honey.” Nicole said as she sat next to Scarlett.

“Mom.” Scarlett muttered as tears dropped sideways of her face.

“I’m here honey. I’m right here.” Nicole said and held her hands. Shortly the doctor came in.

“Mrs McCarthy, she’ll need a rest. Could you both please leave? You can always come back to visit her later.” The doctor said.

“Sure, come on Rose.” Nicole said as Rose stood up from the bedside she was sitting on.

“We’ll be back. Please get much better soon.” Rose said and rubbed Scarlett’s palm as Scarlett nodded in response.

Rose smiled at her sister and left her alone with the doctor as her mom followed behind.


“Hey Megan.” June greeted as she crept into Megan’s room. Megan’s room had been completely renovated, the walls were painted pink and the ceiling was painted white, she had a beautiful collection of Teddy bears sitting in a glass shelf next to her bed. Disney’s Minnie mouse stickers were plastered all over the wall and her bed sheets were colourful and she had a huge poster of Wonder Woman, her favourite comic character from the DC universe on a wall at the end of the room.

“Hi June.” Megan responded, she appeared to have woken up for a while but was still dressed up in her pyjamas as she sat up on her bed.

“How was your night?” June asked and climbed on to the bed to sit next to her.

“I couldn’t sleep, it was scary.” Megan responded in her angelic tiny voice as she stared right into June’s eyes in fright.

“Haha” June laughed, “How?” She asked.

“The room is enormous, I’m all alone in here. I’m scared.” Megan muttered.

“You have nothing to worry about Megan, you’re safe here.” June said and rubbed Megan’s rosy cheeks.

“Thanks June.” Megan said and rest her head on June’s lap.

“I could come over every night to read you bedtime stories so you catch your sleep?” June said and carefully lifted Megan’s head off her laps and stood up to check Megan’s book shelf.

“Look, daddy bought you some bedtime story collections.” June said and flipped open a book from the shelf.

“Awesome!” Megan said with a smile.

“I know right. I’m sure you’ll love to hear all the stories.” June responded and placed the book back to its shelf.

“Come on, let’s go say hello to dad before he leaves for the office.” June said and stretched out her arm as Megan held hands with June and they both left the room.


“We’re leaving for the coven tomorrow, I’m thinking of hosting June and Rose to lunch here.” Dominic said to Alexa as they both sat in the living room watching a TV show.

“Is this your way of going on a date with June?” Alexa asked and winked at Dominic.

“No! Of course not. Just three happy friends having lunch together before setting off on a deadly journey.” Dominic said and laughed off Alexa’s claims.

“Okay, you’re gonna be cooking right?” Alexa asked.

“Uhm yeah I guess, with your help of course.” Dominic said with a grin.

“Sure, you have my support.” Alexa responded with a smile.

“So let’s get to it quickly, We’ll make a few pancakes and a chicken salad sandwich.” Dominic said.

“Isn’t that June’s favourite?” Alexa asked with a wide smile.

“Is it?” Dominic asked, feigning ignorance.

“Like you don’t know.” Alexa responded and laughed.

“I’ll give them a call now and then we grab the recipes from the grocery store quickly.” Dominic said.

“Okay. I’ll get change.” Alexa said and stood up.

Dominic pulled out his phone and stretched out the antenna as he punched in June’s digits.

“Hey June.” He greeted.

“Hi Dom, what’s up?” June said over the phone.

“Nothing much. I was thinking if you’d be free by noon? We could have lunch together at my place.” Dominic said and scratched his head nervously.

“Lunch at your place?” June asked at the other end.

“Uhm yeah. The three of us, Rose would be here too.” Dominic responded.

“I just thought we should spend a quality time together before we leave for the coven.” He added.

“Sure, count me in.” June said as Dominic smiled to himself.

“12pm.” Dominic said.

“I’ll be there Dom. Thanks for this, it’s really cool.” June said.

“I’ll see you later.” Domonic said and hung up.

“Yes!” He exclaimed to himself and let out a wide smile. He punched in Rose’s digits to inform her of the lunch as well.


“Who was that?” Megan asked and looked up to June as they walked past the hallway to the living room where Patrick and Doris were discussing quietly.

“that was my friend Dominic.” June responded with a smile.

“Hey Megan.” Patrick greeted as Megan and June walked up to them.

“Hi Mr Patrick” Megan responded.

“It’s dad.” June whispered to Megan.

“Oh never mind.” Patrick laughed it off.

“Go meet the nanny, she’ll get you all cleaned up and ready for breakfast.” June said to Megan as she ran away hilariously.

“She’s such a cute angel.” Doris said as she watched Megan run.

“Yes she is.” June said and nodded.

“Dad what’s going on? You both seem troubled.” June asked and scanned the puzzled look on Patrick’s face.

“Sweetheart, the board’s deadline was days ago. The meeting is in 30 minutes.” Patrick said and sighed.

“I’m sorry dad, I wish there was something i could do to help.” June said apologetically.

“No honey, it’s fine. I’ll figure something out.” Patrick said and forced a smile.

“I have to go now.” Patrick said and pecked Doris.

“Good luck dad.” June said as Patrick wore his coat.

“Thanks honey.” He responded and left.


Sinclair Pharmaceutical HQ, Grenville, Tennessee.

Patrick walked into the board room as Dylan followed behind.

“Mr Sinclair, we’ve been waiting for you.” Winston Miller said.

“I apologize for the delay.” Patrick said and took his seat at the head of the table.

“Mr Sinclair, you have exceeded the 7 days ultimatum we gave you to come up with something.” Mr Winston Miller, a member of the Sinclair Pharmaceutical board spoke out as they all sat round a table at the board room. Patrick kept mute for a while without a response, he appeared to be deep in thoughts.

“Mr Sinclair?” Winston called out.

“I’m sorry, I heard you loud and clear.” Patrick responded as he snapped out of his thoughts.

“You all have been patient for me and i can’t thank you enough. Everyone of you know how much i have put into making this company what it is today and i can never watch my lifetime work crumble without a solution.” Patrick began.

“The last couple of days have been really hectic for me, as you all must be aware of by now, my daughter got kidnapped and it’s been really rough.” Patrick said.

“This is more of a reason why i believe you’re not fit to be the CEO of this company anymore, you can’t deal with your family issues and watch over a company this big.” Eva Gomez said and sipped a glass of water.

“Be careful Eva.” Patrick warned and shot her a wicked glance.

“Mr Sinclair, have you figured something out yet?” Winston Miller asked.

“No Winston, not yet. But if-” Patrick was saying as Winston cut him short.

“No if Mr Sinclair, you had your time. I’m sorry.” Winston Miller said and bow his head slightly.

“Sorry?” Patrick asked.

“The board have come into the conclusion you’ll have to be relieved of your position as the Chief Executive Officer of this company.” Winston Miller announced as the board members nodded in affirmation.

“Joseph O’Toole will be the interim CEO. We hope you use your time off the company to figure something out before a permanent decision is made. I’m sorry Mr Sinclair.” Winston Miller said as Joseph O’Toole smiled broadly from where he was seated.

Patrick stood up and barged out of the boardroom in anger as Dylan followed behind, leaving the board members stunned at Patrick’s actions.


June stood in her bedroom and looked herself up in the mirror, she was dressed up in a blue jean, a white t-shirt on the inside and a black leather jacket on the outside. The jacket inners were orange in colour and she completed the look with an orange coloured sunglasses to match the orange coloured inners of the open jacket. She sat on her bed and put on a white sneakers.

“Perfect.” She said to herself and loosed her brown hair from its ponytail as the hair sat across her shoulders in its magnificent curls. She sprayed a perfume and took a proper look at the mirror once again to be sure she was all ready to go. She then smiled at herself and head out of the room.

“Hey mom, I’ve got a lunch with Dominic and Rose.” June said to Doris who sat in the living room lost in thoughts.

“Oh-Oh Dominic.” Doris startled.

“Yeah. He invited Rose and I to lunch.”

“Okay. Have fun sweetheart.” Doris said and forced a smile.

“I will.” June responded.

“Have fun June.” Megan chirped from an angle of the living room where she was seated, June hadn’t noticed her presence until she spoke.

“Oh, thank you Megan.” June said with a smile. She then turned to head out of the living room only to meet Alex standing by the door.

“Alex? What are you doing here?” June asked in surprise.

“I’m sorry i didn’t mean to startle you, I could have called but i felt it’ll be better if i come in person.” Alex said.

“No, it’s totally fine.”

“Thanks. Do you have somewhere to be now?” Alex asked as he noticed June had been shooting occasional glances at her wristwatch.

“Yeah sort of.” June responded as her eyes flickered monetarily to Alex’s lips. She licked her lower lips and smiled to herself.

“Uhm that’s a bummer. I was hoping we could go out this afternoon.”

“Sure, I’m available.” June said with a wide smile.

“How about the-” Alex was saying as June cut in.

“No don’t worry about that. Where are we going?” June asked and grabbed his arm.

“The new Grenville mall, dad opened it a couple of weeks back. I’m sure you’ll love it there.” Alex said.

“I’m in, let’s go.” June said excitingly as Alex walked her to his car and opened the front door for her to get in.


Rose pushed the doorbell at the Griffith’s home as Dominic answered the door himself.

“Hi.” Rose greeted.

“Hey Rose, come on in.” Dominic said and paved way for her to get in. He looked outside quickly hoping he would see June coming behind but he didn’t. He had no choice but to close the door hoping the next ring of the door he will hear would be June’s.

“Hi Alexa.” Rose greeted and hugged Alexa.

“So I made-” Dominic was saying as Alexa cut in.

“We made.” She corrected.

“Right. We made pancakes and a chicken salad sandwich.” Dominic said and rubbed his palm.

“That’s really great. Those are one of June’s favourite. She’ll never forget you for this.” Rose joked.

“Speaking of June, why isn’t she here? It’s past noon already.” Alexa enquired.

“I don’t know. You called her right?” Rose asked facing Dominic.

“Yeah i did. She promised to be here by noon. Still no sign of her.” Dominic said as he began to arrange the meals on the dinning table.

“Give her a call.” Rose suggested.

“Okay.” Dominic said pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and flipped open the keypad cover to give June a call. The call rang endlessly but got no answer.

“She isn’t picking up.” Dominic said and shrugged. “Let’s carry on, she’ll join us later.” He added.


The Grenville Mall, Tennessee.

Alex pulled the car to halt at the Mall’s parking lot. “Wow!” June exclaimed as she sighted the magnificent structure of the mall from where she was seated.

“You like it?” Alex asked.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Wait till you get inside. Come on.” Alex said and got down from the car. June joined him shortly and they held hands together and approached the mall’s grand entrance. The Grenville mall had a wide transparent tempered glass structure that showed the beauty of the mall from the inside.

Large electronic billboards displaying adverts of newly discounted products such as the Ritz Crackers which had a discounted price of $1.99 made most parts of the glassy structure of the shopping mall exterior.

They both approached the mall’s entrance as the door automatically slid open. On stepping into the mall’s first floor, they could feel the blast of cool air and the blare of Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody hit song.

June turned her head around as she took in the scenery of the beautiful mall.

The layout of the first floor was very magnificent. It was spacious and well lighted up. There first floor had a supermarket which occupied most of it’s space, An electronic shop where latest electronics systems were displayed and a very attractive jewelry shop where most girls filled trying on different jewelries.

“Would you like an ice cream? And then we check out the arcade section after.” Alex said as they held hands together.

“Yea! Sure.”

“Sure you do.” Alex joked as he led June to the mall’s escalator, they stood patiently on the crowded escalator as the steps took them upwards to the second floor.

They got to the second floor and met more crowd than they expected, the ice cream shop had a long queue.

“How long are we gonna wait for that?” June asked as her eyes widened at the crowd on the queue.

“We’re not gonna join the queue, watch.” Alex said and pulled June forward playfully as they approached the ice cream counter without queueing on the line.

“Hey daisy. Could we get 2 please? I’d like a vanilla and strawberry cream.” Alex said to Daisy who happened to be the ice cream seller. He then turned to June to hear what flavour she’ll prefer.

“I’ll take the same.” June said and smiled at Alex.

“They’re not on the f-----g line!” A guy yelled from queue as the crowd began to murmur.

“A minute.” Daisy responded and rushed into an inner section of the shop to get Alex’s order, in less than a minute she was back with the ice cream.

“Thanks daisy.” Alex said as he received the ice cream.

“You’re welcome. Hi June, I’m sorry i can’t talk now.” Daisy apologized quickly and rushed back to attend to those on the queue.

“It’s fine.” June said and gave Alex a weird look. She never knew daisy and she wondered how daisy got to know her name.

“You f-----g assholes!” a guy cursed as most people on the line gave June and Alex the middle finger.

“It’s June Sinclair” The crowd began to whisper on the line as they sighted June. Alex and June ran away laughing not paying attention to the insults or whispers of June’s name they heard from customers on the line.

“It tastes really good.” June said in a mouthful as remnants of the ice cream covered her lips.

“Yeah look at you!” Alex said and laughed as he poked June’s forehead.

“You’re a good gamer right?” Alex asked.

“Yeah sort of.”

“Let’s head over to the arcade!” Alex said and dragged June away playfully.


“She isn’t picking up too. Are you sure she’s okay?” Rose said and dropped her cellphone on the table as Dominic helped himself to some leftover pancakes.

“I guess she is.” Dominic responded and gulped down a glass of champagne. Alexa shot a glance at Dominic and she could see the anger all over his face. He felt disappointed and neglected.

“The lunch was superb by the way. Thank you so much Dominic, its a pity June couldn’t make it.” Rose said trying to calm Dominic.

“It’s fine.” Dominic said and stood up angrily.

“Are you mad at her?” Rose asked.

“Not really, I’m sure she has a very good explanation for not coming.” Dominic said.

“It’s almost nightfall, will you accompany me to check up on her at home? She might be ill or something.” Dominic said.

“Yeah sure.” Rose said and stood up from the dinning chair.


June and Alex had got to the arcade section of the mall and they both were seated next to each other holding the steering controller for the popular racing game, Racing Drivin’.

“Are you ready?” Alex asked and smirked as he held the steering firm.

“Aye Aye captain.” June responded and laughed as the countdown on the screen began. The game began counting down from 3,2,1 as the cars burst into speed. June steered the steering softly and pressed her feet on the pedal while Alex was more aggressive with how he handled the game.

Alex took the lead as June trailed behind, she then caught up with him and hit his car with hers very hard as Alex’s car almost rolled over.

“What the hell!” Alex exclaimed.

“It’s a part of the game babe.” June said sarcastically and pressed her feet on the pedal harder as her car bursted into more speed. Alex’s car came close again and June steered to the far left as her car knocked Alex’s car off the road and the animated driver fell out of the car.

“F--k! Yes!” She said and screamed aloud as she cruised to the finish line alone.

“That was so unfair.”Alex said and laughed off June’s brutal approach to the game.

“That’s racing drivin baby!” June said and raised her hands in the air dancing to the music playing from the game. Alex looked at her and feigned annoyance as they both burst into laughter.


Dominic and Rose got to the Sinclair mansion and met Mr Morgan packing some stuffs into the Motorhome parked at the garage.

“Hi Mr Morgan” Rose greeted.

“Hi Rose, Dominic. What’s up guys?”

“Have you seen June around sir?” Dominica asked.

“No i haven’t. Maybe you should ask Mrs Sinclair?”

“Yeah i will. Thank you sir.” Dominic said and head to the Mansion’s door and knocked softly. Doris answered almost immediately.

“Hi Dominic! Is everything alright?” Doris asked as she noticed the distress on Dominic’s face.

“Yes ma’am.” Dominic responded.

“Hi Mrs Sinclair.” Rose greeted with a wide smile.

“Hey Rose, are you guys sure everything is okay?” Doris asked and scanned the look on their faces.

“Yes ma’am. Its just, we haven’t seen June all day. She was supposed to be with us for lunch this afternoon and she didn’t been picking her calls nor return them. So we’re kinda worried.” Dominic explained.

“That’s weird.” Doris said.

“How?” Rose asked.

“She was dressed up earlier on and i thought she was gonna hang out with you guys? She told me about the lunch.” Doris said.

“No ma’am, we haven’t seen her all day.” Dominic said.

“I’ll get my cellphone to put a call through to her.” Doris said and made a turn to go get her cellphone until she heard a car drive into the mansion’s premises. She then halt to see who it was.

“Isn’t that Alex’s car?” Rose asked as the car got closer. At this point, anger pumped into Dominic’s veins.

Alex pulled the car to halt as they both got down from the car laughing and holding a popcorn bucket as they staggered playfully while the popcorn spilled on the floor. Their faces were designed in different face paint animations and they wore an ice cream cone hat.

Their laughter stopped the minute they noticed the presence of Dominic, Rose and Doris.

“Thank you Mrs Sinclair. I’ll get going.” Dominic said to Doris and began walking away.

“Dominic! Dom I’m sorry please.” June threw the popcorn bucket down and ran after Dominic. She caught up with him and grabbed his arm.

“Don’t!” Dominic warned and yanked his arm off her grasp and stormed out of the mansion’s gate in anger.

“Did something happen?” Alex asked not having the slightest clue of what was going on.

“She was supposed to have lunch with us and then she disappeared and we’ve been worried sick about her.” Rose explained to Alex.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. I never knew she was heading to lunch with you guys. I could have accompanied her over to the lunch. I sincerely apologize.” Alex said apologetically.

Meanwhile June chased after Dominic outside the Mansion’s gate, he was trekking home in a fast pace.

“Dominic please wait. I’m sorry! Please!” June yelled as she appeared to be out of breath, but Dominic never listened. He completely ignored her plea and walked away further. June buried her face in her palm and collapsed on her knees.

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