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Sovereign Compromising

In the air, Dao Sovereign Baiyun and the Mystic Ice Queen were slightly dazed.

No one doubted the strength of the two Lord Prodigies or their ability to create miracles.

The merging of their momentum and battle-intent made the hearts of the three Sovereigns move.

Maybe these two together can actually challenge a Sovereign.

Tiemo thought, even though logic told him that the chance of victory was extremely low.

Patriarch Hong’s eyes twinkled and he felt hot-blooded, as if he was seeing himself from back then in Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.

However, even when he was young, he wasn’t as courageous as Zhao Feng or Yu Tianhao.

Challenging a Sovereign! Patriarch Hong jumped up in fright from their actions. They were too courageous!

But the battle-intent radiating from them was shocking.

Being a Sovereign, Patriarch Hong obviously knew the difference between the True Lord Rank and the Origin Core Realm.

One could see that difference when Elder Assassination killed the Golden Sun family Head and First Elder.

However, being Lord Prodigies that stood at the peak of dozens of generations, they were already a miracle.

Although logic dictated winning wasn’t very likely, Patriarch Hong believed in and was expectant of them.

“You two need to think things through.”

Patriarch Hong said slowly with deep meaning.

Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao weren’t moved, but the Mystic Ice Queen and Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s expressions changed – Patriarch Hong was talking to them.

The expressions of the two Sovereigns started to become solemn. They didn’t dare to underestimate the combination of Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao.

Like Patriarch Hong, they didn’t really believe that two Overwhelming Prodigies combined would be enough to fight a Sovereign, but Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao’s battle-intent kept on challenging their thoughts; maybe they really could do it.

These two were Lord Prodigies that surpassed dozens of generations. Even Sovereigns didn’t doubt their abilities.

“Zhao Feng, I heard that you and Yufei were childhood friends. Why do you and I have to be like fire and water?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun sighed as his aura disappeared.

Most of the figures from the Iron Blood Religion let out a breath, but they felt puzzled.

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other and smiled.

In this instant, a Sovereign had taken a step back.

“This Dao Sovereign Baiyun actually stepped back….”

The Mystic Ice Queen gritted her teeth. However, facing the two Overwhelming Prodigies, even she had thoughts of retreating.

In terms of momentum, the two Lord Prodigies even had signs of suppressing a Sovereign.

No one wanted to be the enemy of both Lord Prodigies.

One had to know that Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao’s current accomplishments surpassed even the Scarlet Moon Patriarch and Sword Saint Ye Wuxie when they were in their youth.

If there were no accidents, these two would become rulers of the continent.

They were Sovereigns of the older generation and there wouldn’t be much glory in defeating these two youths. Furthermore, it was highly likely they would be enemies of these two Lord Prodigies from now.

And if they came to a draw… or even lost?

Those were situations that the two Sovereigns didn’t want to happen the most, and they felt that there was at least a possibility of one or the other happening.

That meant that only bad things could happen to the Sovereigns if they fought, so it was no wonder why Dao Sovereign Baiyun would step back.

“Senior Baiyun, we can discuss Yufei’s situation in private.”

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline power was taken back a bit as well.

The reason they hadn’t already talked about it was mainly because the Sovereign was acting all high and mighty.

Zhao Feng obviously wouldn’t act warm toward him with that attitude.

However, after facing the confidence of the two Lord Prodigies, Dao Sovereign Baiyun finally put away his superiority and wanted to talk.

“Sure, I also want to see the person that Yufei admires.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun smiled warmly and nodded.

Seeing that Zhao Feng and Dao Sovereign Baiyun came to an understanding, the Mystic Ice Queen’s expression changed.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun, you actually believe him? In front of fortune and treasure, who knows what people are capable of? Zhao Feng came back from the mysterious inheritance and your disciple didn’t. How can you be sure that he didn’t kill her?”

The Mystic Ice Queen smiled.

“What do you mean?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s expression froze and he was unhappy.

“I’m just worried that you’ll be tricked by this brat’s one-sided tale. I believe that even Patriarch Hong is interested in the mysterious inheritance. All of us can know its secrets.”

The Mystic Ice Queen’s tone was harsh.

The whole point of her and Dao Sovereign Baiyun teaming up was for the unknown inheritance. Now that she was going to be excluded, she was obviously angry.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun couldn’t help but hesitate. He didn’t want to offend the Mystic Ice Queen and the Mystic Ice Palace either.

Furthermore, he thought that the Mystic Ice Queen’s words weren’t without reason.

“If Senior is suspicious of me, I’ll say just four words to change your mind and prove myself.”

Zhao Feng didn’t step back.

“Which four words?”

The three Sovereigns and everyone else all turned toward Zhao Feng.

“Ten. Thousand. Ancient-“

Zhao Feng said, emphasizing each word.

“Wait, wait, wait! I believe you!”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s expression changed drastically and he immediately stopped Zhao Feng.

Ten Thousand Ancient Races.

Zhao Feng was stopped after the third word.

The other two Sovereigns and experts started to think, but they weren’t exactly sure.

“Let’s discuss in private.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun glanced deeply at Zhao Feng.

Only Dao Sovereign Baiyun and one other Sovereign in the Clan knew about Zhao Yufei’s bloodline.

Even Zhao Yufei herself didn’t know about it before because it was kept hidden in Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s heart.

He didn’t dare to reveal this secret because the Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline was too shocking. Even the Heavenly Yuan Clan might not be able to handle the consequences.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng and Dao Sovereign Baiyun flashed into a hall.

“This Zhao Feng is quite interesting. I await the day I fight with him.”

Yu Tianhao watched them disappear into the hall as he took out a mysterious token that glowed with an unknown sensation before sighing, “Unfortunately, I don’t have much time.”

“Let’s go.”

The Mystic Ice Queen gritted her teeth and was extremely unwillingly.

She knew that Zhao Feng had already gained Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s trust and she wouldn’t have a share in the unknown inheritance’s secrets.


Patriarch Hong said emotionlessly.

Tiemo let out a long breath. The danger finally passed.

Of the two Sovereigns, one made peace with Zhao Feng while the other left in anger.

“Yu Tianhao, thank you.”

Tiemo smiled and said.

He knew that Yu Tianhao’s background played a huge part in Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s decision to step back.

“I’m not helping the Iron Blood Religion, just Zhao Feng.”

Yu Tianhao wasn’t respectful at all and Tiemo instantly felt awkward.


Patriarch Hong and company started to laugh. Yu Tianhao didn’t give Tiemo any face at all.

At this point in time, Zhao Feng and Dao Sovereign Baiyun were within the hall while everyone else waited outside.

Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, Yu Tianhao, and company were all interested in the mysterious inheritance, but Zhao Feng was only willing to share the secrets with Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

Within the hall.

“’re saying that because Yufei has the bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, she was chosen by the spirit to become the successor of that inheritance?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun was half-happy and half-worried.

Zhao Feng didn’t reveal any specifics, he just summarized the overall situation.

Zhao Yufei had asked Zhao Feng to tell Dao Sovereign Baiyun that she was well.

Of course, knowing that the inheritance was being eyed by three two-star sects, Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s hairs stood straight up.

“I didn’t think that Yufei’s situation would be so dangerous.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun was unable to calm down.

“I hope that Senior will keep this a secret and not tell any other person, or else disaster may befall the entire Azure Flower Continent.”

Zhao Feng emphasized.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s heart shook.

This secret was the same as Zhao Yufei’s Ten Thousand Ancient Races bloodline and couldn’t be revealed.

If Dao Sovereign Baiyun didn’t want to bring trouble to the Heavenly Yuan Clan, he would keep his mouth shut.

Of course, Zhao Feng didn’t talk about another big secret – the Purple Saint Token.

With the Purple Saint Token, Zhao Feng could interact with the Purple Saint Ruins and even return there.

The two walked out a while later.

Zhao Feng’s expression was the same as usual, but Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s emotions were unstable and he seemed to be shocked.

Although Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, and company were curious, they didn’t ask.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he stayed behind and talked to Patriarch Hong about an alliance between the Heavenly Yuan Clan and the Iron Blood Religion.

Patriarch Hong was extremely surprised. Being one of the Ten Major Forces, the Heavenly Yuan Clan asked to become the Iron Blood Religion’s ally?

At the same time, a battle between Overwhelming Prodigies was about to unfold.

On a mountain hundreds of miles away.

“Zhao Feng, I don’t have much time. After this battle, I will leave the Azure Flower Continent. I hope you don’t disappoint me….”

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