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The Appearance of Purple Destruction

On a mountain located several hundred miles away from the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Is it about to begin?”

Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye, and company glanced at the two figures with excitement.

Around the mountains were many members of the Iron Blood Religion upper echelon, including the Deputy Patriarch, the Protectors, the Elders, and the Chapter Leaders.

Everyone was looking forward to the battle about to unfold.

Shua! Shua!

Two powerful auras appeared at the bottom of the mountain that seemed to be the center of the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby.


“Senior Baiyun.”

The spectators felt their hearts become heavy from the pressure. The two newcomers were Patriarch Hong and Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

The hearts of Jiang Sanfeng and company shook. They didn’t think that a battle between juniors would be enough to cause even Sovereigns to come over specifically to watch.

Right at this moment, the battle began.

The first to attack was Yu Tianhao with his classic move.


A strong surge of mental energy intent came from Yu Tianhao’s palm.


A stunning light flashed through the sky, and it seemed to be able to suppress everything in its path.

The laws and the intent contained within this move were similar to that of a Sovereign’s.

The hearts of the spectators below shook and their faces went red.

“Of course, that’s Yu Tianhao alright.”

“With that level of comprehension, it’s not impossible for him to become a Sovereign within ten years.”

The eyes of Patriarch Hong and Dao Sovereign Baiyun lit up.

In front of that palm, Zhao Feng was extremely small and his resistance seemed futile.

Of course, that was just a feeling from looking at the attack. Zhao Feng’s soul-strength was actually stronger than Yu Tianhao’s.

“Eye of Ice Soul – Ice Soul Shooting Line!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye turned ice-blue as it shot out a half-transparent blue light.

The blue light radiated a bone-chilling coldness that landed on Yu Tianhao.


Yu Tianhao’s body froze as a cold sensation travelled throughout his body and even into his mental energy dimension.

His entire body went cold and his attack stopped.


Yu Tianhao’s battle-intent became a blade that slashed the cold into pieces, and the mental energy coldness from the Ice Soul Shooting Line was crushed by Yu Tianhao.

At the same time:

Claw of Wind and Lightning!

Zhao Feng waved his hand and a giant claw that sparkled with a faint purple lightning clashed with Yu Tianhao’s attack.


The lightning and the beam of light clashed, releasing an aura of destruction.

Zhao Feng was pushed back a couple steps from the shockwave.

The move that defeated everyone in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering was just taken care of by Zhao Feng.

The spectators watched with bulging eyes.

“No one can compare to Zhao Feng’s control of a situation.”

Tiemo said.

Yu Tianhao’s offense was extremely strong, and only a small number of half-step Origin Core Realm experts could block his attack without being injured.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t allow Yu Tianhao to do as he pleased. Zhao Feng used his Ice Soul Shooting Line to weaken the Yu Tianhao’s defense.

At this point in time, Yu Tianhao had only just managed to block the effect from the Ice Soul Shooting Line.


Before he could even attack, chains of wind and lightning started to surround Yu Tianhao and restrict his movement.

So fast!

Everyone could only see a blue-haired youth suddenly appear next to Yu Tianhao and limit his movements.

Yu Tianhao’s expression changed. The numbing sensation of the lightning and the pressure of the wind put him at a disadvantage.

Unparalleled secret technique – Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn!

A glow of light radiated from Yu Tianhao and he seemed to become a war god as he attacked with rings in every direction.

At this moment in time, each and every punch and palm from Yu Tianhao contained a powerful mental energy intent.

Even Zhao Feng couldn’t stop the continuous crashing of Yu Tianhao’s intent. If it were a normal peak True Lord Rank, their defenses would be broken in a wave or two since Yu Tianhao’s intent was similar to a Sovereign’s.


The chains of wind and lightning around Yu Tianhao were shattered.


Zhao Feng’s expression changed. A ball of lightning started to condense in his palm, which then started to spin around a small purple light.

“Wind Lightning Tornado!”

The ball of wind and lightning suddenly expanded, forming a tornado that exceeded a hundred yards in width.


The enormous tornado released a destructive aura that engulfed Yu Tianhao’s Unparalleled Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn.

Within a couple breaths, the mountain was devoured by the tornado.


Craters that were dozens of yards wide would be left wherever the tornado went.

“Everyone, watch out!”

Some of the upper echelon members of the Iron Blood Religion panicked. Normal True Spirit Realms would die if they were accidentally hit by part of the battle.

Unparalleled secret technique - Chaotic Dancing Spring and Autumn!

Yu Tianhao was like a god of war as he sealed everything around him, and the tornado that Zhao Feng released was soon taken care of.

“I can’t let him get close.”

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. Yu Tianhao destroyed everything in his path and Zhao Feng had no advantage in close combat.


Zhao Feng turned into a blur of light as he instantly pulled away by one or two-hundred yards.

However, Yu Tianhao wasn’t a normal opponent and he instantly chased after Zhao Feng.

“Unparalleled in the World!”

Yu Tianhao radiated a powerful aura.


A mysterious cold light crushed everything in its path.

In that instant, even the sun and moon seemed to lose their color in front of this palm.

The expressions of the two Sovereigns changed slightly.

All of the spectators felt their hairs stand up, and they felt like even a god would die from this blow.

This same attack was used in Golden Sun Sacred City, but the power now was more than double than before.

“What a powerful strike!”

Zhao Feng’s heart trembled faintly, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath as a small faint purple core appeared on his palm, which merged with the surrounding lightning.


The two Sovereigns below felt an extremely destructive aura and their hearts jumped.

The small purple core was Zhao Feng’s purple-colored lightning and around it was the azure-colored lightning.

When its aura was released, every being within ten miles fell silent.

“Purple Destruction – Wind Lightning Destruction!”

The faint purple core in Zhao Feng’s palm merged with the azure lightning and transformed the attack into a beam of azure and purple.


The two attacks started to devour and destroy each other.

The spectators clicked their tongues. They couldn’t even see their figures anymore. All they could see was a cold light and a purple-azure lightning intertwining.

Several breaths later, the destructive aura faded.


Yu Tianhao’s figure shook and a few bloody scorch-marks were left on his body.

At the same time, the cold beam of light pressed forward onto Zhao Feng.


The dominating power instantly sent Zhao Feng flying as blood spurted from his mouth.

Di! Da!

A mysterious ripple of water appeared on top of Zhao Feng’s body that instantly healed his faint wounds.

Below the mountain, the spectators were holding their breath and were unable to calm down.

“Zhao Feng’s lightning seems to contain the laws of Destruction.”

Patriarch Hong and Dao Sovereign Baiyun looked at each other, extremely surprised.

The power of Destruction in that attack was extremely small in quantity, but it already shocked the two Sovereigns. If there was several times more, then the result would’ve been unimaginable.

“Yu Tianhao’s palm just now was enough to severely injure a half-step Origin Core Realm. Luckily, Zhao Feng has cultivated that power of Destruction….”

Tiemo let out a breath.

Zhao Feng currently had the advantage mainly due to the fact that his bloodline was capable of healing and faint injuries would instantly recover.

Therefore, in the scenario that their power was about the same, Zhao Feng had the advantage.

Wind Lightning Eye Flame!

Before Yu Tianhao could attack, Zhao Feng’s left eye turned azure and a faint purple flame flashed from his eye.


A half-transparent fire radiating an aura of Destruction whistled through the air and landed on Yu Tianhao.

Yu Tianhao harrumphed as he fell into a dangerous situation.

After the Wind Lightning Eye Flame was fired using the purple-colored lightning, it contained the ability to destroy life and it was extremely hard to recover from. In addition, this fire would even erode the soul itself.

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