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Lord Prodigies Standing Together

“Kekeke, Three Eyed Saint… if you want to take revenge, feel free to come at me.”

Zhao Feng mocked.


The Three Eyed Saint was so angry that his body started trembling and his third eye started twitching.

Don’t be rash!

Goddess Bing Wei gritted her teeth as she restrained the Three Eyed Saint.

In reality, her hatred for Zhao Feng wasn’t any lesser than the Three Eyed Saint’s, but she knew that the Three Eyed Saint wasn’t Zhao Feng’s match. Even if they teamed up, they still might not win.


The Mystic Ice Queen harrumphed in the air and her Origin Core Realm mental energy pressure crushed downward.

In that instant, the entire upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion lost the ability to breathe.

Zhao Feng stood motionless as his hair blew in the wind. He coldly gazed at the Mystic Ice Queen without showing any signs of weakness.

After the four months of seclusion, Zhao Feng’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Although he wasn’t as strong as a Sovereign, he believed he wouldn’t be helpless against one.

“When did this brat’s soul became so strong?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun was secretly surprised.

The Mystic Ice Queen also obviously realized that Zhao Feng’s soul was extremely strong and that he didn’t fear the mental energy pressure of a Sovereign.

The soul was the source of all consciousness and it was extremely hard to strengthen. The stronger the soul, the easier it was for one’s mental energy strength to increase.

Zhao Feng only had the cultivation of a True Lord Rank but his soul’s strength had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“Before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Zhao Feng’s soul wasn’t this strong.”

The Mystic Ice Queen’s heart moved. After entering the mysterious inheritance, Zhao Feng’s soul and cultivation had both increased dramatically.

Thinking up to here, the Mystic Ice Queen’s eyes became fiery.

In reality, the Three Eyed Saint was only one of the reasons she was here.

What truly moved her was the unknown inheritance.


A sudden scarlet-red figure that was radiating a bloody aura interposed itself between the Mystic Ice Queen and Zhao Feng.

It was Patriarch Hong.

“Mystic Ice Queen.”

Patriarch Hong spoke, “Being a Sovereign of the older generation, are you going to interfere between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint? Zhao Feng killing the Head of the Golden Sun family was only because of self-defense. When did the Mystic Ice Palace become so unreasonable?”

“Patriarch Hong’s indeed recovered some of his strength….”

The Mystic Ice Queen’s expression changed slightly. Even if it weren’t for the matter of something called righteousness, Patriarch Hong would still do his best to protect Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng was a rare prodigy even looking at the entire continent, and he was part of the Iron Blood Religion. The Heavenly Yuan Clan and the Mystic Ice Queen would do the same thing if they were in this situation.

“I just think it’s a bit suspicious. Zhao Feng has the strength to kill the Golden Sun family’s Head and First Elder? Furthermore, Sheng’er is my Goddess Bing Wei’s fiancé. What’s wrong with me trying to help him?”

A smile appeared on the Mystic Ice Queen’s face.

Goddess Bing Wei’s fiancé?

Many people were surprised. Although it could be used as an excuse, it was somewhat unreasonable.

After all, the Head of the Golden Sun family was the one to attack first.

“Are you doubting my strength? If you don’t believe me, you can send two half-step Origin Core Realm experts from the Mystic Ice Palace to try me.”

Zhao Feng licked his lips and seemed excited.

Everyone broke out into discussion after hearing that.

Zhao Feng’s arrogant tone was extremely disrespectful toward the Sovereign, and many questioned his abilities.

Everyone believed that it was possible for him to defeat a normal half-step Origin Core Realm, but killing two of them was too much.

“Where does this brat’s confidence come from? Can he really kill two half-step Origin Core Realms?”

The confidence Zhao Feng displayed made the Mystic Ice Queen’s side stunned.

If they didn’t believe it, they could try.

Zhao Feng wasn’t scared of the challenge, but the Mystic Ice Queen and the Heavenly Yuan Clan wouldn’t use the lives of two half-step Origin Core Realm experts to joke around.

“Everyone, Zhao Feng did indeed kill the Head of the Golden Sun family, but this is a personal problem between these two. If anyone dares to enter the fray, I shall not just sit around and watch.”

Patriarch Hong’s voice sounded.

The Mystic Ice Queen’s expression changed, but she soon had a plan and glanced toward Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun, both you and I want to question Zhao Feng. Why not team up and capture him?”

The two looked at each other as they interacted with their spiritual sense.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun glanced deeply at the Mystic Ice Queen but didn’t immediately respond.

Even though the “truth” had already come out, the Mystic Ice Queen still wanted to question Zhao Feng. From this, one could see her true intent.

Facing the mysterious inheritance, even Sovereigns were interested.

It was obvious that the Mystic Ice Queen’s true purpose wasn’t the truth.

The Mystic Ice Queen’s glance at Dao Sovereign Baiyun didn’t escape Patriarch Hong.

“Looks like the Mystic Ice Queen is here with ill intent.”

Patriarch Hong’s heart shook.

After a couple breaths and a glance at each other, Dao Sovereign Baiyun and the Mystic Ice Queen’s figures flashed.

Shua! Shua!

The two came in from opposite directions toward Zhao Feng and Patriarch Hong in the middle.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun, what is the meaning of this?”

Patriarch Hong’s expression changed.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun smiled and spoke in a calm tone, “I only want to know the specifics of how Yufei is doing, nothing more.”

A cold smile appeared on the Mystic Ice Queen’s face.

How could Dao Sovereign Baiyun reject her offer of working together?

On one side was the Iron Blood Religion that had just risen and on the other was one of the Ten Major Forces. Dao Sovereign Baiyun would obviously rather offend the former than the latter.

Furthermore, he wanted to question Zhao Feng anyway.

This situation instantly put the upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion into a battle-ready mindset.

The hearts of Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were burning, but two Sovereigns exceeded what the Iron Blood Religion could deal with.

However, Zhao Feng himself didn’t panic at all.

Right at this moment, an expressionless voice sounded, “No one can interfere with the battle between Zhao Feng and myself.”

This voice came from a cold black-haired youth.

Yu Tianhao!

Everyone was slightly dazed. They had forgotten about this Lord Prodigy.


Yu Tianhao appeared next to Zhao Feng.

“Yu Tianhao, you…”

Zhao Feng didn’t understand. This was his own problem. Why was Yu Tianhao coming?

“I won’t allow you to be harmed before our battle in any way. Any enemy of Zhao Feng will have to go through me.”

Yu Tianhao stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Zhao Feng.

Yu Tianhao wasn’t scared at all facing the two Sovereigns. On the contrary, his blood was boiling with excitement and battle-intent.

The invisible battle-intent surpassed the limit of his cultivation.

In that instant, the hearts of the two Sovereigns shook.

Putting cultivation aside, the battle-intent coming from Yu Tianhao alone could shake those at the Origin Core Realm.


“Is this the legendary Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline?”

Wariness appeared in the eyes of the two Sovereigns. The Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline was definitely a forbidden legend, and the two were also wary of Yu Tianhao’s father and the Yu family’s background.

“Yu Tianhao, I don’t mind you joining, but this is my problem. How can I let you stand at the front?”

Zhao Feng took a step forward.

In that instant, his God’s Spiritual Eye opened and radiated an aura of mental energy.

“How is this possible…? How can his eye be so strong?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye bloodline started to feel pressured.

Even the two Sovereigns were slightly dazed.

Zhao Feng’s eye-bloodline strength had reached a level where it could move even those at the Origin Core Realm.

Since when did the Azure Flower Continent have such monstrous geniuses?

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng’s mental energy and soul as well as Yu Tianhao’s battle-intent formed a momentum that surprised even those at the Origin Core Realm.

Both of their auras could move Sovereigns.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Everyone under the Origin Core Realm felt their hearts shake.


The two Lord Prodigies teamed up, and their opponent wasn’t a True Lord Rank or a half-step Origin Core Realm expert, but a Sovereign that stood at the peak of the continent.

“Your suggestion isn’t bad. My bloodline seems to be burning.”

Excitement appeared on Yu Tianhao’s face.

Although he was arrogant, he knew that the chances of him defeating a Sovereign alone was extremely low. But if he teamed up with Zhao Feng, anything was possible.

The situation had instantly changed. Yu Tianhao, who originally wanted to challenge Zhao Feng, had instead teamed up with him and stood back-to-back with Patriarch Hong.

Patriarch Hong faced the Mystic Ice Queen while Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao faced Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

“Maybe they can really do this.”

Patriarch Hong felt a powerful belief from them. It was as if they could accomplish anything.

Their confidence and momentum even had signs of being able to suppress a Sovereign.

Looking at these two Lord Prodigies, all three Sovereigns suddenly felt old.

The hot-blooded battle-intent of a youth was something they would never possess anymore.

It was because of this that Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao were Lord Prodigies. When the Sovereigns were in their youth, there would probably only be people who looked up to them.

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