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The True Culprit is Here!

At this point in time, there were enemies all around Zhao Feng, and none of them were weak.

Above him was the Mystic Ice Queen, who was flanked by the Three Eyed Saint and Goddess Bing Wei on her left and right.

In front of him was the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Yuan Clan, Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

Behind him was Yu Tianhao, who was waiting to battle.

Any one of these people could cause chaos in the Cloud area. Dao Sovereign Baiyun and the Mystic Ice Queen both stood at the peak of the continent.

“Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng… what kind of people did you offend?”

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo were sweating for Zhao Feng and there was worry in their eyes.

The unexpected appearances of all of these people at the same time dazed Zhao Feng momentarily.

“Zhao Feng, is my father’s death related to you in any way…?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s question was extremely sudden, and it contained hatred and killing intent. His third eye seemed to burn as it glowed with a golden light.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. From the Three Eyed Saint’s tone, it seemed as if he already something that made him suspicious, otherwise he wouldn’t come to question Zhao Feng straight away like this.

“Three Eyed Saint, don’t randomly accuse people without any evidence.”

Jiang Sanfeng shouted.

Tiemo smiled, “Three Eyed Saint, the Canopy Great Country hasn’t even received news of your father’s death yet. How would it be related to Zhao Feng?”

Hearing this, many people in the Iron Blood Religion agreed.

Most of them were puzzled. The Golden Sun family was based in the Middle Continent, and the Head of the Golden Sun family was an expert of the older generation whereas Zhao Feng was a junior not even twenty years old.

The two shouldn’t have any enmity to speak of.

“Evidence? Many people saw my father and First Elder follow Zhao Feng. After that, my father and First Elder never returned.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye locked on to Zhao Feng.

“Three Eyed Saint, how do you know your father’s dead?”

Patriarch Hong questioned.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. This was a critical question.

“In that period of time, my eye-bloodline became uneasy. According to the records of the Golden Sun family, only someone whose bloodline is connected to someone else with a Sacred Eye bloodline who has suffered misfortune would have this feeling.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s tone became sad and the crowd turned quiet.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun, Patriarch Hong, and company were all extremely knowledgeable and could sense the Three Eyed Saint’s bloodline sensations.

Being the former strongest eye-bloodline family, the Golden Sun family’s bloodline was extremely famous, and this “feeling” had appeared more than once or twice before.

Zhao Feng didn’t doubt the Three Eyed Saint. His God’s Spiritual Eye had its own abilities and it was extremely sensitive to danger.

Furthermore, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the Three Eyed Saint’s Sacred Eye bloodlines were directly related.

“Back then, I was injured by Zhao Feng and couldn’t delve further into that sensation. But a month after my father’s disappearance and searching everywhere, I finally found the last remaining aura of his bloodline in the depths of the forest. Only someone from the Golden Sun family would’ve been able to sense it.”

The Three Eyed Saint took a deep breath after speaking up to here.

His eyes became bloodshot as he stared at Zhao Feng, as if he was certain that Zhao Feng was the culprit.

Everyone looked at each other in disbelief.

“Firstly, Zhao Feng wasn’t present and he left without his companions.”

Goddess Bing Wei’s eyes scanned coldly over Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye, and their hearts jumped.

Indeed, Zhao Feng left the city very suspiciously.

“Secondly, there are witnesses that saw the Head of the Golden Sun family follow Zhao Feng.”

Goddess Bing Wei raised her hand.

Shua! Shua!

Three figures jumped out from a corner. There were two males and a female. One of them had reached the True Mystic Rank and the other two were at the True Human Rank.

“That’s right, we saw the Head of the family and a grass-hat-wearing elder follow Zhao Feng.”

The three confirmed.

Instantly, Zhao Feng received suspicious gazes.

All these signs and evidence indicated that the death of the Golden Sun family Head was connected to Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, if you’re innocent, why did you leave so suspiciously? What did you do alone? What happened after those two followed you?”

Goddess Bing Wei pressed onwards.

Zhao Feng remained expressionless and silent.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun, you can be our witness. This Zhao Feng is too suspicious. If the Iron Blood Religion doesn’t give a satisfactory answer, we can capture and question him together.”

The Mystic Ice Queen smiled toward Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo cursed in their hearts. The Mystic Ice Queen was too cunning. A single Sovereign might not be able to threaten Zhao Feng, but she asked Dao Sovereign Baiyun for help.

Once they teamed up, even Patriarch Hong wouldn’t be able to save Zhao Feng.

“Patriarch Hong, the Golden Sun family Head’s death and the whereabouts of my disciple are too suspicious. I think you should explain everything to us.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun didn’t immediately choose sides, glancing at Patriarch Hong instead.

Zhao Feng’s heart shook. Dao Sovereign Baiyun wasn’t nice either. Although he didn’t immediately team up with the Mystic Ice Queen, he was using the momentum to pressure the Iron Blood Religion.

At this point in time, Patriarch Hong and Tiemo indeed felt pressured by the two Sovereigns.

The Iron Blood Religion had just risen and it was facing danger already.

One had to know that the Mystic Ice Palace and Heavenly Yuan Clan were both members of the Ten Great Forces.

“Zhao Feng, I believe you aren’t the culprit and this isn’t related to you. If they’re bent on troubling us, the members of the Iron Blood Religion will not bow their heads to anyone.”

Patriarch Hong’s gaze turned toward Zhao Feng.

It was obvious that, in addition to the two Sovereigns wanting an explanation, Patriarch Hong wanted to know the answer as well.

“That’s right, we believe Deputy Patriarch Zhao isn’t the culprit.”

Everyone in the Iron Blood Religion was supportive. Everyone believed their Deputy Patriarch.

These voices made Zhao Feng feel warm.

However, he smiled instead, “How do you all know that I’m not the culprit?”

Hearing this, everyone went silent.

Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, Jiang Sanfeng, and company all paused.

Zhao Feng didn’t deny it.

“You don’t need to protect me. The Golden Sun family Head’s death… is indeed related to me.”

Zhao Feng laughed.

He admitted it!

Everyone stared with open mouths. The Mystic Ice Queen, the Three Eyed Saint, and Goddess Bing Wei were all dazed.

They had pushed onward so they could disrupt Zhao Feng’s heart and find more flaws in order to find the truth.

But Zhao Feng just admitted it.

“Zhao Feng, you…”

Tiemo panicked. Was Zhao Feng scared of the Iron Blood Religion being troubled?

“What’s going on?”

Patriarch Hong suddenly couldn’t see through Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, how did my father die!? Who helped you!?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s eyes were blood-red as he roared.

At this moment in time, everyone’s gazes landed on Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng snickered, “I am more than enough for those two. Why would I need helpers?”


Everyone’s hearts shook as they looked at Zhao Feng in disbelief.


The Mystic Ice Queen shook her head and laughed coldly.

“Impossible! Even normal half-step Origin Core Realm experts aren’t my father’s match, and First Elder is unparalleled under the Origin Core Realm!”

The Three Eyed Saint shook his head.

All of the experts here knew how strong the Head of the Golden Sun family and the First Elder were.

Even the Three Eyed Saint didn’t believe Zhao Feng could defeat those two. They guessed that Zhao Feng might be related to it, but there would definitely be helpers behind him.

“Zhao Feng, what reason did you have to kill the Head of the Golden Sun family?”

Patriarch Hong sighed.

Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng. Even if you really were the culprit, you didn’t need to admit it. Without evidence, the Mystic Ice Queen can’t do much.

“It’s simple. They wanted to kill me but they were killed by me instead. You can only blame them for not being strong enough.”

Zhao Feng replied.

“This means that… you killed them out of self-defense.”

Tiemo exclaimed.


The hearts of everyone in the Iron Blood Religion jumped while the Mystic Ice Queen and company’s expressions changed.

If this was true, then it was acceptable; if he didn’t kill them, he would be killed instead.

The Golden Sun family wouldn’t have a strong claim since they planned to murder Zhao Feng first.

“Zhao Feng, why would my father kill you!?”

The Three Eyed Saint raged.

“Hehe, do you even need to think about it?”

Zhao Feng laughed, and everyone understood.

Zhao Feng had defeated the Three Eyed Saint and taken the title of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline.

This was reality.

The Head of the Golden Sun family had attacked out of jealousy and hatred.

“That’s right, Zhao Feng is correct. There’s no reason for Zhao Feng to kill the Head of the Golden Sun family, but the Golden Sun family would love for Zhao Feng to die!”

Patriarch Hong roared with laughter and caused the air to tremble.

“Ridiculous! What evidence do you have?”

The Three Eyed Saint almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

If Zhao Feng had killed them out of self-defense, everything would be acceptable. It would become a problem between Zhao Feng and the Three Eyed Saint, which meant that the Mystic Ice Queen and Dao Sovereign Baiyun couldn’t help him take vengeance.

At the very least, Dao Sovereign Baiyun wouldn’t stand on their side.

“Evidence? Aye, there are three witnesses. Didn’t they see the Head of the Golden Sun family chase after me?”

Zhao Feng mocked and pointed toward the three witnesses.

The color of the witnesses’ faces instantly turned grey. Just a moment ago, they pointed out how the Head of the Golden Sun family and the First Elder pursued after Zhao Feng.

“Kekeke, Three Eyed Saint… if you want to take revenge, feel free to come at me.”

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