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The Sovereign’s Questioning

Zhao Feng had arrived even before Prince Jin and the others from the Canopy Great Country. Jiang Sanfeng and Die Ye still were back yet.

As soon as Zhao Feng landed, Deputy Patriarch Tiemo came out.

“How was the Tea Party?”

Tiemo asked.

To help Zhao Feng deal with the Three Eyed Saint, Tiemo had given a summary of the Golden Sun family’s Sacred Eye bloodline.

“Not bad.”

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face as he talked about what happened at the Tea Party.

Tiemo was overjoyed after listening, “I didn’t think that the title of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline would change because of you.”

Zhao Feng suddenly remembered that the Head of the Golden Sun family and their First Elder had chased him and were killed by Elder Assassination.

Should I tell that to Tiemo?

Just as Zhao Feng was hesitating, a voice sounded next to their ears, “Zhao Feng. Tiemo.”

Patriarch Hong.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped. He had almost forgotten who the true ruler of the Iron Blood Religion was.

A while later, Zhao Feng and Tiemo met Patriarch Hong in the underground palace.

Patriarch Hong’s face was ruddy and his aura was unfathomable.

His every action and movement seemed to resonate with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and his intent was many times stronger than that of a True Lord Rank.

“Zhao Feng, I didn’t think that you could have defeated the Three Eyed Saint and taken the title of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline.”

Patriarch Hong praised.

The Patriarch and the Deputy-Patriarch were extremely satisfied with Zhao Feng. It could be said that the youth who stood in front of them was the most talented eye-bloodline genius in the continent.

Even the Ten Major Forces would do their best to raise such a prodigy.

“Patriarch Hong, is there anything else you need?”

Zhao Feng inspected Patriarch Hong and found that his injuries were mostly healed.

Once this Sovereign reappeared, there would be no other voice in the Canopy Great Country.

“70-80% of my strength has recovered and I’ll go to the Sacred Alliance in a couple months. Have you thought about what I said last time?”

Patriarch Hong smiled and asked.

What he said last time?

Zhao Feng soon remembered what it was.

“Zhao Feng, joining the Three Saint Palace will be beneficial to both you and the Iron Blood Religion. You need to understand that the islands nearby, including the Azure Flower Continent, are ruled by the Three Saint Palace.”

Tiemo warned.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng started to hesitate and struggle.

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other.

“Zhao Feng, do you have something that you can’t say?”

Patrarich Hong asked.

Zhao Feng then told them about the situation with Liu Quixin.

After hearing Zhao Feng’s explanation, both Patriarch Hong and Tiemo understood. Liu Qinxin was Zhao Feng’s fiancée, so it was reasonable that he would try to find the Sky Saint Qin Inheritance in the future.

“This Zhao Feng places a lot of importance on relationships….”

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo looked at each other and sighed.

In reality, there was another reason why Zhao Feng couldn’t decide on joining the Three Saint Palace, and that was because of Zhao Yufei and the Purple Saint Ruins.

Furthermore, he was interested in the Eight Great God Eyes that the Sage had talked to him about.

All of that meant that Zhao Feng couldn’t be restricted by any force.

“Zhao Feng, we won’t interfere in your decision, but you must be strong enough to leave this place and enter the outside world. You at least need to reach the half-step Origin Core Realm before you leave.”

Patriarch Hong said.

“Thank you for your pointers.”

Zhao Feng gratefully thanked him.

The two didn’t want Zhao Feng to risk his safety outside. It would be better if he stayed in the two-star Three Saint Palace.

However, they respected Zhao Feng’s decision.

A Lord Prodigy who surpassed the geniuses of dozens of generations might be different from everyone else.

Next, Patriarch Hong taught some common knowledge to Zhao Feng.

“In theory, a True Lord Rank is enough to cross the ocean and enter the outside world. That’s the lowest requirement.”

Patriarch Hong paused.

True Lord Rank?

Zhao Feng’s heart moved. There was only a small number of True Lord Ranks in the Canopy Great Country, and a strong country only had one or two.

This also meant that many of the beings here were restricted.

Furthermore, True Lord Rank was just the minimum requirement.

“The danger a normal True Lord Rank faces when going outside is quite high. Usually, only by reaching the half-step Origin Core Realm will the risk lessen a bit. Sovereigns are quite rare in the outside world and can safely roam around.”

Patriarch Hong explained.

In reality, Sovereigns frequently travelled to other islands, but those at the True Lord Rank wouldn’t unless they were led by a Sovereign.

For example, Patriarch Hong occasionally went to other islands nearby when he was at his peak.

Three days later, Patriarch Hong shocked the world with his Origin Core Realm cultivation.

Within half a month’s time, the news had stunned the entire upper echelon of the Canopy Great Country.

On a certain day, Patriarch Hong even went to give the Imperials a personal visit.

The Imperials were silent and had no objections anymore.

“From today onwards, Patriarch Hong will be the country’s Grand Duke. The Iron Blood Religion shall be the country’s religion. Being the Iron Blood Religion’s enemy shall mean becoming the enemy of the Imperials….”

The Emperor helplessly made this decision.

Once a Sovereign appeared, the eight forces of the Canopy Great Country had no voice of their own.

Without a doubt, the Iron Blood Religion had become the country’s top force. Even without Patriarch Hong appearing, Zhao Feng and Tiemo were enough to suppress the Imperials.

With a Sovereign, the Iron Blood Religion wasn’t far away from being a one-star sect, they just needed to meet a few extra requirements.

Zhao Feng didn’t care about all that though. He had left the main headquarters ten days ago to find some places to cultivate.

Half a month later, after Patriarch Hong had reappeared to the world.


A bright beam of light descended from the sky. A powerful aura accompanied it, making the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion panic.

Even Deputy Patriarch Tiemo felt pressured.

“Who’s there?”

The experts of the Iron Blood Religion reacted, getting into a formation as they looked coldly at the black-haired youth in the sky.

“Yu Tianhao!”

Jiang Sanfeng and a few others recognized him and explained.

The black-haired youth was Yu Tianhao, who had come all the way from Golden Sun Sacred City.

“Is Zhao Feng here?”

Yu Tianhao casually scanned over the crowd, and everyone who looked at him felt as if their hearts had been struck.

Even someone as strong as Tiemo was unable to face Yu Tianhao’s gaze head-on.

“This Yu Tianhao’s much stronger than expected.”

Tiemo was shocked.

“Yu Tianhao, you didn’t come at the right time. Deputy Patriarch Zhao left ten days ago. Apparently, he went to find a quiet place to cultivate.”

Jiang Sanfeng said.

“When will he return?”

Yu Tianhao decided to stay at the Iron Blood Religion for a while. If he lost this chance, he might never have the chance to fight Zhao Feng again.

“Yu Tianhao? You are Yu Xingchen’s son?”

An old voice sounded in Yu Tianhao’s mind.


Yu Tianhao’s expression froze as he said in a deep tone, “This junior greets senior Hong.”

In the Azure Flower Continent, there was a limited number of Sovereigns and they all knew each other.

Seeing that there was a Sovereign here, Yu Tianhao’s actions became more respectful and he waited quietly.

In the underground palace.

“Brother Hong, it seems like Yu Tianhao’s here with not-so-good intentions. In the entire continent, probably only he can move Zhao Feng’s position. This battle would decide the number one genius in the continent.”

Tiemo said in a worried tone.

Patriarch Hong nodded his head solemnly, “Yu Tianhao’s father is extremely strong even among the Sovereigns, and even the Three Saint Palace is wary of the Yu family’s background.”

“Brother Hong, who do you think would win between Yu Tianhao and Zhao Feng?”

Tiemo asked the important question.

“If Yu Tianhao hasn’t ignited his Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline, he only has a 40% chance of winning against Zhao Feng. After all, Zhao Feng’s soul and eye-bloodline are incredibly powerful. But, if Yu Tianhao’s ignited the legendary Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline, then his chances of winning will reach 50-60%….”

Patriarch Hong replied.

Being a Sovereign, Patriarch Hong’s senses were extremely sharp.

If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have seen fit to give Zhao Feng the Ball of Ice Soul and the Dark Eye Incomplete Page the first time they met.

In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen days passed by.

“Hehe, Patriarch Hong, long time no see. I hope you’re doing well.”

A white-robed old daoist floated down.

The instant he descended, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi stopped, then flowed toward him like a stream.

Only those at the True Mystic Rank or above could sense this subtle change.

In a guest room within the headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

“Another Sovereign!”

Yu Tianhao’s expression changed.

“Hahaha, Dao Sovereign Baiyun? We haven’t met for several hundred years and you have the time to come here?”

A scarlet-haired elder flashed out and greeted the white-robed old daoist. It was Patriarch Hong.

This Dao Sovereign Baiyun had appeared back at the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun! The Grand Elder of the Heavenly Yuan Clan!”

Only a small number of people like Tiemo recognized Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s identity.

Soon, Dao Sovereign Baiyun, Patriarch Hong, and Deputy Patriarch Tiemo sat together in a hall.

“Dao Sovereign Baiyun, you probably didn’t come to the Iron Blood Religion just because it was on the way, right?”

Patriarch Hong’s eyes flashed. The two knew each other since they were both Sovereigns, but they weren’t very familiar with each other.

“I came this time to meet Zhao Feng.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun went straight to the point.

Meet Zhao Feng?

Patriarch Hong and Deputy Patriarch Tiemo looked at each other. Another one?

Yu Tianhao came for the same reason and still hadn’t left yet.

Tiemo thought about it and soon knew the intention of Dao Sovereign Baiyun.

As expected, “My disciple Yufei and Zhao Feng went into the unknown inheritance together.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun soon explained his intention. It was within expectations.

He wanted to personally question Zhao Feng about the whereabouts of Zhao Yufei as well as her situation.

“…Zhao Feng returned safely, but there’s still no news from my disciple. Although Tianyi brought some news back, I still have some questions.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s voice started to become cold and his powerful spiritual sense started to spread across the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

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