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Returning Safely

Seeing that he wouldn’t be getting an answer, Yu Tianhao left Golden Sun Sacred City.

He just turned around and left. The people in the city were surprised.

It seemed as if Yu Tianhao wasn’t interested in the Tea Party or even the Three Eyed Saint.

“Hmph, you want to leave just like that?”

Anger appeared in the Three Eyed Saint’s eyes. The feeling of being underestimated ignited his anger.


With a cold harrumph, he chased Yu Tianhao as a shining light radiated from his body.

“What are you doing?”

Yu Tianhao stopped in the air and looked coldly at the Three Eyed Saint.

“Yu Tianhao, we still haven’t fought, you and me.”

A gold ray of light shone from the Three Eyed Saint’s body as his third eye opened.

The transparent golden aura flowed through the air.

The aura was so powerful that even the normal Overwhelming Prodigies wouldn’t be able to it head-on.

“You’re indeed worthy of winning the Sacred True Dragon Gathering twice, but this isn’t your era anymore. Furthermore, the Golden Sun family’s been defeated by my Yu family for the last several hundred years.”

Yu Tianhao said regretfully.

“Naive brat. When I swept through the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, you were still trying to figure out how to wear your pants.”

The Three Eyed Saint laughed instead of getting angry.

Although he had already heard of how arrogant Yu Tianhao was, reality still surprised him.

One had to know that the Three Eyed Saint was the winner of two Sacred True Dragon Gatherings before Yu Tianhao, and he could be considered Yu Tianhao’s senior.

His cultivation and knowledge were both above Yu Tianhao’s.

“Let’s battle then.”

Yu Tianhao said crisply as he emitted a surge of battle-intent.

He obviously knew of the Three Eyed Saint’s name and he knew that the latter was worthy of being his opponent.

“I shall take back the glory of the Golden Sun family.”

The Three Eyed Saint’s bloodline was ignited as his third eye locked on to Yu Tianhao.

Yu Tianhao’s body became heavier as space seemed to become restricted by some kind of power.

Golden Void Dragon Sun Claw!

The Three Eyed Saint’s hand stretched forward, sparkling with gold.


The stunning claw seemed to make the space tremble and, combined with the restriction of his Sacred Eye bloodline, it formed a perfect attack.

Even a peak True Lord Rank would be moved by this attack, unable to take it head-on.

Yu TIanhao stood motionless, not making any signs to dodge. It didn’t seem to matter that he was locked on by the Sacred Eye bloodline.


Without any thought, Yu Tianhao simply thrusted out his palm.

A glow of spectacular light came from his palm. It seemed to become the center of the world, as if it was able to crush everything in its path.

If Zhao Feng was present, he would be stunned. Yu Tianhao’s intent seemed to be similar to a Sovereign’s.

However, Yu Tianhao’s intent was representative of his body – simple and straightforward.

Bam~~~~ Crack!

A loud explosion sounded, and everyone within Golden Sun Sacred City felt a wave of sand and dust blow toward them.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Some of the spectators were sent flying by the gust of wind from the clash, and the True Spirit Realm spectators held their breath as they looked on.

In the air, the Three Eyed Saint’s golden claw was instantly shattered.


The Three Eyed Saint took a few steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood in disbelief, “Unparalleled Battle Technique? No, you’ve seemed to merge the intent of some inheritance….”

“Three Eyed Saint, if you don’t use your true skill, you won’t have the chance to later.”

Yu Tianhao smiled.

The Three Eyed Saint took a deep breath with a solemn expression. Before the fight, he thought that Yu Tianhao would be slightly weaker than Zhao Feng since he didn’t have a monstrous bloodline like the latter, so his chances of winning should be higher.

Only when they clashed did the Three Eyed Saint truly understand how terrifying Yu Tianhao and the Yu family were.

No wonder his father and ancestors were suppressed by the Yu family.

Even Zhao Feng couldn’t defeat Yu Tianhao during the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Three Eyed Divine Light – Golden Crow World Smothering!”

The Three Eyed Saint’s third eye was like the sun as it gave off a bright beam of light.


A flaming golden crow flew through the sky and burned everything in its path.

This attack seemed to burn the air itself.

At this moment in time, the Three Eyed Saint’s Three Eyed Divine Light secret technique was pushed to the maximum, burning both mental energy and the physical world.

“Hahaha! That’s more like it.”

Yu Tianhao laughed as he thrusted out another palm.


A mysterious palm that sizzled with coldness seemed to devour the land


This palm resonated with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi as it crushed through everything that stood in its way.

“Oh my god!”

The experts in Golden Sun Sacred City held their breath as their hearts jumped.

Everything within several miles was covered by the palm. Even the moon and stars seemed to be devoured, losing their light.

The Three Eyed Saint seemed infinitely small compared to this power.

Even his father and the First Elder didn’t give him such pressure.

Although the Three Eyed Divine Light could disintegrate anything, his attack was blocked by layers of dominating force.

What was more terrifying was that Yu Tianhao’s palm even contained a powerful mental energy that crushed his Three Eyed Divine Light’s mental energy dispersion ability.


In front of this palm, the Three Eyed Saint didn’t even last more than two breaths before he was sent flying.

Teng! Sou~~ Wah!

His body flipped several times in the air and he spat out mouthfuls of blood. The pain coming from his entire body almost drove him crazy.

“How can this be the strength of someone at the True Lord Rank? Although his cultivation is almost at the late-stage True Lord Rank, no mental energy or intent under the Origin Core Realm can be compared to him.”

The Three Eyed Saint was stunned. The difference in cultivation between the two wasn’t big, but Yu Tianhao’s “unparalleled” absolutely crushed his Three Eyed Divine Light.

After retreating several hundred yards, the Three Eyed Saint managed to steady his body. His face was pale-white, and even his Sacred Eye bloodline seemed to face some kind of mental energy attack.

“You’re not my match, even when you were at your peak.”

Yu Tianhao said faintly.

It was obvious he had seen that the Three Eyed Saint’s bloodline power was slightly injured.

After all, he fought Zhao Feng half a month ago and his injuries still hadn’t recovered.

“Have you already opened the legendary Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline?”

The Three Eyed Saint took a deep breath.

“Unparalleled Heaven Battling bloodline? I can only ignite that bloodline by fighting opponents stronger than me. You don’t qualify.”

Yu Tianhao smiled and flew away.

The Three Eyed Saint’s heart shook as his humiliation and anger disappeared.

Yu Tianhao had utterly crushed him. He lost fair and square.

The difference between Yu Tianhao and Zhao Feng was that Yu Tianhao was straightforward and didn’t toy around.

While Zhao Feng had an overwhelming advantage as well, he came with a “humble” attitude.

Of the two, the Three Eyed Saint admired Yu Tianhao more. Zhao Feng was just an evil thief.

Golden Sun Sacred City.

Everyone sent away Yu Tianhao with their eyes. Their hearts were unable to calm down.

At this moment in time, everyone understood something.

The Three Eyed Saint’s era was indeed over. This era belonged to the two Lord Prodigies.

“Yu Tianhao’s definitely gone to find Zhao Feng.”

“These two Lord Prodigies stand at the peak of dozens of generations, but who is the true king?”

Excitement and expectation appeared on their faces.

“Jinyang Shengtian, I didn’t think that the Azure Flower Continent had such terrifying geniuses. Even the top True Dragon geniuses of the Three Saint Palace are only at that level.”

A thick-browed youth appeared next to the Three Eyed Saint. The Three Eyed Saint didn’t reply, but his silence implied that he agreed.

“If I’m able to recommend those two to the Three Saint Palace, that would be a big accomplishment.”

The thick-browed youth continued. He seemed to be excited.

“Recommend them to the Three Saint Palace? No way!”

The Three Eyed Saint exclaimed.

“Jinyang Shengtian, this is a great chance for us. If the Sect rewards us, we might have a chance to break through.”

The thick-browed youth was dissatisfied.

“First of all, Yu Tianhao definitely won’t join the Three Saint Palace. The Yu family has a big background in the outside world and none of their geniuses have ever been sent to the Three Saint Palace. If I’m not wrong, Yu Tianhao’s in a rush to challenge Zhao Feng because he will leave the Azure Flower Continent soon and go to a mysterious force that might be even stronger than the Three Saint Palace.”

The Three Eyed Saint explained.

“So that’s how it is.”

The youth wasn’t surprised. After all, the world was too big and the Azure Flower Continent was just a speck.

“But Zhao Feng definitely doesn’t have such a background.”

A smile appeared on the thick-browed youth’s face.

“You can’t do this! If that brat joins the Three Saint Palace, where will my face go…?”

The Three Eyed Saint almost exploded.

If Zhao Feng was to join the Three Saint Palace, then his Sacred Eye bloodline would be nothing. Everything would disappear if Zhao Feng joined.

Several months later, the Canopy Great Country, main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.


An arc of lightning landed.

“I’m finally back.”

This person was a blue-haired youth who let out a breath.

Thinking back to how he had talked to an Elder of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion at such a close distance, he still felt lucky.

Fortunately, he checked around and found no signs that he was being followed.

Now that he was back at the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion, he felt safe. After all, there was a Sovereign here.

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