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Long Seclusion

A couple breaths later, the entire main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion had been scanned by Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s spiritual sense.

Within the main headquarters, all the members of the Iron Blood Religion felt a powerful mental energy pass over them, and the pressure made them unable to breathe.

This was Dao Sovereign Baiyun doing his best to locate Zhao Feng short of using his full strength, otherwise some of the weaker True Spirit Realm cultivators would be coughing out blood.

“Senior, Zhao Feng really isn’t here. He’s gone out a while ago and no one knows where he’s headed.”

Tiemo shook his head and sighed.

He still remembered the scene of the little thieving cat flipping its coins while sitting on Zhao Feng’s shoulder as he left.

However, it was obvious that Dao Sovereign Baiyun didn’t really believe him, or else he wouldn’t have spread his spiritual sense around the entire headquarters.

“Behind Dao Sovereign Baiyun is the Heavenly Yuan Clan, one of the ten strongest forces on the continent.”

Tiemo sweated for Zhao Feng.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s status was high even amongst Sovereigns, and he was extremely knowledgeable.

Patriarch Hong might not have been a match even when he was at his peak, let alone now that he still hadn’t fully recovered.

On top of that, being one of the ten strongest forces and a one-star clan, the Heavenly Yuan Clan’s strength surpassed the Iron Blood Religion by far.

“That brat really isn’t here?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun retracted his spiritual sense and was slightly apologetic toward Patriarch Hong.

His actions just now were disrespectful, but he didn’t use his full strength since he was wary of Patriarch Hong.

In his search, even though he didn’t find his target, he ended up finding Overwhelming Prodigy Yu Tianhao.

“Tianhao, you’re also here?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun had a smile and was courteous.


Yu Tianhao stepped into the room. His speed and intent surpassed normal half-step Origin Core Realms.

“Hehe, so you’re also here to find Zhao Feng?”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun was surprised when he received his answer.

“That’s right, but I can’t stay for too long.”

Yu Tianhao replied.

Dao Sovereign Baiyun couldn’t help but think, Yu Tianhao’s father, Yu Xingchen, is one of the strongest among the Sovereigns, and their background isn’t simple.

It was extremely easy for Yu Tianhao to enter the Three Saint Palace with his talent. He could have joined ten years ago but he didn’t.

In the blink of an eye, another several months had passed.

Canopy Great Country, Transverse Water Area.

At the top of a tall misty mountain that was surrounded by green grass and a stream sat a blue-haired youth.

The mist around him sparkled with lightning and swirled with a knife-like sharpness.

The youth didn’t move at all as arcs of lightning flashed around him. Looking closely at these arcs of lightning, there was a faint purple aura that took up one-tenth of the original azure color.

These faint purple auras gave off a destructive feeling, and just a wisp of them made anything within several miles feel uneasy and panicky, just like how beasts would instinctively feel something if there was about to be a disaster.

As time passed, the wisps of the purple auras merged into the azure lightning.


A ball of lightning formed on the blue-haired youth’s palm. At the core, there was a faint purple color.

In that instant, the azure ball of lightning’s aura doubled in power and, although it looked calm, the space around it seemed to twist.

The chaotic and destructive aura radiating from it caused everything within ten miles to be dead-silent.

Miao miao!

A small silver-grey cat appeared on the youth’s shoulder, awakened by the aura.

“This purple lightning is extremely strong. Comparing it to the same quantity of azure lightning, it was dozens of times stronger.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement.

Zhao Feng’s comprehension of the Wind Lightning Stone Tablet was increasing as time passed.

Normally, this purple-colored lightning needed the cultivation of the half-step Origin Core Realm to comprehend, but Zhao Feng’s source of mental energy was so strong that he even tried to comprehend it before he reached the True Lord Rank.

Now, the strength of Zhao Feng’s soul was comparable to a Sovereign’s and his mental energy was on par with someone at the half-step Origin Core Realm.

Over the past couple months, his comprehension of the purple-colored lightning had progressed a lot.


The core of the lightning ball was faint purple while the outer layer was azure. The two colors slowly started to merge together and, with the purple color at the core, the ball of lightning was far stronger than before.

A smile of satisfaction appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. One had to know that Zhao Feng didn’t even use the true purple-colored lightning against the Three Eyed Saint; he only used it to avoid the eye-bloodline techniques.

Compared to before, Zhao Feng’s purple lightning had doubled in power, and it could be merged with the azure lightning, giving him better control.


Zhao Feng waved his hand and the purple aura in the middle of the ball instantly disappeared.

“I’ve been cultivating for more than two months after Patriarch Hong came out. I wonder what the situation is like in the Canopy Great Country?”

Zhao Feng remembered his duty as Deputy Patriarch.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat stood on his shoulder and threw a couple old bronze coins into the air. Then it shook its head.

“Hmm? You want me to continue cultivating…?”

Zhao Feng paused.

He went out this time because of the little thieving cat. He sort of believed the little thieving cat’s ability to avoid danger and misfortune.

If he was back at the Iron Blood Religion where there were a lot of problems he needed to attend to, his cultivation progress wouldn’t be as good as it was now.

Therefore, Zhao Feng listened to the little thieving cat this time.

“En. With Patriarch Hong – a Sovereign – guarding the Iron Blood Religion, there shouldn’t be anything for me to worry about.”

Zhao Feng closed his eyes once more.

For the next couple days, he started to test out how to incorporate his Wind Lightning Inheritance into some actual combat techniques.

Ten days later, Zhao Feng met a bottleneck in terms of the Wind Lightning Inheritance.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw its coins and shook its head once more.


He changed direction and merged his consciousness into the Ice Imperial Spear.

This time, he focused on his bloodline power and comprehending the Ice Imperial Spear’s contents.

A month later, Zhao Feng let out a long breath.

When he opened his eyes this time, there was a powerful belief glowing from them.

This was the first time Zhao Feng had actually entered seclusion for three or four months straight.

“I’ve never been in seclusion for so long.”

Zhao Feng started to think about the past. He didn’t even take half a year to cultivate from the Second Rank of the Consolidated Realm to the Seventh Rank.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat threw its old coins and still recommended Zhao Feng not to return to the Iron Blood Religion.

“I’ve reached bottlenecks in every aspect. There won’t be any effect if I stay in seclusion.”

Zhao Feng shook his head.

This was the longest time he had ever spent in seclusion. The Wind Lightning Stone Tablet, the Ice Imperial Spear, and his eye-bloodline had all reached bottlenecks that he wouldn’t be able to break through in the short term.

“Let’s go.”

A layer of lightning covered Zhao Feng as he flashed through the air.

Several days later, the main headquarters of the Iron Blood Religion.

An azure-purple figure flashed down from the clouds, landing in front of the great hall with a destructive aura.

However, the second he arrived, Zhao Feng could feel something was wrong, and his heart suddenly felt extremely uneasy.

“Zhao Feng, if you hadn’t come back soon, I would have left.”

A voice filled with battle-intent sounded from another section.

Zhao Feng looked toward that direction and saw a black-haired youth sitting on top of a hall.

“Yu Tianhao?”

Zhao Feng was surprised. Why was Yu Tianhao here?

Right as he was surprised, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi nearby started to move, forming a powerful aura.

“Zhao Feng, this old one’s been waiting for several months.”

An old voice with cold intent sounded from the top of a building.


A white-robed elder appeared in front of Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s body stiffened. He felt every action was harder than before.

“May I ask senior…”

Zhao Feng felt that this white-robed elder was familiar.

“I’m the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Yuan Clan and Zhao Yufei’s master.”

Dao Sovereign Baiyun harrumphed coldly.

Yufei’s master? Dao Sovereign Baiyun?

Zhao Feng finally realized why Dao Sovereign Baiyun had come.

However, before Zhao Feng could say anything else, another powerful ice-cold aura on par with Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s appeared.


Zhao Feng hiccupped and felt as if his bloodline was frozen.

Another Sovereign? Who is it?

Zhao Feng felt that this aura was familiar as well.

Raising his head, he was stunned by what he saw.

In the clouds, there was a beauty holding a staff of ice. She was wearing a crown and she seemed like the goddess of snow.

“Mystic Ice Queen!”

Zhao Feng took in a cold breath as he recognized the other Sovereign’s identity.

This beauty holding the ice staff was the ruler of the Mystic Ice Palace and she had appeared at the Northern Star Stand.

Confusion flashed in Zhao Feng’s eyes. He could guess Dao Sovereign Baiyun’s intentions, but the only one connected to both him and the Mystic Ice Queen was her disciple – Goddess Bing Wei.

However, the enmity between Zhao Feng and Goddess Bing Wei belonged to the realm of the younger generation, and it wasn’t really that bad anyway, so that wouldn’t cause the Mystic Ice Queen to personally come.

Sou! Sou!

The figures of a male and a female appeared on her left and right. It was a golden-haired youth and a beauty.

“Three Eyed Saint, Goddess Bing Wei!”

Zhao Feng’s pupils contracted.

He had his guesses after seeing the Three Eyed Saint.

“Zhao Feng, is my father’s death related to you in any way…?”

The Three Eyed Saint’s voice was cold and forceful.

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