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As Thin As Ice

The forest seemed to have become twisted by a power that turned it from day to night.

In the air, the bodies of the Golden Sun family Head and the grass-hat elder struggled.

Shu! Shu!

Two blades silently pierced through their bodies. The Head of the Golden Sun family didn’t have any time to dodge. His life force was destroyed.


The Head of the Golden Sun family raised his head and managed to see the figure of Elder Assassination.


He fell down in a puddle of blood, his eyes full of fear and unwillingness.

How could anyone want to die like this?

On the other side, the grass-hat elder managed to move to the side by half an inch, but the blade still scraped his heart.

“A Sovereign in the Dao of Assassination…. You’re Sovereign Assassination?”

The grass-hat elder coughed up blood.

The only thing he could do was raise his head and look at the crowned figure.

On the other side, Zhao Feng stood unmoving as he suppressed the shock in his heart, “This is the strength of a Sovereign?”

It wasn’t as if Zhao Feng had never seen a Sovereign before.

He had seen a Sovereign at the Rising Dragon Auction, and the Iron Blood Religion Patriarch was also one.

However, this was the first time he witnessed a Sovereign’s actual strength.

“The Head of the Golden Sun family is definitely comparable to a half-step Origin Core Realm and the grass-hat elder is even stronger. Under normal circumstances, even I would find it difficult to escape from these two.”

Zhao Feng’s heart didn’t calm down for a long time.

He originally thought that he was unparalleled under the Origin Core Realm and should be able to fight a few blows with an expert at the Origin Core Realm.

Now, it seemed his estimation was way off.

“Elder Assassination isn’t a normal Sovereign. He specializes in the Dao of Assassination and has killed many Sovereigns. His most glorious achievement was almost succeeding in assassinating Sword Saint Ye Wuxie.”

The sound of the skeletal Division Leader appeared in his mind.

Dao of Assassination.

Zhao Feng’s heart jumped.

No wonder the Head of the Golden Sun family couldn’t sense Elder Assassination even with his eye-bloodline. The two from the Golden Sun family were unable to dodge as the Sovereign cut them like radishes.

“Elder Assassination, I wouldn’t have thought that you’ve already recovered your strength. You’re pretty efficient in finishing off these two shrimps.”

Zhao Feng said casually and didn’t seem to be surprised at all.

Two shrimps?

The black-robed woman’s face twitched when she heard this.

One of those that was attacked was the Head of the strongest eye-bloodline family and the other was an Elder whose strength surpassed normal half-step Origin Core Realms.

However, Zhao Feng said what he did so casually. If it were him facing those two, he would most likely run away faster than a rabbit.

“Division Leader Yougu, if you recovered all your strength and used your mental energy techniques to control people, our strength would be equal.”

Elder Assassination didn’t find Zhao Feng’s words weird.

“Division Leader Yougu, you’re…!”

The grass-hat elder’s heart shook and his face was filled with helplessness, bitterness, and regret. If they had known beforehand that their target was a Division Leader, they wouldn’t have tried to attack him even if they had a hundred guts.


The grass-hat elder didn’t manage to last any longer and died.

Although Elder Assassination’s attack didn’t hit the grass-hat elder’s heart directly, it was still easy for a Sovereign to kill a half-step Origin Core Realm in one blow.

In just a few breaths, the Head of the Golden Sun family and the grass-hat elder had both fallen into puddles of blood.

Neither the black-robed woman nor Zhao Feng had seen how Elder Assassination killed them.


The dark night faded away, leaving behind only Elder Assassination.

“Division Leader Yougu, how did you offend the Golden Sun family? I heard that you were responsible for part of the Northern Continent.”

Elder Assassination landed next to Zhao Feng, and such a close distance made Zhao Feng’s heart turn cold.

His current situation was like walking on a tightrope. Although Zhao Feng already guessed that the person that had been following him might be a Sovereign, he didn’t expect it to be Elder Assassination, someone who specialized in the Dao of Assassination and someone that Zhao Feng might have no hope against.

Under this situation, Zhao Feng had to act calm or else he would reveal himself.

At the same time, he told the skeletal Division Leader not to make any random movements or he would kill it immediately.

The skeletal Division Leader was obedient. It knew that Zhao Feng could kill it faster than Elder Assassination could kill Zhao Feng.

“The situation in the Northern Continent isn’t very good….”

Zhao Feng sighed bitterly and told some information that the skeletal Division Leader had provided.

“The pressure the Middle Continent faces is even bigger….”

Elder Assassination shook his head.

Zhao Feng also got to know some information from Elder Assassination.

The Middle Continent was an extremely important place in the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s plan, and most of its experts were here.

Everything was done in order to deal with an enormous force – the Sacred Alliance.

“Oh yeah, there’s another Division Leader nearby. Do you want to meet him? Furthermore, the Patriarch is also in the Middle Continent and will exit seclusion soon.”

What Elder Assassination said made Zhao Feng’s heart jump.

He had accidentally stepped into the central headquarters of the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion.

Knowing that the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion’s Patriarch was also in the Middle Continent, Zhao Feng had the urge to instantly run away, but he knew that he couldn’t panic.

“Sigh. I really want to meet the Patriarch, but if I don’t take care of the trouble in the Northern Continent first, the result will be unthinkable. Furthermore, I need to recover my strength quickly.”

Zhao Feng said helplessly as Elder Assassination’s suggestions were all rejected.

“Oh well, it’s not wrong for you to put the overall situation first.”

Elder Assassination didn’t force Zhao Feng.

After that, the two figures exchanged secrets in the forest.

In this process, Zhao Feng was treading on thin ice. If it weren’t for the fact that he had the Jade Dragon Protection, he wouldn’t have easily tried out this plan.

Half a month later, Golden Sun Sacred City.


An indescribably powerful aura flew into Golden Sun Sacred City.

Who’s there!?

The guards caught sight of a shining light descending from the sky.

The shining light seemed to be the only thing in the world.

“Where is Zhao Feng?”

The newcomer was a black-haired youth whose eyes were like stars.

Every action and movement from the youth contained a powerful intent that made others unable to look at him.

Zhao Feng?

Many of the experts in Golden Sun Sacred City were shocked.

The newcomer’s aura was extremely powerful and he had a confidence that seemed to destroy everything.

“It’s him… Yu Tianhao!”

Someone exclaimed as they recognized the youth’s identity, and Golden Sun Sacred City broke into chaos.

“It’s him! The other Lord Prodigy of the continent!”

“We just sent away that nightmare half a month ago and another one’s appeared.”

The members of the Golden Sun family felt helpless.

Half a month ago, Zhao Feng took away their title of the continent’s strongest eye-bloodline. This was already a critical hit for the Golden Sun family, and now someone on par with Zhao Feng appeared.

In terms of fame, Yu Tianhao surpassed Zhao Feng.

“Yu Tianhao, the Tea Party’s already ended.”

A slightly angry voice sounded from within Golden Sun Sacred City.


A youth with golden hair and a third eye on his forehead appeared in the air. It was the Three Eyed Saint.

After being defeated, his attitude was crappy and no one dared to offend him.

More than a dozen people had already been killed by him.

Therefore, the second the Three Eyed Saint appeared, everyone became silent.

The Three Eyed Saint didn’t give Yu Tianhao any face. The Three Eyed Saint’s only opponent in the Tea Party was supposed to be Yu Tianhao, but he didn’t even show up.

The Three Eye Saint’s defeat combined with the unknown whereabouts of his father compressed his anger.

“You are the Three Eyed Saint?”

Yu Tianhao’s eyes flashed and he seemed to know this youth’s name.

The Three Eyed Saint harrumphed coldly, “Yu Tianhao, the tea from the Tea Party’s already gone cold. Do you think I’m someone easily bullied? Coming to challenge me after Zhao Feng?”


Yu Tianhao shook his head and said faintly, “True Dragon Tea Party? I’m not interested in that. I’m here for Zhao Feng…. He’s my only opponent.”

Hearing this, the Three Eyed Saint, who had just calmed down, almost exploded from anger.

Ridiculous! Arrogant!

Zhao Feng had come with a “humble” attitude to “learn,” whereas Yu Tianhao was just arrogant.

“Does anyone know where Zhao Feng went?”

Yu Tianhao glanced over the people, but no one dared to answer him in case they were later punished by the Three Eyed Saint.

Yu Tianhao didn’t stay any longer. He turned away as he murmured to himself, “Then I’ll go to the Canopy Great Country.”

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