The Player - S01 E34

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****Semi FINAL*****



I was still deeply asleep when I heard Irma crying

I quickly jumped up and ran to the nursery only to meet Daniel cuddling his queen as he used to call her and trying to feed her from the Breast milk I squeezed into the bottle

I stood at the entrance watching them…the love Daniel had for Irma was too much

One day his PA said to me


Please have more children quickly so that his attention on them will be divided or else

He will spoil this one rotten ”

He appreciated everything Irma did…he thought her clever for holding his finger…kicking her legs…for making adorable sweet sounds for doing everything all babies do but in Daniel’s eyes

His daughter did it far more better

I wondered the reason for his abnormal pampering until he said to me one afternoon as we watched Irma sleeping in her court…

“’re my heart.. My love… You’ve given me more than I deserve but her….” He said looking at Irma with glazed eyes

“She’s my own flesh and blood”

Then i understood… I realized that he had always been alone most of his life…No parents..No sister..No brothers…No uncles…No aunts…No cousin.. No family

..just him and him alone..

I remembered hugging him tight that afternoon saying

“Now you’ve got a family”

Looking at him now…as he cooed and fed Irma until she fell asleep I saw that great bond between them

It was so obvious that Irma preferred her dad even as a baby… I smiled and entered the room as he laid Irma in her cot

“Daddy Irma…

Good morning..”

He turned back surprised and laughed

“Morning sunshine

How are you”

I stretched and replied

“Am good”


As we stared at Irma laying…i said to anita

“She’s beautiful”just like you

Anita laughed

“She looks more like you…

Same nose

Same eyes

Same face

Even the same temperament”

I laughed and said


Are you saying that when she wakes up at night screaming and shouting

She takes after me?”

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