The Player - S01 E33

6 days ago

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He regained little composture and repeated hoarsely

“I love you rabbit” cuddling me tighter

“I would have given my life to have one more day with you to tell you that”

I kissed his rough hair and his neck as we now sat down on the floor with ashes surrounding us

Uncaring who might see us…daniel cupped his hand round my head and kissed me.

I wasn’t aware of the exact moment when he became himself again but suddenly his skin was warm and his lips was familiar as it moved tenderly over mine

After ending the kiss he laid his cheeks on mine…his fingers tracing my jaw….

“When they said you were dead…” He paused and forced himself to continue…

“I thought I was being punished for my past.I knew I wasn’t meant to have you but I couldn’t stop myself…

In my whole life,you were the one I wanted most…I had a feeling that one day…you will be taken from me…..

And because of this…I tried to protect myself “he continued in a tormented voice

I could hardly believe that my husband could say this…I now knew the reason why he didn’t never say he loved me

“I didn’t want to give you the one last part of myself that I couldn’t take back…and then you died ….and I realized that it was already yours .

It had been yours from the beginning .

Except that I never told you ….it drove me mad… The thought that you will never know”

“But am here my love….I’m here and we will live together forever “I said

He kissed me again and said

“I still couldn’t bear the thought of losing you” and he suddenly gave me that sexy smile of his

“But I won’t let the thought of it keep me from loving you with everything I have…

Heart…body…and anything else I can find to throw into the offer”

I laughed and kissed him

“You’re enough for me Daniel”

He then noticed my shoulder and asked what happened

I gave him the full details and immediately he called the commissioner of police and informed him of all that happened

Then he took me to the hospital where I was properly treated and there I discovered that I was PREGNANT!!!!



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