The Player - S01 E35

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Anita frowned

“Yes of course

It’s you nah”

I approached her as she moved towards the wall with her back


Have you forgotten how you also used to wake the whole house up with your screams and wails of MOANS….in the middle of the night”

I almost laughed as her eyes widened with shock


That’s a lie”

I grabbed her sides and kissed her….we haven’t had s*x since she had Irma and Irma was now 8 months old ..

Anytime I held her or tried touching her..she would avoid me and give me excuses and run and go and hide in her bedroom

I wondered why?


I noticed that she was trying to run away again…as she was already looking at the door…

When I stopped kissing her..she tried to run but I was faster,I grabbed her arm and pulled her back to face me

“What’s happening

Why aren’t you letting me touch you…”

She looked away in shame

I pressed on

“Is it your health

Or did I offend you…?”

She shaked her head



ERM…motherhood does a lot to one’s body

It changes one

Am afraid…


I pressed

“You’re afraid of what?”

She looked up at me with that her lovely still innocent eyes and said

“Tha…. Th…that

It might not be the same again and

I might not be able to satisfy you in bed anymore” she said it quickly like she was ashamed to say the word

I smiled…so that was the problem..

I pulled anita into my arms and pressed her body against mine and I made her feel my erection

“You feel that anita?

Do you feel it…?

It’s for you

I’ve been aching for you for so long…

If we don’t do this sooner

Am gonna burst…I don’t give a d--n whether it’s the same or not

I just want you”

I didn’t give her the chance to argue

I carried her into our bedroom where I slept alone since she gave birth…it was a torture… Well as from today….she’s back in my room

We undressed quickly… Kissing and touching

Rubbing and touching

I plunged into her depth slowly then I started moving in a fast rhythm as we stared into each other eyes

Sharing that feeling of oneness

As I neared my c----x…. I said


You’re correct Anita

It’s not like before

It’s even better”




We stared at each other as we lay on the bed cuddling each other

Anita said to me


I laughed and replied


Then we both laughed as I cuddled her and we fell asleep.







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