The Player - S01 E32

6 days ago

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I got the way and soon found myself in Lagos… It was already around 6pm…I remembered that I was kidnapped early in the morning around 7:30am….

As I reached our house or where our house used to be

I was shocked

I opened my mouth in shock

It was in ruins

I didn’t even recognize it

Everything was burnt down into ashes ….

I felt so bad and worried

Were the security men really dead? I thought to myself

I stopped and cleaned the tears on my face with the hem of my gown that was now torn and stained in blood and dirt

“Oh Daniel ” I murmured

“What am I going to say to you”….I coughed as the breeze blew ashes into my mouth

Suddenly an odd feeling came over me and I knew that someone was watching me and I knew it was Daniel…

And it was really him…

He stared at me with a face as white as nothing else….it was so pale….

His lips called my name but no word came out

I was surprised by his facial reaction… The torment was so clear that it made his face strange….he looked like a stranger

His eyes were red like he was filled with unfathomable anger……but then I realized in shock that it wasn’t was TERROR…SOUL DEEP TERROR… He didn’t move or talk or even blink….for the fear that she was going to disappear

I called him uncertainly


His throat moved…”please…don’t go” he whispered that I barely heard him

I ran to him and stumbled as my leg hit a stone

“I’m fine daniel

I’m all right… Oh my God

Please don’t look like that!”

As I reached him…I threw my arms around him and held unto him with all my strength

“Everything is all right my husband ”

He hugged me back tight. .almost crushing my bones….his heart beating fast

“You said you will never leave me”he said as he hugged me tight as if he feared that I would soon be snatched away from him

“I’m here now Darling

Am here now ….” I said as I soothed and patted his back

“God…Anita…I couldn’t find you’

I hugged him tightly

He released me and looked at me with eyes filled with tears

“I love you Anita”….he said as he impatiently wiped the tears that rolled down his cheeks…”I couldn’t say it before …..I couldn’t ….” He clenched his jaw trying to control the hot flow of tears but it only made it worse…Giving up,he buried his face in my hair and continued crying

I’ve never seen my strong unshakable… Cold hearted…fierce husband like this…I didn’t even imagined that it would be possible… I was speechless

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