The Player - S01 E31

6 days ago

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I bent down and yanked the necklace from her neck as she lay on the ground rolling in pain….I didn’t even pity her…my only concern was the way I was going to reach home

I prayed that much damage hasn’t been done yet….

Looking at my step sister who made my life hell for over three years as she was begging me to save her

I wanted to kill her

I knew she was pretending… Once she gets the chance to kill me…she will gladly do it

I said harshly

“Look Rita

I won’t kill you but I will make your life miserable”…

Then I shot her kneecaps knowing that with that she won’t be able to walk well for at least two years… She screamed like someone possessed but I ignored her and removed her phone and used her finger to unlock it

Then i dragged her into the house which she planned to use as my own prison….

She fainted there but I didn’t care….I wanted to escape and my heart was now beating fast….

Then an idea came to my mind…I remembered her calling one of the thugs

K-Sir….I searched for his number and luckily I found it….

I started running into the forest until I reached where they packed the car

I saw the two men discussing that Rita was late and they wanted their balance

Then I sent the text message to K-Sir which read


You won’t believe

I swear I came across a Ghana-must-go sack filled with money

Dollars in fact

Una no go believe say it’s even new

It’s like someone thought it was an abandoned house and hid the money there

I need the two of you to come and help me carry it and I promise the both of you 40% while I take 60%

Come and help me now’

Immediately the fool got the text message… He broke the good news to his partner and the both ran in excitement into the bush to meet Rita

My plan worked

The one driving didn’t remove the keys and left the door of the car open

With a thudding heart..I ran into the car and reversed quickly and started driving fast

Although I didn’t remember the way…

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